NYS Section VThirty Five Teams in 2020

There are currently thirty-five teams that will play in the Section in 2020. They are divided among four classes that compete for Sectional championships and later, the New York State tournaments.

Generally, schools with 1,060 or more students are in Class A (5 teams). Schools with 765 to 1,059 are in Class B (14 teams), schools with 430 to 764 are in Class C (6 teams) and schools with less than 440 are in Class d (10 teams).

Combined teams are determined by various scales.

East Irondequoit (Eastridge) combined in 2020 with East United after a long run with a few restarts from 1967 to 2019.

Bishop Kearney scheduled six games but announced that they would not play in the tournament.


All Teams

Alphabetic     By Class     By League   BEDS Numbers  
Aquinas Pat Olbrich 8-7 GRALL
Batavia Jim Dillon 0-12 INDY
Bishop Kearney Aaron Civalier 1-5 GRALL
Bloomfield-Honeoye Mike Denely 4-11 FL1
Brighton Donald Benedict 5-10 MC2
Brockport Josh Laskowski 4-13 MC3
Canandaigua Deven York 16-2 MC2
Churchville-Chili Cubby Chalmers 4-9 MC3
East United-Eastridge Jim Tillotson & London Booker 2-12 MC3
Fairport Mike Torrelli 10-5 MC1
Gananda Joe Sidari 6-11 FL1
Gates Chili Cam Gormel 4-12 MC2
Geneva Jeff Dunham 11-6 FL1
Greece Storm Shane Cole 6-8 MC1
Haverling Ken DiDomineck 10-5 GRALL
Hilton Craig Lepiane 8-10 MC1
Honeoye Falls-Lima Jack Beaney 13-5 MC3
Irondequoit Aaron Bottazzo 7-9 MC3
Livonia-Avon John Sciera 13-5 GRALL
Marcus Whitman Greg O'Connor 13-3 FL1
McQuaid Jesuit Justin Ross 7-6 GRALL
Midlakes-Red Jacket Ben Clement 2-13 FL1
Mynderse Scott Sciera 5-13 FL1
Newark John Hicks 6-9 FL1
Pal-Mac Joe Hill 13-5 FL1
Penfield John Schembri 12-4 MC2
Penn Yan Brian Hobart 16-1 FL1
Pittsford Andrew Whipple 9-7 MC1
Rush-Henrietta Tom MacMillan 6-9 MC1
Schroeder Jason Mordaci 2-13 MC2
Spencerport Bill Buttaro 13-3 MC3
Thomas Rob Ruller 15-1 MC2
Victor Dan Stone 13-2 MC1
Waterloo Matt Morrin 2-15 FL1
Wayne Eric Carlsen 9-8 FL1


Teams no longer playing

Avon - Avon combined with Livonia in 2018

Batavia-Attica - In 2014 and 2015 Batavia was merged with Attica.

Batavia-Attica-Notre Dame - Batavia, Attica and Notre Dame combined to play in 2019

East Rochester - East Rochester sponsored a team from 2009-2012.

East United - 2018-2019 East United was a combination of City school teams. They combined with Eastridge in 2020

Eastridge - After a run from 1967 to 2019, in 2020 Eastridge combined with East United.

Greece - Starting in 2003 and for three seasons Corey Perry coached the Greece Team

Greece Arc_Oly - The Thunder combined with the Lightning in 2018

Greece Ath_Ody - The Thunder combined with the Lightning in 2018

Livonia - Livonia combined with Avon in 2018

Midlakes - Midlakes and Red Jacket combined in 2021

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