Over the many years that we have provided information about boys lacrosse in upstate New York we have been received thousands of questions. Some questions are so frequently asked that we have decided to organize them on this page.

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All American Process

US Lacrosse is the sponsor of the annual All American awards which is one of several award categories sponsored for scholastic participants by the national organization. Full Story

All League Awards

At the end of each season, as part of each league's "post season meeting", the leagues determine their "All League Teams". Full Story

All Tournament Team Awards

At the end of each Sectional Championship game, the Section Five Tournament Awards Committee announces the All Tournament team. Full Story

All-Academic Process

US Lacrosse is the sponsor of the annual All Academic awards which is one of several award categories sponsored for scholastic participants by the national organization. Full Story

How are Year End Awards Determined

There are so very many awards that are given at the end of the year and the folks at SportsFive.NET tries to keep up with all of the record-keeping. Generally, as we receive the lists from the various groups, we update the player records and publish the lists. Full Story

Other National Awards

US Lacrosse is the sponsor of the annual All American awards which is only one of the award categories sponsored for scholastic participants by the national organization. Full Story

How are leagues organized

Lacrosse teams within Section Five are generally members are in one of three leagues; the Monroe County League, the Finger Lakes League and the GRALL. Full Story

Lacrosse Committee Membership

The Boys Lacrosse Committee is made up of representatives from the various leagues, the officials' orgaination and others who help to plan and organize the scholastic program for Section Five. Full Story

Admission Prices

Most regular season games are free, although there are a few schools that charge to watch regular season games. Full Story

Disqualification Of Coach or Athlete

If an athlete, Coach or a support team member of a team is removed from a contest a "Section V Athletic Association Disqualification Form" must be completed by the game official.  Full Story

Section V Lacrosse Handbook

The Section Five Handbook is a resource for coaches and contains tournament information, policies, calendars and more. Full Story

Jewelry Rule

The NYSPHSAA has adopted the following universal jewelry rules to be enforced throughout each sports season including during the state tournament competition: Full Story

Thunder and Lightning Policy

Thunder and/or Lightning necessitates that all contests be suspended. The occurrence of either thunder and/or lightning is not subject to interpretation or discussion. Full Story

Who creates the rules for HS Lacrosse

Boys lacrosse in New York State is governed by the National Federation of State High School Association Boys Lacrosse Rules. Most college teams are governed by the NCAA Rules. Although the rules are very similar, there are differences.  Full Story

How are the New York State Tournaments Run?

After each participating section has determined their champions, games are conducted by NYS to crown State Champions in classes A, B, C and D. For many years the championship venues wer moved around the state.  Full Story

New York State Lacrosse Classifications

Classes are determined by the number of students in the school. The official NYS BEDS (Basic Educational Data System) numbers are used as the official count. Full Story

Tournament Seeding Procedure

Seeding for the Section Five Tournaments is based on a "power rating" which is based on the final win-loss records of the teams played. Full Story


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