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Thunder and Lightning Policy

Thunder and/or Lightning necessitates that all contests be suspended. The occurrence of either thunder and/or lightning is not subject to interpretation or discussion. Thunder is thunder and lightning is lightning. If thunder and/or lightning is observed, all outdoor activities will be suspended immediately. Players and spectators shall be directed to a safe location. The officials and responsible authorities shall make every reasonable effort to resume and complete the contest, with full consideration of the weather and site conditions (as they affect safety and playing conditions). The official/coaches shall wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the time of the interruption before considering the resumption of play.

A. If thunder and/or lightning is observed at the site of an outdoor contest by the officials, 30 or fewer minutes prior to the scheduled start of that contest, the official/coaches and the responsible school authorities shall not permit the contest to begin on that date until the weather has cleared or the conditions become playable.

B. If thunder and/or lightning is observed at the site of an outdoor contest by the officials during the playing of the contest, the official/coaches shall immediately cease play for 30 minutes, then re-evaluate the situation. The rules of the particular sport shall determine whether the contest is official or must be resumed at a later date.

Revised: 10/25/04
Revised: 2/13/02

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