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Statistics are one way to describe what happened in the game or during the season. The SportsFive goal is to help teams to accurately describe the game through words and numbers.

'Stats Central' is the place where lacrosse statisticians (or 'fans with time') can find resources to produce standardized information.

The 2023 NCAA Statistics Manual The most recent edition is 2023. This is a definitive manual for lacrosse definitions and has been published by the NCAA (since 2009).

Sportsfive Clinic Presentations The latest video of the Boys Stat Clinic is now available on the SportFive Channel on YouTube.
2020 Clinic Power Point In the spring of 2009, SportFive offered its first clinic for Statisticians. Following and reviewing material in the NCAA handbook, this link is to the 2020 presentation power point program. It is also available in PDF format.

2024 Rule Changes Rules have been changed for the 2024 season.
2024 Rule Interpretations Points of Emphasis for the 2024 season (Video).
2024 Rule Interpretations Presentation Points of Emphasis for the 2024 season.
2024 Rule Interpretations PDF Interpretations 2024 season PDF.
Scorer Guidelines 2014 article about scorer table procedures.
Timer Guidelines 2014 article about time procedures.
Announcers Guidelines Guidelines for Game Announcers.
Field Diagram Field Specifications.
Field Lining How to Line a Field. Note: There have been a few updates Field Lining since this was published
Quarter Form The basic input form for collecting game data. One sheet is used for each quarter. This is the 2013 version.
Summary Worksheet A PDF file that helps you to write a summary (work sheet).
Excel Summary Worksheet A PDF file that helps you to write a summary (work sheet).
Reporting Poster Poster Sheets Reporting in PDF format.


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