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This page contains information of use to head coaches and contains links to various documents and sites of interest. It does not contain the directory for coaches as this is a public page. Head Coaches who need the directory should contact wilson@sportsfive.NET for the latest list.

Welcome New Coaches

Josh Laskowski at Brighton    Jeffrey Jung at Brockport    Ryan Yunker at Churchville-Chili    Mark Rumfola at Livonia-Avon    Andrew Garrett at Newark    Ted WInslow at Rush-Henrietta


Rule Changes for 2020

FederationThe full listing of rules changes for the 2020 season were recently released and contain ten approved changes which include a new procedure for restarts, a definition of 'possession' and notice of changes in required equipment (that will go into effect in 2021 and 2020).

Read the full story on this news page.

   Section V Lacrosse Handbook This document, available on the Section V website, speaks mostly to the Section V lacrosse tournaments.
As of September 2019 there are thirty-five lacrosse teams playing in the various four classes.
   2019-20 Rule Changes Rules change notes for the 2019-2020 season.
   2019-20 Rules Overview Rules changes overview press release for the 2019-2020 season.
Seeding Notes
Timetable for tournement seeding as it relates out of section games. Information on seeding is available in the LaxFAQ report.
   NYS Tournament Dates Dates, times and places for the NYS Lacrosse tournaments. Updated: 11/07/2019.

Sportsmanship is a key part of the educational value of playing lacrosse. Below are some lacrosse resources.
   Mission Statement Boys Lacrosse mission statement.
   Sportsmanship Rubric Adapted from the Wbster C.A.R.E handout, this document specifies behavior for athletes, coaches and spectators.
   Respectful Speach A Monroe County League position paper.
   Spectator Courtesy Code Expectations for spectator behavior at games.
   Suggested Order of Events A suggested Pre-Game Order of Events for announcers.
   Honor the Game US Lacrosse Program: Compete With Class and Honor the Game.
   Keeper of Lacrosse US Lacrosse Program: 'The Keeper of Lacrosse Project is a movement to keep lacrosse authentic through the preservation of culture and the promotion of character'.