About Coaches

Coaches Through the Years

From the early years, over one hundred years ago, to the over thirty coaches currently serving out Section V players, there is a long history of excellence and service.

One this page we have links to all sorts of coaching information. Some point to historical stories on our Lax Links site. A number of coaches have served over fifteen seasons. At this point three coaches won over three games. Many have earned numerous awards. Many have been inducted into the Rochester Chapter of USA Lacrosse Hall of Fame and a few are enshrined in the National Hall of Fame. Many coaches enjoyed playing on Section V high school teams and some even have player pages.


Current Coaches

Look to see the current Section V lacrosse coaching roster, located here.

Hall of Fame

USA Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Over twenty coaches have been inducted into the Rochester Chapter of USA Lacrosse. See the list here.

Wins Clubs

Coaches with over 100 wins

Winning two hundred games in a career is an unusual feat but winning over three hundred games is quite rare. The data is available here.

Honors and Awards

Awards for coaches

We have been able to collect information about coaching honors from various sources starting from around 2000. That information is available here.

Team Timeline

coming soon

In 2022 we will celebrate the first 100 years of scholastic lacrosse in Section V.

Historical Stories

Stories about Coaches on Lax Lines

Our sister-site, Lax Lines specializes in stories about lacrosse people and events.

  • Great athlete, long-time official and civic leader, Herb Fitch was named to five Halls of Fame including the national US Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Read the whole story, Herbert T. Fitch – Geneva and Penn Yan on Lax Lines.

  • The first twenty years of the Irondequoit lacrosse history were led by two coaches, Vern Babcock, sometimes called the “father of Irondequoit lacrosse” and Ernie Lisi. Read the whole story, The Fathers of Irondequoit Lacrosse on Lax Lines.