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Serving the Lacrosse Community since 2000

Our History

Starting in 2000 as a site focusing on the Pittsford Lacrosse Team with news from around the section, the first website was "SportsFive.COM". Just a year later the website was developed to feature news, scores and information about the boy's teams in Section Five.

In early 2003, the website moved from "static pages" to a database system. One of the stories in 2003 reported that the site had 330,000 "Hits" in April. A hit was the measurement of usership in those days and was defined as one count for every picture, text area, etc. that was sent to a visitor. It seemed impressive in those early years, but today, the measurement is "Page Views" which is a single count for each page sent of a visitor. To demonstrate the kind of growth we have seen over the ensuing years, in April of 2019, we vended over 460,000 pages and in 2018 we had over 1.3 million.


Originally, all expenses were paid by the founder and a few people who made donations. Starting in 2006 a limited number of advertisements were taken to help with expenses. All the "regular staff" are volunteers, and nobody has ever received a paycheck. Each year a sizable group of people help at the team level to take statistics at games, take pictures, process information and provide information about players and programs in the section.

One of the best features throughout the years in the photography. Some great images come from team photographers who volunteer some of the pictures for the website. For many years, however, the greatest number of images have been taken by James Lathrop, our "Chief Photographer" and by our founder, Paul Wilson.

Writing the majority of in-season stories and game reports is our "Chief Statistician" and "Head Writer", Kyle Barrett Wilson, who had been involved with the site in many capacities for many years. In 2016, Kyle also began to manage the GLaxFive.NET website for the girls of Section Five. Since 2016, the site for girls has vended over two million page views.

There is such a close cooperation with the lacrosse coaches of Section Five and the site is successful, because of their commitment to their players. Leading Section Five Boys Lacrosse is it's coordinator, Mike Simon, who has been involved with this project from the beginning.

Our Team

  • Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson

    Founder - Director
  • Kyle Wilson

    Kyle Barrett Wilson

    Chief Statistician
    Head Writer
  • James Lathrop

    James Lathrop

    Chief Photographer

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