NYS Section VThirty Four Teams in 2020

There are currently thirty-four teams that will play in the Section in 2020. They are divided among four classes that compete for Sectional championships and later, the New York State tournaments.

Generally, schools with 1,060 or more students are in Class A (5 teams). Schools with 765 to 1,059 are in Class B (14 teams), schools with 430 to 764 are in Class C (6 teams) and schools with less than 440 are in Class d (10 teams).

Combined teams are determined by various scales.

East Irondequoit (Eastridge) combined in 2020 with East United after a long run with a few restarts from 1967 to 2019.


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Class A Teams

East UnitedJim Tillotson & Sean Banks5166Combined Team
Greece StormShane Cole2526Combined Team
PittsfordAndrew Whipple1501Combined Team
FairportMike Torrelli1387
Rush-HenriettaTom MacMillan1197
McQuaid JesuitTerry Corcoran918Doubled & Moved up

Class B Teams

SchroederJason Mordaci1054
HiltonCraig Lepiane1054
PenfieldJohn Schembri1047
Gates ChiliCam Gormel1023
VictorJim Andre1011
ThomasRob Ruller985
Churchville-ChiliCubby Chalmers918
SpencerportBill Buttaro874
CanandaiguaDeven York874
BrightonDonald Benedict870
IrondequoitAaron Bottazzo864
BrockportJosh Laskowski852

Class C Teams

WayneEric Carlsen538
Honeoye Falls-LimaJack Beaney538
GenevaJeff Dunham493
MidlakesBen Clement491
BataviaTrevor Rittersback489
Livonia-AvonJohn Sciera476
NewarkMatt Groot463

Class D Teams

Pal-MacJoe Hill423
WaterlooMatt Morrin351
Penn YanBrian Hobart336
AquinasPat Olbrich333
BathKen DiDomineck331
MynderseScott Sciera300
Marcus WhitmanGreg O'Connor256
GanandaJoe Sidari249
Bloomfield-HoneoyeMike Denely242Combined Team

The determination of the numbers for combined teams can bee seen on page two of the classification report.
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