NYS Section VThirty Five Teams in 2022

There are currently thirty-five teams that will play in the Section in 2022. They are divided among four classes that compete for Sectional championships and later, the New York State tournaments.

Generally, schools with 1,060 or more students are in Class A (5 teams). Schools with 765 to 1,059 are in Class B (14 teams), schools with 430 to 764 are in Class C (6 teams) and schools with less than 440 are in Class d (10 teams).

Combined teams are determined by various scales.

East Irondequoit (Eastridge) combined in 2020 with East United after a long run with a few restarts from 1967 to 2019.

Bishop Kearney is planning on a full scheduleand are expected to play in the tournament.


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Class A Teams

East United-EastridgeLondon Booker6018Combined Team
Greece StormShane Cole2364Combined Team
FairportMike Torrelli1316
Rush-HenriettaTom MacMillan1196
PittsfordAndrew Whipple997Combined & Moved up
McQuaid JesuitJustin Ross804Doubled

Class B Teams

VictorDan Stone1038
PenfieldJohn Schembri1022
SchroederJason Mordaci960
ThomasRob Ruller942
BrightonDonald Benedict929
Churchville-ChiliChris Fiala899
IrondequoitAaron Bottazzo840
Gates ChiliCam Gormel840
SpencerportBill Buttaro809
CanandaiguaDeven York776

Class C Teams

BrockportJosh Laskowski686
Honeoye Falls-LimaJack Beaney524
WayneEric Carlsen507
Batavia-Notre DameJim Dillon498
NewarkJohn Hicks494
GenevaJeff Dunham465
Pal-MacJoe Hill455

Class D Teams

Livonia-AvonJohn Sciera427
Midlakes-Red JacketBen Clement398Combined Team
WaterlooMatt Morrin389
AquinasTerry Corcoran371
HaverlingKen DiDomineck326
Penn YanBrian Hobart317
MynderseJoe Cahaher284
Marcus WhitmanMike Gorton254
Bloomfield-HoneoyeMike Denely252Combined Team
GanandaJoe Sidari185
Bishop KearneyAaron Civalier161

The determination of the numbers for combined teams can bee seen on page two of the classification report.
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