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Class A - Fairport and Pittsford in 2022

Class A 2022

1060 Students and up - 7 Teams

All Section V coaches have been asked to let us know about some of their top players at the start of the season. The information is used to help create a preview of each of the thirty-five teams. As the coaches turn in their information and stories are written, links to the stories will be posted here.

There are seven teams in Class A this year and all teams can play in the tournament which will start with quarter final games on May 25th this year.

As of March 17th, the coaches poll predicts that Fairport and Pittsford will play in the championship game. The first complete poll will be posted on April 3rd.

Teams in Class A

Team Coach League Survey In
East United-Eastridge London Booker MC3 YES
Fairport Mike Torrelli MC1 YES
Greece Storm Shane Cole MC1 YES
Hilton Craig Lepiane MC1 YES
McQuaid Jesuit Justin Ross INDY YES
Pittsford Andrew Whipple MC1 YES
Rush-Henrietta Tom MacMillan MC1 YES

 * Indicates that a team preview will be posted soon.