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Class D Looks Like Penn Yan and Pal-Mac

Class D 2021

429 and less Students - 10 Teams

All Section V coaches have been asked to let us know about some of their top players at the start of the season. The information is used to help create a preview of each of the thirty-five teams. As the coaches turn in their information and stories are written, links to the stories will be posted here.

There are ten teams in Class D this year and all teams can play in the tournament this year which will start with out-bracket games on June 7th this year.

As of April 18th, the coaches poll predicts that Penn Yan and Pal-Mac will play in the championship game. The first complete poll will be posted on April 26th.

Teams in Class D

Team Coach League Survey In
Aquinas Pat Olbrich GRALL Not Yet
Bath Ken DiDomineck GRALL Yes
Bishop Kearney Aaron Civalier GRALL Not Yet
Bloomfield-Honeoye Mike Denely FL1 Not Yet
Gananda Joe Sidari FL1 Yes
Marcus Whitman Greg O'Connor FL1 Yes
Mynderse Scott Sciera FL1 Not Yet
Pal-Mac Joe Hill FL1 Not Yet
Penn Yan Brian Hobart FL1 Yes
Waterloo Matt Morrin FL1 Not Yet

 * Indicates that a team preview will be posted soon.


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