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Thursday - Storm over Newark

DAY IN REVIEW: THURSDAY - There were seven games today as the regular season is almost done. Most games were mismatches, but Greece had an 8-6 win over Newark and Penfield had a win over Irondequoit.

MIDLAKES-RED JACKET 5  - GANANDA 10 - Gananda held a 4-1 halftime lead, before scoring six more in the second half. Brock Chasey led the scoring with 4g-2a and Drew Smith scored 2g-1a for the Blue Panthers who end their regular season at 7-8. There was no report from Midlakes-Red Jacket at post time. The Eagles end their regular season at 3-11.     [BOX SCORE] 

Irondequoit at  PenfieldNEWARK 5  - GREECE STORM 8 - Two extra goals in the their quarter made the difference in the win for the Storm. Andrew Hill had 4g and Steven Laframboise added 1g-2a and Johnathan Bucciarelli recorded 11s (65%). Newark saw 4g-2a from Preston Steve and Caleb George-Cady was credited with 19s (70%) for the Reds. Both teams have one more game to play in the regular season.     [BOX SCORE] 

BATAVIA-NOTRE DAME 4  - BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE 11 - The Pride scored five goals in the third quarter and saw 4g-3a from Dante Pezzimenti and 3g-3a from JD Allen. The Blue Devils saw scoring from Noah Burke (2g), Nicholas Grover (1g-1a) and Daniel Saeva (1g-1a). Both teams have one more game this week.    [BOX SCORE] 

THOMAS 14  - BRIGHTON 4 - Thomas scored eight unanswered first half goals and seven players made their offensive book. Leading the scoring were Evan Pashalidis with 5g-2a and David Petz with 2g-3a. Owen Dalberth made 8s (67%) for the Titans  who will play Penn Yan on Saturday. Brighton saw 2g from TJ Carls and 1g-1a form Liam McGuire for the Bruins who end their regular season at 3-12.    [BOX SCORE] 

Irondequoit at  PenfieldPENFIELD 9  - IRONDEQUOIT 3 - Despite the constant faceoff wins from Jonah Carrier (11 of 14), Penfield took a 4-1 lead into halftime. Alec Constable had 1g-4a and six others had one point each and Seamus Hand made 18s (86%) for the Patriots who end their regular season at 9-7. Aidan Greco had 2g and Noah Gibson had one goal for the Eagles who end their regular season at 14-2.    [BOX SCORE]         - - More images in the photo gallery

EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE 4  - AQUINAS 16 - Nine players from AQ made the offensive book, Leading the list were Angelo Palumbo with 6g-3a and Myles Blackwood with 3g-2a. Robert Goodridge made 8s (67%) for Aquinas who will finish their season when they play the Greece Storm on Saturday. There was no report from the Eagles at post time.     [BOX SCORE] 

LIVONIA-AVON 14  - WAYNE 9 - Consistent scoring by the Lakers overcame the six-goal third quarter by Wayne. Jackson McEnerney led the scoring Lakers scoring with 3g-2a and Matthew Connor had 3g-1a.Nate Michel had 2g-4a and Alex Garrow and Louis Profetta both had 2g-1a. The Lakers end their regular season at 11-5 and the Eagle end their regular season at 11-5.     [BOX SCORE]