All Tournament Teams

In 2003, All Tournament Teams were established to recognize best performances during the various secional tournaments. The number in each position changes slightly from year to year, but there are generallys ten players and a Most Valuable Player in each class tournament.

 Aust, EthanPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Bowerman, RyanPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Engle, WillMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Fliss, LukePittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Gianforti, JPMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Giangreco, DomenicMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)10
 Gordon, WillMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Monte, MitchellFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Schembri, AdamPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schembri, MasonPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 Harding, JohnMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Ajavananda, ZacharySpencerportSection 5 (Class B)11
 Besaw, ChristianVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Carrier, JonahIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Erwin, ParkerVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Habitzreuther, SvenIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Miller, CamIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Moore, CooperIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)10
 Ryan, CamVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Secker, BrodyVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Williamee, DrewCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Herendeen, JackVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Askin, JeremyGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Dennie, JacksonPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)09
 Goodberlet, GradyHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)09
 Hill, MaxPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)08
 Hoesterey, KeaganPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Lich, CarsonPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)10
 Peinkofer, GrantHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Perryman, ChaseHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Rose, ColtonLivonia-AvonSection 5 (Class C)11
 Smith, OwenHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Angelo, DrewHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Auriuso, TanoAquinasSection 5 (Class D)10
 Blueye, TarikuMarcus WhitmanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Fisher, TukkerPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Geyer, TJAquinasSection 5 (Class D)12
 Gibson, JakeAquinasSection 5 (Class D)10
 Gigliotti, MikePenn YanSection 5 (Class D)09
 Guggino, JakeAquinasSection 5 (Class D)10
 Hilimire, GriffinMynderseSection 5 (Class D)11
 Sheehan, HunterPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)12
 VanHousen, BryantPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)12
 Olbrich, NoahAquinasSection 5 MVP (Class D)11
 Aust, EthanPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Brownlie, GavinMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Coke, HenryMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Giangreco, VincenzoMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Gordon, WillMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Green, JacksonPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hezel, NoahPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Macpherson, NatePittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Mosher, JasonHiltonSection 5 (Class A)12
 Steingass, BenPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Kesselring, RexPittsfordSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Gotham, SamVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Greco, AidanIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Herendeen, JackVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Lewis, TrevorSpencerportSection 5 (Class B)10
 Mesh, CameronSpencerportSection 5 (Class B)12
 Morgan, ConorSpencerportSection 5 (Class B)11
 Pagano, DrewSchroederSection 5 (Class B)12
 Pezzimenti, DomVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Robinson, BradyVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Rodriguez, JaydenSpencerportSection 5 (Class B)10
 Gravino, ThomasVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Gammill, JaredWayneSection 5 (Class C)12
 Garrow, AlexWayneSection 5 (Class C)11
 Goodberlet, GradyHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)08
 Hall, DonnellHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Heieck, MaxGenevaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Hoesterey, KeaganPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)11
 Michel, MasonWayneSection 5 (Class C)10
 Ostrowski, PJWayneSection 5 (Class C)11
 Reese, TrevorHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Trybuskiewicz, BraydnHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Perryman, ChaseHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 MVP (Class C)11
 Druker, AnthonyPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)12
 Fingar, BradenPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)09
 Fingar, TeaganPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Gatti, AndrewAquinasSection 5 (Class D)12
 Gibson, JakeAquinasSection 5 (Class D)09
 Guggino, JakeAquinasSection 5 (Class D)09
 Kestler, HarryMarcus WhitmanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Olbrich, NoahAquinasSection 5 (Class D)10
 Steve, PrestonNewarkSection 5 (Class D)12
 VanHousen, BryantPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Thompson, WillPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class D)10
 Buttarazzi, MattFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Chiariello, PaulMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Deehan, NolanPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Gould, KyleFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Meagher, BillyFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Petschke, ChaseRush-HenriettaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Ralston, McLeanFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Santowski, JohnPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Steingass, BenPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Valenti, AveryPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)08
 Giggie, JoeyFairportSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Adams, EliThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Belles, MattCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Buckley, DanIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Comella, BradyCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Greco, AidanIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Moore, CooperIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)08
 Platten, EricCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Sheridan, NateCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Wheeler, LiamVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Williamee, DrewCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)09
 Grant, JaxonCanandaiguaSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Babcock, LoganPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Day, JakobPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Denison, CurtisGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Donahoe, PatrickHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Emerson, TylerHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Hoesterey, KylePal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Lich, RileyPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Nolan, QuinnPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Perryman, ChaseHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Smith, OwenHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Nichols, WillPal-MacSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Connor, MatthewLivonia-AvonSection 5 (Class D)12
 Crye, JonathanLivonia-AvonSection 5 (Class D)11
 Earl, CarterPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Emerson, GriffinPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)12
 McEnerney, JacksonLivonia-AvonSection 5 (Class D)11
 Sheehan, HunterPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Skelly, JustinLivonia-AvonSection 5 (Class D)12
 Tomion, ConnorMarcus WhitmanSection 5 (Class D)12
 Valerie, GioAquinasSection 5 (Class D)09
 VanHousen, BryantPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Fingar, TeaganPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class D)09
 Monte, JacksonFairportSection 5 MVP (Class A)10
 Ruller, EthanThomasSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Green, ColtHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Brodmann, MaxPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class D)12
 Cross, HarrisonPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)10
 Crowley, RobFairportSection 5 (Class A)10
 Czebatol, WilliamHiltonSection 5 (Class A)12
 Defendis, TimFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Doran, ShawnHiltonSection 5 (Class A)12
 Emmick, JacobPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Gasbarre, MasonFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Howell, BrendenHiltonSection 5 (Class A)12
 Knapp, JakeFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Mojsej, MatthewHiltonSection 5 (Class A)10
 Peers, ColinFairportSection 5 MVP (Class A)11
 Belles, MarkCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Brei, TJVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Currie, ReedThomasSection 5 (Class B)11
 Haller, LiamVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hauf, RileyVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Herod, CaseyCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Kenyon, AidenCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Pezzimenti, JoeyVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Stanat, LukasBrightonSection 5 (Class B)11
 Urlacher, JoeyCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 LaRue, JackVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Askin, NickGenevaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Barski, JoshHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Cahill, RyanWayneSection 5 (Class C)12
 Camp, JoeWayneSection 5 (Class C)12
 Doeblin, DuganGenevaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Eighmey, NoahGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Kerr, JaggerGenevaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Reagan, JohnWayneSection 5 (Class C)11
 Thomson, BillyWayneSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wayne, BrandonGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Miller, SamGenevaSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Arnold, GradyPal-MacSection 5 (Class D)11
 Benedict, SethMarcus WhitmanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Day, JakobPal-MacSection 5 (Class D)09
 DeSain, MikePal-MacSection 5 (Class D)11
 Duran, BryanPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)12
 Emerson, GriffinPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)09
 Gallina, JakePal-MacSection 5 (Class D)12
 Kinyoun, JeffPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Mattoon, MattMidlakesSection 5 (Class D)12
 Smith, ColtonPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Fingar, ConnerPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class D)12
 Barboza, JoeyPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Bell, SpencerFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Dumont, RyanPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Fell, WilliamPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Joyce, JackPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Krause, JacobFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Makowski, RyanGreece StormSection 5 (Class A)11
 Maloney, BrennanFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Stuver, KlayFairportSection 5 (Class A)10
 Wagner, TravisPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 Cummings, JackPenfieldSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Boland, SuttonVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Florio, AJSchroederSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ford, TrevorThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hausknecht, GunnarThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hay, CamdenVictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Hill, MattThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ierlan, ChayseVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Mabbett, AlexanderVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Mabe, NickThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Merkley, JamesMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Lambert, SamVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Askin, NickGenevaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Boyatzies, ZachWayneSection 5 (Class C)10
 Casselman, ParkerNewarkSection 5 (Class C)12
 Doeblin, DuganGenevaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Drennen, JacobGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Graziose, JonathanWayneSection 5 (Class C)11
 Kerr, JaggerGenevaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Knifley, BlakeGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Millard, HenryHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Reagan, JohnWayneSection 5 (Class C)10
 Miller, SamGenevaSection 5 MVP (Class C)11
 Chalmers, EliAquinasSection 5 (Class D)11
 Chinelly, John PeterAquinasSection 5 (Class D)12
 Deats, JonathanHaverlingSection 5 (Class D)12
 Gimeli, SebastianAquinasSection 5 (Class D)11
 Hochheimer, CaseyAquinasSection 5 (Class D)12
 Kinyoun, JeffPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Miller, DakotaPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)12
 Mowry, AydenPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)09
 Rapp, JakeGanandaSection 5 (Class D)10
 Smith, ColtonPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)10
 Fingar, ConnerPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class D)11
 Bucci, JakeFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Burek, ReeseFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Catalano, GavinPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hendricks, TJFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Imburgia, FrankPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Imburgia, SonnyPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)10
 Mann, EthanHiltonSection 5 (Class A)10
 Mozrall, JohnPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Sawyer, AustinFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schwab, PeterPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Barker, ColbyPittsfordSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Andrews, DevinCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Boland, SuttonVictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Buck, JacobChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)11
 Ierlan, ChayseVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Lambert, SamVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Novitsky, MichaelVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Panara, RogerCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Pezzimenti, JoeyVictorSection 5 (Class B)09
 Post, JoeCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Randall, BrettBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Russell, AndrewVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)11
 Arnold, NatePal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Chalmers, EliAquinasSection 5 (Class C)10
 Ecker, JonWayneSection 5 (Class C)12
 Gallina, JakePal-MacSection 5 (Class C)10
 Haas, MattHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Hawkins, BrandonPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Hurlbutt, JaredPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Mapstone, AndrewHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Ruff, GarrettHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Wahl, OwenPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Blazey, JamesPal-MacSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Bailey, CotyPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Blumbergs, AustinPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Clark, BrandonHaverlingSection 5 (Class D)12
 Emerson, BenPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Excell, DerekWaterlooSection 5 (Class D)11
 Finnegan, RyanGanandaSection 5 (Class D)12
 Jensen, AdamWaterlooSection 5 (Class D)12
 Miller, DakotaPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Stape, DylanPenn YanSection 5 (Class D)11
 Williams, GeorgeWaterlooSection 5 (Class D)12
 Fingar, ConnerPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class D)10
 Barker, ColbyPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Bollin, ConorSchroederSection 5 (Class A)10
 Callahan, JackVictorSection 5 (Class A)12
 Conners, JaredPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Gigantelli, MichaelPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Ierlan, ChayseVictorSection 5 (Class A)10
 Ierlan, T.D.VictorSection 5 (Class A)12
 Lambert, MaxVictorSection 5 (Class A)12
 Perotto, JonathanPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schwab, PeterPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Maloney, RyanVictorSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Andrews, DevinCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Battiagila, CJThomasSection 5 (Class B)10
 Brennan, JackIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)09
 Cobb, MattChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)12
 DelForte, JohnnyCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ford, TravisThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ford, TrevorThomasSection 5 (Class B)10
 Greene, CarsonCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Yonko, MattThomasSection 5 (Class B)10
 York, DavidCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Mabe, NickThomasSection 5 MVP (Class B)10
 Ecker, JonWayneSection 5 (Class C)11
 Fingar, AustinPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Gerhardt, CraigPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Jones, JamirAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Joy, DylanGanandaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Luppino, JohnPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Olbrich, TylerAquinasSection 5 (Class C)11
 Owens, JackAquinasSection 5 (Class C)11
 Ponsetti, GagePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Tschetter, NickAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Emerson, BenPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)10
 Barker, BrandonPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Conners, JaredPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Felix, JamesPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Kaufman, JackPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Klan, WilliePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Maguire, KevinPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schubach, SamRush-HenriettaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schwab, PeterPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 Spaan, MaxPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Thibodeau, AllenFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Perotto, JonathanPittsfordSection 5 MVP (Class A)11
 Collins, DrewVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 DeMarco, MikeVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Hill, KevinThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ierlan, ChayseVictorSection 5 (Class B)09
 Isaac, CamThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Knoepfler, TrevorThomasSection 5 (Class B)11
 Kunick, BrandonVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Lambert, MaxVictorSection 5 (Class B)11
 Lombardi, JohnIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)09
 Smith-Wilcox, BenCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Ierlan, T.D.VictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)11
 Covert, JakePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Emerson, SeanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Garrett, AndrewNewarkSection 5 (Class C)12
 Gerhardt, CraigPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Irwin, TannerPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Olbrich, TylerAquinasSection 5 (Class C)10
 Ponsetti, GagePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Richards, TerranceAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Stewart, TatePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Tschetter, NickAquinasSection 5 (Class C)11
 Fingar, AustinPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)11
 Barker, BrandonPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Maguire, KevinPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 McAvoy, DanFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 McAvoy, KyleFairportSection 5 (Class A)09
 Nugent, RyanThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Panara, NickPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Perotto, MikePittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Quinzi, StephenPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Scalise, JoeyFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Thibodeau, AllenFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Scalise, JoeyFairportSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Barrow, PatrickVictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Bartkoski, LukeVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Callahan, JackVictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Eddinger, JoeCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Feldman, BrianCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Haney, EricVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hodgins, TrevorChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hulme, ConnorCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Ierlan, T.D.VictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Munn, EricCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 DeMarco, MikeVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)10
 Arnold, NatePal-MacSection 5 (Class C)09
 Bianchi, AlexAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Burger, BrianPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)09
 Fingar, AustinPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Joy, DylanGanandaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Kinsey, JoshPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Luppino, JohnPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Maciejewski, BrandonPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Reeves, BenPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)12
 Voigt, BradleyPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Davison, RionPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Barker, BrandonPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)10
 Bezek, JohnThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Bird, JustinThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Cummins, CharliePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Giudice, JakeThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Guiton, LiamPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Kesselring, JustinFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Nugent, RyanThomasSection 5 (Class A)11
 Russell, ConnorPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schoeneck, AndrewPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Standera, MitchPenfieldSection 5 MVP (Class A)11
 Byassee, SamVictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Caternolo, MikeChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)11
 Cuciti, MichaelCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Eddinger, JoeCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Feldman, BrianCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Haslinger, KyleVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hodder, JordonVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ierlan, T.D.VictorSection 5 (Class B)09
 LaCrosse, DanCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Munn, EricCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Schaefer, MitchellCanandaiguaSection 5 MVP (Class B)09
 Bianchi, AlexAquinasSection 5 (Class C)11
 Burdette, JamesPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Cunningham, SeanGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Davison, RionPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Maciejewski, BrandonPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Marsh, GriffinPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Miller, MattGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Singleton, JesseGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Skorusa, NickPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Voigt, BradleyPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Maciejewski, RyanPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 DeJoe, DerekFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Huntington, AndrewPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Martin, BrianFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Montgomery, JakeHiltonSection 5 (Class A)12
 Rehm, JustinPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Ricci, StevenPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Riorden, BlazeFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Schoeneck, AndrewPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Sweeney, MarcFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Thibodeau, AllenFairportSection 5 (Class A)09
 VanBortle, PatFairportSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Bruno, NickChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)12
 Cordes, AndrewIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Doktor, NickIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Fischer, EricIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Kemp, BrandonCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Mattice, DaleVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Miller, GunnarIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Scharr, MattCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Schmidt, JakeIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Spike, TaylorCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Caples, BrieleIrondequoitSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Bianchi, AlexAquinasSection 5 (Class C)10
 Bishopp, DerekLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Davison, RionPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Kinney, MitchellLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Maciejewski, RyanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 O`Brien, KeananHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Struble, WyattLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Thiesmeyer, MikePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Voigt, BradleyPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Yonts, DylanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Maciejewski, BrandonPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)10
 Bilak, MattPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Burke, JamesPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hauck, JTThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hays, AndrewFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Lauroesch, JackPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Mierzwa, KeithFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Parke, CoreyPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Riorden, BlazeFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Sanna, KevinPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 VanBortle, PatFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Gold, MattPittsfordSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Brauer, MaxBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Cordes, AndrewIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Doktor, NickIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Greer, MarkCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Hodgins, TrevorChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)09
 Miller, GunnarIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Poccia, EmmyIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Shamp, ScottChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)12
 Wehner, ColbyIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Yunker, RyanChurchville-ChiliSection 5 (Class B)12
 Coholan, GregIrondequoitSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Davison, RionPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)09
 Eddington, BillyGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Lang, TrevorHaverlingSection 5 (Class C)11
 Maciejewski, BrandonPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)09
 Maciejewski, RyanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Reed, ZachHaverlingSection 5 (Class C)12
 Reeves, BenPal-MacSection 5 (Class C)09
 Rossi, NickHaverlingSection 5 (Class C)12
 Voigt, JJPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wilber, BairdPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Yonts, DylanPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)11
 Cunningham, JamesFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Dupra, JoePittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hays, AndrewFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Iuppa, TJPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Knowles, TedFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Miles, AlexPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Perkins, JoeRush-HenriettaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Purpura, JamesPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)12
 Riorden, BlazeFairportSection 5 (Class A)10
 Saylor, BrendanFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Button, ChrisFairportSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Buonomo, JustinIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Coholan, GregIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Hauck, JTThomasSection 5 (Class B)11
 Hinderland, JackThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Knapton, AdamCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Mikel, JohnIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Nash, TylerIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Passero, DougThomasSection 5 (Class B)11
 Poccia, EmmyIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Tomeno, KennyThomasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Utz, MikeIrondequoitSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Bianchi, AnthonyAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Heston, KlayAquinasSection 5 (Class C)11
 Luppino, AnthonyPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Messina, MikeAquinasSection 5 (Class C)11
 Miller, ScottPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Starnino, AnthonyAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Triana, FrankGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Trombley, AdamPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wischmeyer, ErichAquinasSection 5 (Class C)10
 Yonts, DylanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Gorman, AustinAquinasSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Consul, CodySchroederSection 5 (Class A)11
 Foley, DavidFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Glagolev, AndrewThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Gurowski, WilliamThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hutton, BradThomasSection 5 (Class A)11
 Manilla, MartinFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 O`Neil, JamesThomasSection 5 (Class A)12
 Purpura, JamesPittsfordSection 5 (Class A)11
 Saylor, BrendanFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Van Thof, KylePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Tomeno, KennyThomasSection 5 MVP (Class A)11
 Coholan, DrewIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Doktor, NickIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)09
 Henrichs, MarkBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Johnson, MarshallCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 King, NickCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Mikel, JohnIrondequoitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Regan, SeanCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Scharr, TannerCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Scheetz, BrianCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Stanney, KyleCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Alves, DevenCanandaiguaSection 5 MVP (Class B)11
 Becker, JustinLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Corsaro, CameronAquinasSection 5 (Class C)12
 Dyer, TimPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Hudak, TristanLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Kamholtz, EthanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Maciejewski, PrestonPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Struble, WyattLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)09
 Trombley, AdamPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Trombley, TyPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wester, JeffLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)
 Osgood, MattPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Bement, ScottCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Coholan, DrewIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Denhoff, KylePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Henderson, ConnorCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Knapton, BenCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Rogers, AustinCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Roth, EvanCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Scalzo, NickThomasSection 5 (Class A)11
 Scheetz, BrianCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Wallenhorst, MikeIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Johnson, MarshallCanandaiguaSection 5 MVP (Class A)11
 Austin, AlexEastridgeSection 5 (Class B)12
 Boncaro, KyleGenevaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Corsaro, CameronAquinasSection 5 (Class B)11
 Gorman, AustinAquinasSection 5 (Class B)10
 Gray, AlexAquinasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Heston, KraigAquinasSection 5 (Class B)11
 Jonas, ZachHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Love, AlexGenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Martin, BobbyGenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Travis, TylerGenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Warner, JimGenevaSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Castle, ColePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Durham, McKenzieHaverlingSection 5 (Class C)12
 Hudak, TristanLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Kamholtz, EthanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Linnan, JohnPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Nichols, NatePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Russell, TylerLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Trombley, AdamPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Wester, JeffLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)10
 Wilber, DanaPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Osgood, MattPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)11
 Barilla, MikeSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Catalino, GrantSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Coholan, DrewIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)10
 Davern, SeanIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Henderson, ConnorCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Kane, NickIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Nash, ZachIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Palmer, DrewSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Wright, GregIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Ziegler, JakeThomasSection 5 (Class A)11
 Coholan, KevinIrondequoitSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Ayer, JDMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Boncaro, KyleGenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Bonney, GregGenevaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Gallina, EvanMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class B)12
 Houtenbrink, JasonVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Love, AlexGenevaSection 5 (Class B)10
 Ritchie, MitchMcQuaid JesuitSection 5 (Class B)11
 Schutz, MattGenevaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Torruella, AndyGenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Travis, TylerGenevaSection 5 (Class B)10
 Gringeri, R.J.GenevaSection 5 MVP (Class B)12
 Boyd, NelsonWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)12
 Cook, RyanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Kicher, MitchPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Maciejewski, PrestonPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)09
 Manley, MichaelPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Mateo, JoshWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)12
 Osgood, MattPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Sciera, BrianLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wickham, R.J.Penn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wright, KevinWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)11
 Trombley, AdamPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)09
 Catalino, GrantSchroederSection 5 (Class A)11
 Ferry, ChrisSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Foster, BenPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 McKenna, KellyPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Nicodemi, ChrisSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Nowak, AlexPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 Rice, ConnorPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 Serron, ScottPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Tota, MikeSchroederSection 5 (Class A)10
 Dell, BrianPenfieldSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Asselin, RobbieBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Boncaro, KyleGenevaSection 5 (Class B)10
 Gringeri, R.J.GenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Hickey, ColinBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Knecht, BrianGenevaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Manion, JohnGenevaSection 5 (Class B)12
 Schutz, AdamGenevaSection 5 (Class B)11
 Stucki, AlexBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Travis, TylerGenevaSection 5 (Class B)09
 Valenti, FrankVictorSection 5 (Class B)10
 Warner, JohnGenevaSection 5 MVP (Class B)11
 Jolly, BillWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)12
 Keas, TristanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Lewis, JoshWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)12
 Manley, MichaelPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Mateo, JoshWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)11
 McGuffie, DanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Mesler, DanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Odell, BenPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Riegel, AndyWaterlooSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wickham, R.J.Penn YanSection 5 (Class C)11
 Carlson, StevenPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Catalino, MikeSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Emery, TylerCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Knerr, JasonPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Mulheron, ChrisCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Pfeffer, TimPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Prattico, LukePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Reilly, PatrickFairportSection 5 (Class A)11
 Serafine, DanCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Thon, MikePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Walsh, EdCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Groot, DanCanandaiguaSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Burgasser, ConnorHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class B/C)11
 Cintineo, JohnHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class B/C)12
 Cintineo, MikeHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class B/C)12
 Johnson, JasonWaterlooSection 5 (Class B/C)12
 Keas, TristanPenn YanSection 5 (Class B/C)11
 Manley, MichaelPenn YanSection 5 (Class B/C)10
 Mesler, DanPenn YanSection 5 (Class B/C)11
 Mulcahey, DustyHoneoye Falls-LimaSection 5 (Class B/C)11
 Warner, MattGenevaSection 5 (Class B/C)12
 Wickham, R.J.Penn YanSection 5 (Class B/C)10
 Van Houten, JonPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class B/C)12
 Bottligier, CoryIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)11
 Clay, DanPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)12
 Dell, BrianPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 Groot, DanCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 McKenna, KellyPenfieldSection 5 (Class A)10
 McLaughlin, ShawnFairportSection 5 (Class A)12
 Mulheron, ChrisCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Prattico, LukePenfieldSection 5 (Class A)11
 Serafine, DanCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)10
 Serron, MikeCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Manzer, AaronCanandaiguaSection 5 MVP (Class A)11
 Asselin, RobbieBrightonSection 5 (Class B)10
 Bowerman, AndyVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Cerza, BenVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Davis, ZachBrightonSection 5 (Class B)11
 Dehm, EricHFLSection 5 (Class B)12
 Fannon, TomBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Gorman, J.O.AquinasSection 5 (Class B)12
 Potter, ChrisVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Pupparo, MikeVictorSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ryan, JamesBrightonSection 5 (Class B)12
 Ryerson, MikeVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)11
 Bonney, LukeGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Hamm, BrendanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)12
 Hendrickson, JoshLivoniaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Manley, MichaelPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)09
 McDonald, CraigGenevaSection 5 (Class C)11
 McGuiffie, DanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Mesler, DanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)10
 Rago, DanGenevaSection 5 (Class C)11
 Warner, MattGenevaSection 5 (Class C)12
 Wickham, R.J.Penn YanSection 5 (Class C)09
 Eakens, KylePenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)12
 Catalino, MikeSchroederSection 5 (Class A)10
 Farress, ScottSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Hondorf, BrianSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Johnson, MarkIrondequoitSection 5 (Class A)12
 Moore, GradyCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Mulheron, ChrisCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)10
 Nystrom, KrisSchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Smith, StephenCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)11
 Tranello, JaySchroederSection 5 (Class A)12
 Zappia, NickCanandaiguaSection 5 (Class A)12
 Linder, BJSchroederSection 5 MVP (Class A)12
 Benulis, MattVictorSection 5 (Class B)
 Bonney, LukeGenevaSection 5 (Class B)
 Dupont, TrevorVictorSection 5 (Class B)
 Genovese, RobGenevaSection 5 (Class B)
 McDonald, CraigGenevaSection 5 (Class B)
 Purdie, AndyVictorSection 5 (Class B)
 Rogemoser, KyleVictorSection 5 (Class B)
 Shares, JonVictorSection 5 (Class B)
 Walker, JeffAquinasSection 5 (Class B)
 Warner, MichaelGenevaSection 5 (Class B)
 Marvin, CraigVictorSection 5 MVP (Class B)
 Burton, RyanMynderseSection 5 (Class C)
 Coriale, TimPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)
 Davids, JeffMynderseSection 5 (Class C)
 Eakens, KylePenn YanSection 5 (Class C)
 Hamm, BrendanPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)
 Johnson, ChrisMynderseSection 5 (Class C)
 McMinn, BenPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)
 Queener, BrettPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)
 Sanderson, AdamMynderseSection 5 (Class C)
 Van Houten, HansPenn YanSection 5 (Class C)
 Halbert, RyanPenn YanSection 5 MVP (Class C)