Baldwinsville - 7
Fairport - 8
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
2 1 1 3   7
1 3 2 1 1 8

The book for Baldwinsville:

The book for Fairport: Colin Peers (1g), Gavin Ingalls (1g-1a), Alex Nicastro (1a), Ryan Derion (1a), Jake Knapp (1a), Kole Herren (1g), Klay Stuver (5g-1a), Goaltending: Tim Defendis 7s/7ga = 50% (49 mins).


Peers Scores Game Winner in OT for Fairport

- Fairport tied the game with 0:17 left in regulation to force overtime and then defeat Baldwinsville 8-7 in the first overtime period.  The Red Raiders had a two goal lead going into the final quarter before the Bees scored three unanswered goals within two minutes to get back in the lead.  The Red Raiders kept up their pressure and Kole Herren scored the tying goal on a feed from Klay Stuver.  Stuver was the big scorer for the day and finished with 5g-1a.  He finished as a part of 75% of the Fairport goals.  Defensively, Connor Fundis had a strong day for the Red Raiders with 3 takes.  Leading the offense for Baldwinsville was Michael Tangredi with 3g.  Defensively, both Braden Lynch and Cameron Seeney recorded 2 takes.  In the cage for Baldwinsville, Daniel Stehle recorded 11 saves.  For Fairport, Tim Defendis recorded 7 saves.  NYSPHAA Sportsman of the Tournament were awarded to Matthe Wodka (Baldwinsville) and Nick Krug (Fairport).

NYS Semi Fairport vs BVilleBaldwinsville scored the first goal of the game five minutes into play.  Austin Bolton scored with a drive down the middle with 6:48 remaining on the clock.  The Red Raiders tied up the game just under a minute later with a broken clear.  The Red Raiders intercepted a cross field pass and then pressed quickly upfield.  Stuver scored after dodging the only remaining defenseman and finishing into the back of the net.  The Bees added the final goal of the quarter with 0:09 remaining.  Tangredi scored unassisted with an outside shot.  Baldwinsville led 2-1 after 12 minutes.

NYS Semi Fairport vs BVilleIn the second quarter, Fairport scored back to back to take their first lead of the game.  Stuver scored during a two-man-up situation on a feed from Alex Nicastro.  One minute later with 9:02 left, Nicastro scored on a drive from the top of the restraining line.  The Red Raiders held the lead for five minutes before Baldwinsville forced the third tie of the game.  Braden McCard scored on a feed from Brendan Wilcox from behind the cage.  Fairport went back on top again with an outside shot from Stuver that found the back of the net and Fairport led 4-3 at halftime.

In the third, Fairport extended their lead with two goals, while holding the Bees to only one.  Baldwinsville scored first with an unassisted goal from Tangredi (outside shot from mid-range).  The Red Raiders scored man-down on a face-off fast-break goal as  Stuver scored with faceoff midfielder Jake Knapp assisting.  Knapp finished at 12/18, including the last six straight.  Stuver scored his fifth on another fast-break with an assist from Ryan Derion.  Fairport held the two goal lead (6-4) going into the final quarter.

NYS Semi Fairport vs BVilleStarting the fourth quarter, Baldwinsville scored three unanswered goals in just over two minutes to take back the lead.  McCard scored the first with a feed from Austin Bolton.  Spencer Wirtheim scored the penultimate Baldwinsville goal off a strong single player effort down the center of the field.  He continued through the dodge, even after a hard check to his neck. Tangredi’s final goal was scored on as fast-break down the middle.  The play began on the Fairport side with Stehle making a save from a shot by Peers.  The Bees quick cleared the ball upfield with Tangredi scoring in fast-break.  The Red Raiders tying goal was scored with 0:17 left on the clock with Stuver assisting Kole Herren on a drive from GLE and cross pass to the crease.

Fairport won the face and immediately called a timeout.  They gave the ball out of the timeout to Stuver, who drove to the crease.  He beat his defenseman, but missed the cage.  Coming off the endline, Fairport drove around and missed a second time.  They pulled the ball up to the top and drove again.  Gavin Ingalls drove down from the center to the right side.  After beating his defenseman and forcing a slide, he fed down to Colin Peers who scored from just above GLE on the right side.  Fairport advances to play Massapequa (who defeated Mamaroneck 14-9) on Saturday at St. John Fisher (10AM).


Scoring Table

1 - 0106:48BaBolton, Austin
1 - 1105:50FaStuver, Klay
2 - 1100:09BaTangredi, Michael
2 - 2210:17FaStuver, KlayNicastro, Alex
2 - 3209:02FaIngalls, Gavin
3 - 3204:16BaMcCard, BradenWilcox, Brendan
3 - 4201:41FaStuver, Klay
4 - 4309:22BaTangredi, Michael
4 - 5309:14FaStuver, KlayKnapp, Jake
4 - 6300:41FaStuver, KlayDerion, Ryan
5 - 6406:18BaMcCard, BradenBolton, Austin
6 - 6405:10BaWirtheim, Spencer
7 - 6404:01BaTangredi, Michael
7 - 7400:17FaHerren, KoleStuver, Klay
7 - 8503:13FaPeers, ColinIngalls, Gavin
Game Stats for Fairport
Derion, RyanM1
Herren, KoleA1
Ingalls, GavinM/FO11
Knapp, JakeM/FO1
Nicastro, AlexA1
Peers, ColinA1
Stuver, KlayM51
Knapp, JakeM/FO126

Complete Series History since 2019
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  • 2019 NYS Semi Fairport vs Baldwinsville
  • 2019 NYS Semi Fairport vs Baldwinsville
  • 2019 NYS Semi Fairport vs Baldwinsville
  • 2019 NYS Semi Fairport vs Baldwinsville
  • 2019 NYS Semi Fairport vs Baldwinsville
  • 2019 NYS Semi Fairport vs Baldwinsville

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