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 MAIN FIELD: Livonia High School
Head Coach

John Sciera

Head Coach at Livonia-Avon since 2020

Win/Loss Record at Livonia-Avon: 13-5

Scholastic Career Record: 74-58

Previous Head Coach at: Livonia 2002-2007

Assistants: Mark Rumfola

Team Honors History

No Championships or US Lacrosse Honors found.

Livonia-Avon Lakers

Previous Game
Home Team
Away Team
4/29 Livonia-Avon - 5 Penn Yan - 15
5/01 Livonia-Avon - 16 Brockport - 10
5/03 HFL - 12 Livonia-Avon - 7
5/04 Aquinas - 11 Livonia-Avon - 9
5/06 Livonia-Avon - 19 Newark - 3
5/08 Bloomfield-Honeoye - 2 Livonia-Avon - 14
5/11 Livonia-Avon - 11 Marcus Whitman - 5
5/13 Gananda - 2 Livonia-Avon - 17
5/15 Batavia - 0 Livonia-Avon - 17
5/18 Waterloo - 1 Livonia-Avon - 18
5/20 Livonia-Avon - 16 Haverling - 12
5/22 Geneva - 8 Livonia-Avon - 10
5/25 Livonia-Avon - 10 Pal-Mac - 13
5/29 Wayne - 9 Livonia-Avon - 12
6/02 Mynderse - 3 Livonia-Avon - 16
6/05 Livonia-Avon - 13 Midlakes-Red Jacket - 1
6/11 Livonia-Avon - 15 Wayne - 8
6/14 Livonia-Avon - 10 HFL - 18
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HF-L wins First Sectional Title

HF-L at Livonia-AvonThird seeded HF-L came out strong in the first quarter and never really looked back in their 18-10 win over top seeded Livonia-Avon.  The Cougars never trailed in the game, although the Lakers kept the game close with a few runs throughout the game.  After the standout performance in the Geneva vs. HF-L game and 4g tonight, Colt Green was named Class C Tournament MVP.  In addition to the boys win this evening, the HF-L girls lacrosse program also won their Section Tournament on Saturday with a 19-7 win over Newark-Midlakes.

HF-L at Livonia-AvonThe Cougars started off the game with five of the first six goals.  Huck Thayer scored the opener with a feed from Braydn Trybuskiewicz.  Trybuskiewicz finished the game with a team leading 4g-3a.  The second goal of the game was scored by Green with an outside shot from the top right.  HF-L kept up the pressure with another goal.  This time, during and extra-man attempt with David Brassie scoring from a cross-feed pass from Trybuskiewicz.  The Lakers got on the board with a drive from behind the cage by Jackson McEnerney with 5:06 left in the first quarter.  This was the first offensive opportunity for Livonia-Avon.  The Cougars added one more goal before the end of the quarter.  With 0:52 left on the clock, Ian Kane scored during a slow break.  HF-L led 4-1 after 12 minutes.

HF-L at Livonia-AvonAt the start of the second quarter, the Cougars scored the opener with Trybuskiewicz’s first goal.  During another EMO he scored with a feed from Brassie.  Livonia-Avon stopped the game from getting away from them with three of the next four goals.  It was the first of two times, that they had scoring streaks in attempts to keep the game close.  McEnerney scored his second with another drive from behind.  Once again this was their first serious offensive attempt of the quarter.  Green scored his second goal of the game with a feed from behind the cage (by Brassie).  Face-off midfielder Matthew Connor came helped the Lakers with back-to-back assists.  HF-L at Livonia-AvonThe first was a bass to the left flat to Roman Volpe and the second was a face-off fast-break to McEnerney.  Connor had an extremely strong game for the Lakers and finished with 2g-3a.  After the fast-break goal, the Lakers had pulled within two (6-4) with 5:34 remaining on the clock.

HF-L scored the final two goals of the quarter to take an 8-4 lead into the half.  They had three more to the open the third quarter.  Chase Perryman and Green scored two each with Trybuskiewicz scoring the fifth.  With 6:14 remaining in the third quarter, HF-L led by 7.  At that point, Livonia-Avon began their second scoring stretch to keep the game competitive.  They scored four of the next five to pull back within four.  The main factor was again Connor.  He scored back-to-back unassisted goal with an outside shot at 5:53 for the first goal.  HF-L at Livonia-AvonThe second was an impressive single player effort off the draw.  After losing the initial control, he kept up the pressure on the HFL face-off midfielder and forced the ball loose.  He then ran down the ball and forced the ball into the cage.  The third quarter ended with HFL leading by 4 (12-8).

In the fourth quarter, HF-L pulled away with five unanswered goals.  The Cougars led by nine (their largest lead of the game) with 2:41 remaining.  The final goal of the game was McEnerney’s fifth of the night.  In the cage for Livonia-Avon, Matthew Beachel finished with 6 recorded saves. 

In 2005 HF-L lost to Penn Yan in a combined Class B/C Tournament. Penn Yan moved on the the NYS tournament in Class C and HF-L moved forward as the Section V team in Class B.  [BOX SCORE]  More images are available in the gallery.


Expected Returners
who won awards in 2021

Matthew Connor - 2022 - M/A
AGR D&C All-Greater Rochester (Honorable Mention-GRALL), All-League 1st Team Midfield (INDY)

Justin Skelly - 2022 - M/A
AGR D&C All-Greater Rochester (Honorable Mention-GRALL), All-League 1st Team Attack (INDY)

Jackson McEnerney - 2023 - M/A
AGR D&C All-Greater Rochester (Honorable Mention-GRALL), All-League 1st Team Attack (INDY)

Previous Seniors
who won awards in 2021

A.J. Miller - 2023 - D
AGR D&C All-Greater Rochester (Honorable Mention-GRALL), All-League 1st Team Attack (INDY), AGR D&C All-Greater Rochester (Honorable Mention-GRALL), All-League 1st Team Defense (INDY)

Plans for College Teams
and have not yet made their college teams

Graduates Currently Playing on College Teams (1)

Ryan Haugh (Brockport)

Current Stat leaders

Scoring Leader:   Jackson McEnerney with 61.

Assists Leader:   Jackson McEnerney with 30.

Points Leader:   Jackson McEnerney with 91.

Ground Ball Leader:   Matthew Connor with 194.

Takes Leader:   A.J. Miller with 23.

The rest of the stats are on the Statistics Page..

4/29 Liv-Av-5 PY-15
5/01 Liv-Av-16 Brpt-10
5/03 HFL-12 Liv-Av-7
5/04 AQ-11 Liv-Av-9
5/06 Liv-Av-19 New-3
5/08 B-H-2 Liv-Av-14
5/11 Liv-Av-11 MW-5
5/13 Gan-2 Liv-Av-17
5/15 Bat-0 Liv-Av-17
5/18 Wat-1 Liv-Av-18
5/20 Liv-Av-16 Hav-12
5/22 Gen-8 Liv-Av-10
5/25 Liv-Av-10 P-M-13
5/29 Wayn-9 Liv-Av-12
6/02 Myn-3 Liv-Av-16
6/05 Liv-Av-13 Mid-R-1
6/11 Liv-Av-15 Wayn-8
6/14 Liv-Av-10 HFL-18
13 wins and 5 losses
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