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Geneva Takes Wayne in Finger Lakes Contest

DAY IN REVIEW: MONDAY - There were five games played today and one was a close one. Winners today were Geneva, Bloomfield-Honeoye, Gananda, and Greece Storm.

Wayne at GenevaWAYNE-11 at GENEVA-15 -  This game was close with many lead changes up to the fourth quarter when Geneva outscored the Eagles 6-2 to give them the victory. Geneva (11-4) extended thjeir winning streak to seven as they saw 3g-5a from  Max Heieck, 3g-1a from Ryland Dunham and the same from Jack Dunham. Jeremy Askin won 22+/8- = 73% at the faceoff "X".  Alex Garrow gave the Eagles 3g-2a including his 100th career goal, while Tas Strickland added 4g-1a, PJ Ostrowski score 3g-1a, and Mason Michel had 1g-1a. Wayne will finish their regular season hosting Livonia-Avon on Wednesday. Geneva will finish their regular season with a trip to Haverling     [ BOX SCORE

Wayne at GenevaBATAVIA-NOTRE DAME-3 at GANANDA-15 - The Blue Panthers tallied five goals in the first and six in the second quarter to start the break up 11-3. Among the  players scoring for Gananda were Jacob Michaels (5g-1a), Brayden Dohse (1g-4a), Jase Smith (5g), and Mason Groh (2g-2a). Griffin Kiss scored his first Varsity goal in the game. Alex Galka won 17+/2- = 89%, and Roman Hoyser won 2+/1- = 67%. Nick Falso recorded 5s/3ga = 63% (48 mins) in the cage. Scoring for Batavia-Notre Dame were Quintin Cummings (2g), Harold Mellander (1g), and Jon Smith (1a). Gananda ended their regular season at Pal-Mac and next up for the Blue Devils is Haverling, a home game on Tuesday.     [ BOX SCORE

WATKINS GLEN-4 at BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE-19 - Junior goalie Ethan Stoddard made five saves including his 300th career save and ended the game with a 71% save day (36 mins). Leading the scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye (8-7) were Caleb Beadnell (2g-5a), Liam Roach (5g-2a), Jonathan Nelson (2g-3a), and Cody Morse (3g-1a). Facing off for Bloomfield-Honeoye was junior Cody Whittaker with 10+/7- = 59%. There was no information for Watkins Glen (2-12) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Wayne at GenevaEAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-8 at CITY HONORS-9 - The teams had identical scoring 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and 2-2 in the fourth quarter. City Honors scored in overtime for the win. Senior midfielder Nkodia Ndongala (2a) reached his 400th faceoff wins with his 13 wins and 7 losses (65%). The top of the offensive book included Jahyden Maiorani (5g), Jeremiah Tucker (2a), Josh Verna (1g-1a), and Edward Kelley (1g). East United-Eastridge senior goalie Ronald Dietz had 13s/9ga = 59% (50 mins).  There was no information for City Honors (5-10) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Wayne at GenevaGREECE STORM-11 at GATES CHILI-2 - Head Coach Shane Cole won his 25th game at Greece and Senior offensiveman Andrew Hill led the scoring for the Storm with five goals and as a result set a new team record for career points. Also scoring were Aiden Early (1g-4a), Carter Fabian (2g), and Dominick Sinopoli (1g). Facing off for Greece Storm was junior Carter Fabian with 2+/0- = 100%, and sophomore Eric Odell with 12+/2- = 86%. In the goal for Greece Storm was senior Jonathan Bucciarelli with 14s/2ga = 88% (43 mins). Scoring for Gates Chili were Senior attackman Owen Curley (1g), and Sophomore defenseman Jayden Maryjanowski (1g) who scored his first Varsity goal in the game.    [ BOX SCORE