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Spencerport and Fairport Win Games

DAY IN REVIEW: FRIDAY - There were two games played today and both of them were won by more than three goals.

Spencerport at WayneSCHROEDER-4 at FAIRPORT-13 - Sophomore attackman Ryan Priddy and Sophomore midfielder Marc Hillier scored their first Varsity goals in the game that saw the Red Raiders take a 9-1 halftime lead. Leading the scoring for Fairport (2-0) were Senior midfielder Jack DuBose (3g-2a), Junior offensiveman Mitchell Monte (2g-2a), and Senior offensiveman Sam Pucci (1g-2a). Fairport face off specialists Peter Kachurak was 2+/0- = 100%, Corey Roeser went 11+/3- = 79%, and Ben White added 1+/0- = 100%. Luke Ryan made 4s/2ga = 67% (42 mins) for the Red Raiders who will host Canandaigua next Wednesday. Scoring for Schroeder (1-1) were Senior midfielder Anthony DeRosa (1g-1a), Freshman midfielder Cody Preston (1g), Junior midfielder Garrett Conger (1g), and senior attackman Nate Schilling (1g). Fairport will host on Wednesday and Schroeder is Wayne on Thursday.    [ BOX SCORESpencerport at Wayne

SPENCERPORT-14 at WAYNE-9 - Freshman attackman Jordan Reid and 8th grade attackman Gavin Brown each scored their first Varsity goal for the Rangers. Among those scoring for Spencerport (1-0) were Junior attackman Jayden Mandarano (7g-3a), Sophomore midfielder Zach Tortora (3g-4a), and Junior midfielder Zachary Ajavananda (1g-1a). Facing off for Spencerport was Chase D`Amico with 14+/13- = 52%. In the goal senior Taylor Kaye made 11s/9ga = 55% (48 mins). Leading the scoring for Wayne were Senior midfielder Alex Garrow (2g-2a), Junior offensiveman Mason Michel (2g-2a), Senior midfielder PJ Ostrowski (2g-1a), Junior offensiveman Tas Strickland (2g-1a), and Senior attackman Braylon Agnello (1g). Wayne goalie Logan Phillips recorded 22s/14ga = 61% (48 mins). Wayne is at Thomas on Tuesday and Spencerport is off for the vacation week.    [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.