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The 2024 Season Starts

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - There were 9 games played today and 3 were close ones. Fairport was a 5-4 winner over Hilton. Bloomfield-Honeoye defeated Brockport by a score of 8-6 and East United-Eastridge defeated Newark by a score of 7-5. 

SCHROEDER-10 at BRIGHTON-7 - Schroeder took a 5-2 lead at the half and with even distribution took the win despite a three goal run in the fourth quarter by the Bruins. Freshman Tim Tourangeau scored his first Varsity goal for Brighton and Junior midfielder Parker Brown and Freshman midfielder Cody Preston scored their first Varsity goals for Schroeder. Senior attackman Nate Schilling (2g-3a) and senior midfielder Anthony DeRosa (4g) led the scoring for Schroeder while Senior goalie Casey Berns made 17s/7ga = 71% in the nets. Senior attackman Aksel Stanat (4g-1a) and Senior midfielder Sam Slaninka (3a) led the scoring for Brighton.  Henry Werzinger had 14+/5- = 74% in the Brighton goal. Brighton is off until next week. Schroeder is at Fairport on Friday.    [ BOX SCORE

THOMAS-9 at IRONDEQUOIT-12 - Irondequoit Senior faceoff specialist Jonah Carrier won 20+/3- = 87% and added 5g-1a while Sophomore Cooper Moore added (6g-1a) for the Eagles. Junior goalie Sven Habitzreuther made 13s/9ga = 59% in the cage. Thomas celebrated 8th grader Jonah Jobson and junior Brandon Trottier who each scored their first Varsity goal for the Titans. Senior midfielder Jagger Altieri (1g-2a), Jonah Jobson (2g-1a), and junior midfielder Brett Mersdorf (2g-1a) led the scoring for Thomas who is at Hamburg on Friday.   [ BOX SCORE

EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-7 at NEWARK-5 -  [ UPDATED} - Sophomore attackman John Camblin scored his first Varsity goal and Sophomore Sam Underhill reached his 50th goal with his 3 goals (51g) for Newark. In the goal was senior Thomas Kirnie who recorded 17s/7ga = 71%. The East United defense shut out Newark`s offense for almost two whole periods while Freshman midfielder Jahyden Maiorani led the Eagle offense with (4g-1a). Latoine Brown and Jeremiah Tucker each scored their first Varsity goal for East United-Eastridge. On Thursday Newark is at Jordan Elbridge and East United-Eastridge is at Gates Chili.    [ BOX SCORE

BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE-8 at BROCKPORT-6 - [ UPDATED ] Junior midfielder Cody Whittaker (Bloomfield-Honeoye) reached his 200th faceoff win with his 10 wins (207wins) in a close game where he won 10+/2- for the Pride. Leading the scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye were Senior attackman Liam Roach (1g-2a) and Senior offensiveman Jonathan Nelson (3g). There were four ties in this close game and the win was determined by two Pride goals in the last quarter (John Blair and Jonathan Nelson). Leading the scoring for Brockport were Sophomore attackman Ryan Miller (2g) and midfielder Javier Benzan (1g-1a). Senior attackman Thomas Bruno (Brockport) scored his first Varsity goal for the Blue Devils.  [ BOX SCORE

ST. FRANCIS-5 at MCQUAID JESUIT-15 in a Non-League game - It was the 11th win in a row for McQuaid Jesuit against St. Francis. (12-3) going back to 04/10/2008. The Knights will be at Pittsford on Thursday.  There was no reports from either team.      [ BOX SCORE

RUSH-HENRIETTA-2 at PENFIELD-17 - Leading the scoring for Penfield were Senior midfielder Adam Schembri (3g-2a), Senior attackman Ethan Aust (3g-2a), Sophomore attackman Brodie Joyce (4g-1a), and senior attackman Zach Shores (4g). Sophomore Manny Castro scored his first Varsity goal in this game. In the nets were Sophomore Mason Schembri who recorded 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins), and Senior Dylan Rondeau who had 2s/1ga = 67% (24 mins). Penfield is at Churchville-Chili and R-H is at Lancaster on Thursday. There was no report from Rush-Henrietta at post-time.     [ BOX SCORE

HILTON-4 at FAIRPORT-5 - [ UPDATED ] Two unanswered goals in the third quarter gave the Red Raiders a 5-2 lead, but the Cadets came back with two of their own in the last quarter in this close game. Leading the scoring for Fairport with 2g each were Senior Sam Pucci and Junior Andrew Crowley  who scored his first Varsity goal in the game. Sophomore Corey Roeser won 8+/4- = 67% faceoffs and in the goal Junior Luke Ryan recorded 10s/4ga = 71%. Leading the scoring for Hilton were Freshman attackman Gianluca Auriuso (2g), Junior midfielder Braydon Pike (1g), and Senior defenseman Brady Quill (1g). Freshman attackman Gianluca Auriuso (Hilton) scored his first Varsity goal for the Cadets and Junior face off midfielder Drew O`Buck reached his 200th faceoff wins with his 5 wins (200wins)     [ BOX SCORE

GREECE STORM-4 at PITTSFORD-16 - Leading the scoring for Greece Storm were Sophomore attackman James Maccallini (2g), Senior offensiveman Andrew Hill (1g-0a), and junior attackman Evan Roesser (1g). Facing off for Greece Storm was junior Carter Fabian with 5+/1- = 83%.  There was no report from Pittsford (1-0) at post-time.     [ BOX SCORE

PAL-MAC-18 at HAVERLING-0 - Haverling reports that Jackson Dennie had 7g-2 and Keagan Hoesterey had 2g-5a to lead Pal-Mac who will host Geneva on Thursday while the Rams host Mynderse. There was no report from Pal-Mac (1-0) at post-time.     [ BOX SCORE