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Saturday: All Set for The Championships

DAY IN REVIEW: SATURDAY - The teams are now complete for Tuesday and Wednesday nights at St. John Fisher University, where the 2023 Section V champions will be determined. In the Class B semi-finals, Irondequoit came out with the first three goals, but Victor came back with the win. In the second game at Pittsford Sutherland, in a close game that was not determined until the fourth quarter, Spencerport defeated Schroeder 6-4, sending the Rangers to their first Sectional finals. In Class D, Penn Yan scored four goals in the first quarter and led at the half 7-3 on their way to a 13-3 win over Marcus Whitman. Aquinas scored four goals in the first quarter and five in the second and led 9-2 at the half.

Irondequoit vs VictoryIRONDEQUOIT-9 vs VICTOR-16 in a Sect V Semifinal game - Victor came back from a slow start in the first quarter with eleven unanswered goals spanning the first three quarters in their 16-9 win over Irondequoit. Leading the scoring for Victor (16-2) were Pax Marshall (4g-4a), Sam Gotham (5g), Thomas Gravino (3g-2a), and Jack Herendeen (1g-3a).

Scoring for Irondequoit (10-8) were Aidan Greco (2g-1a), Ryan Boe (2g), Cooper Moore (2g), Dan Buckley (2g), and Andre Bigham (1g). Facing off for Irondequoit was junior Jonah Carrier with 19+/10- = 66%.  Senior goalie Nick Lepiane reached his 300th save with his 4 saves (300svs) in the game.     [ BOX SCORE]   - - SPECIAL REPORT - - More images in the photo gallery. 

Irondequoit vs VictorySCHROEDER-4 vs SPENCERPORT-6 in a Sect V Semifinal game - This was a close game throughout with three ties in the low-scoring contest. The Rangers scored the last four goals of the game. Scoring for Spencerport (13-5) were Jayden Rodriguez (1g-2a), Trevor Lewis (3g), John Choate (1g), Dylan Lewis (1a), Zach Tortora (1a), and Jayden Mandarano (1g). Facing off for Spencerport was senior Cameron Mesh with 12+/1- = 92%, and sophomore Zachary Ajavananda with 1+/0- = 100%. In the goal for Spencerport was junior Taylor Kaye with 6s/4ga = 60% (48 mins).

Scoring for Schroeder (7-11) were Nate Schilling (2g-2a), Colton Ugine (1g-1a), and Brennon Robinson (1g). In the goal for Schroeder was junior Casey Berns with 7s/6ga = 54% (48 mins) who reached his 400th save in the game.     [ BOX SCORE]   - - SPECIAL REPORT - - More images in the photo gallery. 

Irondequoit vs VictoryNEWARK-6 vs AQUINAS-12 in a Sect V Semifinal game - Aquinas took an early lead, scoring four in the first quarter and leading 9-2 at the half. Leading the scoring for Aquinas (13-4) were Carter Wegman (5g), Jake Guggino (3g), Noah Olbrich (1g-2a), and Gio Valerie (2g). In the goal for Aquinas was freshman Jake Gibson with 15s/6ga = 71% (48 mins). Aquinas is 9-0 against Newark since 2003 and will advance to play Penn Yan in the finals.

Scoring for Newark (11-7) were freshman AM Sam Underhill (1g-3a), senior attackman Preston Steve (2g-1a), sophomore midfielder Tristan Harris (1g), and senior attackman Jream Brown (2g). In the goal for Newark was junior Thomas Kirnie with 16s/12ga = 57% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

Irondequoit vs VictoryMARCUS WHITMAN-3 vs PENN YAN-13 in a Sect V Semifinal game - The Mustangs took a 4-1 lead in the first quarter, led 7-3 at the half and shut out the Wildcats in the second half. Scoring for Penn Yan (11-7) were Bryant VanHousen (3g-1a), Carter Earl (2g-2a), Teagan Fingar (2g-2a), Braden Fingar (2g-2a), Frank Ochoa (3g), and Tukker Fisher (1g). In the goal for Penn Yan was sophomore Will Thompson with 10s/3ga = 77% (44 mins), and freshman Aiden Griffiths with 2s/0ga = 100% (4 mins).

Scoring for Marcus Whitman (10-8) were senior midfielder Connor Gorton (2g), Brody Royston (1a), Melkamu Blueye (1a), and Tariku Blueye (1g). In the goal for Marcus Whitman was senior Blake Dunton with 15s/13ga = 54% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE