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Tuesday: Hilton Defeats Rush-Henrietta 10-7

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - There were seven quarterfinal games today and in Class C the seeds held with Geneva, Pal-Mac and Wayne all advancing to the semi-finals on Friday at Canandaigua. In Class A Hilton #5 won their game with Rush-Henrietta #4 so the Cadets will advance with Pittsford, McQuaid and Penfield.

Greece at McQuaid GREECE STORM-4 at MCQUAID JESUIT-14 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - Steady ball control and with many scoring opportunities, the Knights scored four goals in the first quarter and led at the half 7-2. Leading the scoring for McQuaid Jesuit (12-3) were Vincenzo Giangreco (4g-1a), John Harding (2g-3a), Henry Coke (2g-2a), and Chris Woodard (2g-1a). Sophomore attackman Anthony Camarella scored his first Varsity goal while facing off for McQuaid Jesuit was freshman Domenic Giangreco with 9+/1- = 90%. In the goal Will Gordon made 5s/3ga = 63% (39 mins). McQuaid will play Penfield on Friday at Victor.

Scoring for Greece Storm (7-10) were senior midfielder Matthew Ranalletta (1g), junior A/M Aiden Early (1g-0a), freshman attackman James Maccallini (1g), junior A/M Andrew Hill (1a) and senior defenseman Adam Ashkar (1g) who in his first season playing lacrosse, scored his first Varsity goal. In the goal for Greece Storm, junior Jonathan Bucciarelli recorded 17s/14ga = 55% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

Greece at McQuaidHILTON-10 at RUSH-HENRIETTA-7 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - Rush-Henrietta started out with a 3-0 lead after the first quarter, but the Cadets came back and the teams were tied 4-4 at the half. After the break Hilton came out strong with four unanswered goals in the third quarter and held on for the win. With the score 4-1 for Rush early in the second quarter, Hilton scored eight unanswered goals into the top of the last quarter. Chase Wilson scored four of the eight and reached his 50th goal during the game. Also scoring for Hilton (9-8) were Nicholas Fede (3g-3a), and Aiden Cawley (1g-1a). In the goal Jason Mosher recorded 19s/7ga = 73% (48 mins).   There was no report from Rush-Henrietta (10-5) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE]   

BROCKPORT-1 at WAYNE-18 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - Wayne extended their winning streak to 11 wins as ten different players scored goals in the game. The Eagles held the Blue Devils scoreless in this first half, while scoring thirteen for themselves. Leading the scoring for Wayne (13-4) were Mason Michel (5g-1a), Nate Michel (3g-2a), and Louis Profetta (1g-2a). Mason reached his 50th goal in the game while in the goal, Dylan Coene recorded 2s/0ga = 100% (24 mins), and Logan Phillips made 2s/0ga = 100% (9 mins). Wayne will play Pal-Mac on Friday. There was no report from Brockport (4-11) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Fairport at Penfield

Greece at McQuaidFAIRPORT-3 at PENFIELD-8 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - The first half was close, with each team scoring one goal in the first quarter and Penfield in the lead 2-1 at the half. The Patriots went up another goal in the third, leading 5-3 and then the defense held the Red Raiders scoreless in the last stanza while adding three more for the win. Leading the scoring for Penfield (12-5) were Ethan Aust (3g-1a), Ethan Hamilton (2g-1a), and Brodie Joyce (1g-1a). Hamilton posted his 50th goal in the game. Facing off for Penfield was junior Adam Schembri with 5+/2- = 71% an in the goal for Penfield was freshman Mason Schembri with 11s/3ga = 79% (45 mins).  There was no report from Fairport (6-11) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Greece at McQuaidBATAVIA-NOTRE DAME-1 at PAL-MAC-24 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - Pal-Max scored thirteen goals in the first quarter and led 20-1 at the half, before taking their foot off the pedal in the second half. Ten different players scored goals for Pal-Mac including Senior defenseman Evan Cooper who scored his first Varsity goal in the game. Also on the scorebook for Pal-Mac (13-3) were Keagan Hoesterey (7g-5a), Mike Halsey (1g-6a), and Brandon Dennie (4g-1a). Facing off for Pal-Mac were senior Evan Cooper with 1+/0- = 100%, and sophomore Luke VanGorden with 24+/2- = 92%. In the goal for Pal-Mac was junior Peyton Lich with 5s/1ga = 83% (48 mins).

Senior attackman Isaiah Hill scored for Batavia-Notre Dame (1-16).    [ BOX SCORE

Greece at McQuaidLIVONIA-AVON-6 at GENEVA-11 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - There were two ties in the first half, but with 0:12 seconds in the half, Ryan Brown (2g-3a) scored the go-ahead goal for the Panthers and they held on to the lead for the rest of the game. Leading the scoring for Geneva (10-7) were Max Heieck (2g-4a), Ryan Brown (2g-3a), and Ryland Dunham (3g). Facing off for Geneva was junior Jeremy Askin with 19+/2- = 90%. The Panthers will play HFL on Friday at Canandaigua.

Scoring for Livonia-Avon (8-9) were Christian Rumfola (2g-1a), Max McEnerney (1a), Tanner Gray (1g), Jackson McEnerney (1g), A.J. Peri (1g), and Evan Frazo (1g-0a).    [ BOX SCORE

EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-0 at PITTSFORD-15 in a Sect V Quarterfinal game - There was no report from either team at post-time. When the reports are received they will be in the   [ BOX SCORE