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List of 100th Year Celebration Stories

Sometime back in 2021, while researching the history of lacrosse in the area, I was reminded that 2022 would mark the 100th anniversary of the start of scholastic lacrosse in Geneva. My good friend Dave Moore was probably more prepared when he wrote to point out the same thing and ask if there would be a recognition of the accomplishment. Dave and others will be contributing stories throughout the season.

We expect that there will be a large number of stories about players, coaches and events and will post links to each of them on this page.

Jan 1st Welcome: 100 Years of Scholastic Lacrosse Opening story by Paul Wilson on our celebration goals.
Jan 1st Teams Timeline for 1922 to 2022 See how and when teams were formed over 100 years.
Jan 4th New Sports for School - Geneva Reprint from Lax Lines on the Geneva start.
Jan 6th Stickball in the Street: A Players' Game W. David Moore writes about WHY the sport was added
Jan 8th Jim Loman - Native Son - Builder of Men W. David Moore writes about Geneva Coach Jim Loman
Jan 11th Coach Jack McDonald – Journeyman Lax Man Jack McDonald has been a fixture in Geneva lacrosse
Jan 13th Coach Joe Corcoran – Geneva and Corning Joe Corcoran started the Corning program and they played in Section IV or the Upstate League until 1975.
Jan 15th Two-Time All-Amerians There have been 208 All-American awards to date and only 15 have been two-time winners.
Jan 17th The Fathers of Irondequoit Lacrosse Vern Babcock and Ernie Lisi gave much to Irondequoit and the Section.
Jan 19th Geneva State Champs in 1923? Geneva had beaten Central twice. And decisively, especially the second time per the news report:...
Jan 22nd John Pratt – Leader of the Pack With 431 wins John Pratt is at the head of the list of most wins within Section V.
Jan 25th Herbert T. Fitch – Geneva and Penn Yan At Geneva High School he played football, basketball and lacrosse and was a four-year letterman.
Jan 28th Section V Tournament Winners Section V ran their first lacrosse tournament in 1975.....
Feb 1st Success Comes from Mentors Back in “the old days”, most coaches became head coaches only after learning from mentors.
Feb 4th A Dynasty in Red and Black - Rising W. David Moore writes about Geneva's first few years playing both high school and college teams.
Feb 8th Alan Henry – Family Man, Head Coach, Teacher For over twenty-five years, Mynderse Academy Head Coach Al Henry created a very big family.
Feb 14th The Third Team - Officials Before the 1960’s officials were generally selected by the home team, but then they organziaed
Feb 21st Sectional Leadership The third was the decision to approve lacrosse as a sectional sport in 1975.
Mar 1st All-American 2000-2009 In the earliest years, there were only 199 All-Americans for the whole country, so the number in each area that played was small. 
Mar 8th Jim Andre - A Great Run This story is about a short run with astounding results.
Mar 16th Long Time Coaches In the twentieth century many coaches studied the game and then took over the programs for their own long, noteworthy runs.
Mar 22nd A Strong History at Rush-Henrietta In the “modern period” there have been a just a few programs that were constantly at the top of the local lacrosse world and one of them was Rush-Henrietta.