Finger Lakes Awards for 2023

- Finger LakesThe Head Coaches from the Finger Lakes met at the end of the season and determined their awards for 2023.

The Finger Lakes Player of the Year was Robert Kinslow (Pal-Mac) who was also the Defenseman. Preston Steve (Newark) was the Attackman of the Year, Keagan Hoesterey (Pal-Mac) was named Midfielder of the Year, and Blake Dunton (Marcus Whitman) was the Goalie of the Year. Connor Gorton (Marcus Whitman), was selected as the nominee for the Bob Scott Award.

The Finger Lakes Coach of the Year was Joe Caraher (Mynderse), The Assistant Coach of the Year was Brian Askin (Geneva). The Person of the Year was Craig Ikewood (Pal-Mac).

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League Awards for Finger Lakes

1st Team Attack
 Brown, RyanGeneva1st Team Attack 12
 Halsey, MikePal-Mac1st Team Attack 12
 Hilimire, GriffinMynderse1st Team Attack 10
 McKoy, DevonPal-Mac1st Team Attack 12
 Michel, NateWayne1st Team Attack 12
1st Team Defense
 Bueso, CarlosNewark1st Team Defense 12
 Cohrs, LeoGeneva1st Team Defense 11
 Herendeen, LukePal-Mac1st Team Defense 11
 Reynolds, AlekWayne1st Team Defense 12
1st Team FO Specialist
 Askin, JeremyGeneva1st Team FO Specialist 11
1st Team Goalie
 Lich, PeytonPal-Mac1st Team Goalie 11
1st Team LSM
 LoTempio, StevenGananda1st Team LSM 12
 Sullivan, AidenWayne1st Team LSM 12
1st Team Midfield
 Garrow, AlexWayne1st Team Midfield 11
 Gorton, ConnorMarcus Whitman1st Team Midfield 12
 Ostrowski, PJWayne1st Team Midfield 11
 Wright, DanielGeneva1st Team Midfield 12
1st Team SS-DM
 Bruce, DeSeanGeneva1st Team SS-DM 11
2nd Team Attack
 Heieck, MaxGeneva2nd Team Attack 10
 Michaels, JacobGananda2nd Team Attack 11
 Profetta, LouisWayne2nd Team Attack 12
 Smith, DrewGananda2nd Team Attack 12
 Tandle, DylanMynderse2nd Team Attack 11
 Weissinger, RylanMarcus Whitman2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Beaton, HenryPal-Mac2nd Team Defense 09
 Gammill, JaredWayne2nd Team Defense 12
 Prendergast, MylesMarcus Whitman2nd Team Defense 10
 Pundt, IsaacMynderse2nd Team Defense 11
2nd Team FO Specialist
 VanGorden, LukePal-Mac2nd Team FO Specialist 10
2nd Team Goalie
 Kirnie, ThomasNewark2nd Team Goalie 11
2nd Team LSM
 Lich, CarsonPal-Mac2nd Team LSM 09
2nd Team Midfield
 Moore, AustinGeneva2nd Team Midfield 10
 Nice, AidenPal-Mac2nd Team Midfield 12
 Royston, BrodyMarcus Whitman2nd Team Midfield 10
2nd Team SS-DM
 Vance, DylanWayne2nd Team SS-DM 12
3rd Team Attack
 Blair, JohnBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Attack 10
 Dennie, BrandonPal-Mac3rd Team Attack 09
 Michel, MasonWayne3rd Team Attack 10
 Reisman, CohynGananda3rd Team Attack 12
 Roach, LiamBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Attack 11
 Stevers, LucasMynderse3rd Team Attack 11
3rd Team Defense
 Hernandes, DrakeNewark3rd Team Defense 12
 Lawson, CaelWayne3rd Team Defense 12
 Pesante, AntonioGeneva3rd Team Defense 11
 Thomas, MichaelBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Defense 10
 Verstreate, LucasGananda3rd Team Defense 12
3rd Team FO Specialist
 Bustamante, AveryWayne3rd Team FO Specialist 10
3rd Team Goalie
 Coene, DylanWayne3rd Team Goalie 12
 Pettingil, LoganMynderse3rd Team Goalie 11
3rd Team LSM
 Kanaley, TalenNewark3rd Team LSM 10
3rd Team Midfield
 D`Arduini, MikePal-Mac3rd Team Midfield 12
 Krajeski, IzakWayne3rd Team Midfield 12
 Nelson, JonathanBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Midfield 11
 Underhill, SamNewark3rd Team Midfield 09
3rd Team SS-DM
 Blueye, MelkamuMarcus Whitman3rd Team SS-DM 11
 LaBerge, DylanPal-Mac3rd Team SS-DM 11
Attackman of the Year
 Steve, PrestonNewarkAttackman of the Year 12
Defenseman of the Year
 Kinslow, RobertPal-MacDefenseman of the Year 12
Goalie of the Year
 Dunton, BlakeMarcus WhitmanGoalie of the Year 12
Honorable Mention Attack
 Bulman, DevonNewarkHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Dunham, RylandGenevaHonorable Mention Attack 09
 Lathrop, NateMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention Attack 09
Honorable Mention Defense
 Caravita, FrankGenevaHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Dalton, GehrigMynderseHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Kestler, HarryMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Mcfadden, AndyBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Richards, JordanGanandaHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Ticconi, KarterMynderseHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Tripp, ConnerMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention Defense 10
Honorable Mention FO Specialist
 Whittaker, CodyBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention FO Specialist 10
Honorable Mention Goalie
 Larson, KaidenMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention Goalie 11
Honorable Mention LSM
 Clark, GavinBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention LSM 11
 Mahoney, MatthewMynderseHonorable Mention LSM 11
 Trickler, NickGenevaHonorable Mention LSM 09
 Vansavage, DukeMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention LSM 08
Honorable Mention Midfield
 Armstrong, LukeBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Askin, JeremyGenevaHonorable Mention Midfield 11
 Baldwin, BrendanMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention Midfield 09
 Blueye, TarikuMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Midfield 09
 Dohse, BraydenGanandaHonorable Mention Midfield 11
 Strickland, TasWayneHonorable Mention Midfield 10
Honorable Mention SS-DM
 Bruder, TylerBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention SS-DM 10
 Colon, GiancarloNewarkHonorable Mention SS-DM 11
Midfielder of the Year
 Hoesterey, KeaganPal-MacMidfielder of the Year 11
Player of the Year
 Kinslow, RobertPal-MacPlayer of the Year 12



Final League Standings/Awards
 TEAMLeague1st 2nd3rd/HM TOT
1. Wayne9-053614
2. Pal-Mac8-164313
3. Geneva7-252512
4. Marcus Whitman6-32327
5. Mynderse5-41258
6. Newark4-52158
7. Gananda3-61247
8. Bloomfield-Honeoye2-70099
9. Midlakes-Red Jacket1-80066
10. Waterloo0-90000
  TOTAL AWARDS22174584