Wayne - 7
Marcus Whitman - 8
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
1 2 2 2   7
  Marcus Whitman
2 1 3 2   8

The book for Wayne: Nate Michel (3g-2a), Andy Hamel (1g-1a), Trevor Kijowski (1g-1a), Noah Means (1g-1a), Alex Bolt (1a), Merrick Bosch (1g), Goaltending: Jack Acker 12s/8ga = 60% (48 mins).

The book for Marcus Whitman: Aidan Royston (3g-1a), Ryan Herod (2g-3a), Rylan Weissinger (3g) Goaltending: Robert Craine 6s/7ga (48 mins).


Herod Scores Game Winner With 8 Seconds On Clock

- In a rainy-muddy game played on Thursday afternoon, Marcus Whitman’s Ryan Herod scored the game winning goal with 0:08 left on the clock to give the Wildcats an 8-7 win over Wayne.  This was only the second time in history that the Wildcats had defeated the Eagles (the last time was 2012).  Herod was demonstrative in the game and finished with 2g-3a.  For Wayne, Nate Michel was equally as impressive with 3g-2a.  The Wildcats increased to 4-0 on the season with Wayne recording their first loss (2-1).  Both see action again tomorrow with Wayne facing Mynderse and Marcus Whitman facing Gananda.

Marcus Whitman at WayneWayne opened the scoring with a dodge from behind the cage by Nate Michel.  Michel, after drawing the slide, crossed his pass to Merrick Mosch who was open on the other side of the crease.  Marcus Whitman tied of the game off a single player dodge by Ryan Herod.  Herod took the ball from the top and went one-on-one with his defender to tie the game for the first of four times.  With time counting down in the first quarter, Marcus Whitman got sent to the penalty box, the defense stepped up and stripped the ball away before the Wildcat offense stalled out their penalty.  Shortly thereafter, Wayne was sent to the box and Marcus Whitman converted on the attempt.  Aidan Royston scored from the top of the box off a feed from Herod to put the Wildcats up 2-1.  The one goal game held into the second quarter.

The Wildcats led off the second quarter with their third goal of the night.  Once again Royston scored off a feed from Herod.  Wayne stopped the scoring streak with an unassisted goal from Jack Acker.  Acker ran a sweep along the top of the box, turning down the middle before scoring for the Wildcats.  After a time-out, Wayne tied the game up at 3-3 with a strong single player effort from Michel.  He drove along the left side and found a good enough angle to finish into the back of the net.  With only 15 seconds left in the half, Marcus Whitman won the face-off.  The long stick came up the field and attempted a cross; however, the pass was intercepted by the goalie.  The half ended with the teams tied at 3-3.

Marcus Whitman at WayneMarcus Whitman scored the opening goal of the third quarter with an assisted goal from sophomore Ryan Weissinger.  The Wildcats kept up their face-off wins and scored again on a face-off fast-break.  Royston grabbed the loose ball and ran up the field.  He fed the ball off to Weissinger on the crease.  The first Eagles goal of the half was scored off a feed from top by Trevor Kijowski to Noah Means.  Means scored with a midrange shot from the right flank on their first offense opportunity of the half.  Marcus Whitman scored their 6th goals of the game off an unsettled goal by Royston.  After clearing the scrum, the ball was sent to Royston, who drove one-on-one against his defenseman to give the Wildcats a two-goal lead.  Kijowski scored his second goal off an assist from Michel.  Kijowski took his shot from the top middle after calling for the pass.  Marcus Whitman held the one goal lead (6-5) going into the final quarter.

Marcus Whitman opened up the scoring in the fourth with an inside feed from Herod to Weissinger.  Herod fed from the top of the restraining box to Wessinger coming around the left side of the crease.  The Eagles responded with an inside feed of their own. Theirs came from behind the cage with Means assisting Michel as he cut to the crease.  Wayne tied the game for the fourth and final time with their last goal of the game.  Michel scored off a feed from Andy Hamel.  The play came off a timeout by the Eagles and started with back-to-back cuts along the top before passing off to Michel on the right flat.  The game winning goal was scored by Herod with a single player drive with less than 10 seconds in regulation.  Herod drove along the left side and shot 10 yards out from the goal.  He finished the night with 2g-3a.  The Wildcats kept up their face-off wins and ran out the final seconds of the game to defeat the Eagles 8-7.


Scoring Table

1 - 0110:16WaBosch, Merrick
1 - 1104:11MaHerod, Ryan
1 - 2101:06MaRoyston, AidanHerod, Ryan
1 - 3211:13MaRoyston, AidanHerod, Ryan
2 - 3207:08WaHamel, Andy
3 - 3200:18WaMichel, Nate
3 - 4311:04MaWeissinger, Rylan
3 - 5310:58MaWeissinger, RylanRoyston, Aidan
4 - 5308:21WaMeans, Noah
4 - 6306:34MaRoyston, Aidan
5 - 6306:04WaKijowski, Trevor
5 - 7406:32MaWeissinger, RylanHerod, Ryan
6 - 7405:36WaMichel, Nate
7 - 7400:51WaMichel, Nate
7 - 8400:08MaHerod, Ryan
Game Stats for Wayne
Bolt, AlexA/M1
Bosch, MerrickA/M1
Hamel, AndyA/M11
Kijowski, TrevorA/M11
Means, NoahA/M11
Michel, NateA/M32
Game Stats for Marcus Whitman
Gorton, ConnorM21
Herod, RyanA/M2354
Murphy, KyleM32
Royston, AidanM3154
Tomion, ConnorA/M33
Weissinger, RylanA366
Blueye, MelkamuM2125
Craine, RobertG/D2
Gorton, ConnorM43
Herod, RyanA/M11
Lahue, JordanD/LSM61
Lovejoy, ZackD/LSM82
Murphy, KyleM1
Royston, AidanM31
Soles, CarsonD1
Walter, ConnerM1
Weissinger, RylanA1

Complete Series History since 2012
7 2
  Last Previous Wins
Wayne - 17 vs Marcus Whitman - 4
on 04/13/2019
Marcus Whitman - 8 vs Wayne - 4
on 05/12/2012
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