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2024 Tournament Seeding Released

The Brackets for the 2024 tournaments will be filled out once each school schedules their game. The brackets are dependent on the data from the rSchool database, so there may be delays that have not happened in the past. You can see them on the brackets page.

A-B SeedingIn Class A, McQuaid Jesuit (14-2) takes the top seed with an average of 7.56 points, the highest number in the section. Penfield and Fairport came in with 5.94 points. In the first step of the tie-breaker procedure (which is head-to-head) Penfield (10-6) takes the 2nd seed and Fairport (9-7) takes 3rd as Penfield was the winner during the regular season. Pittsford (7-7) came in 4th on the basis of a 10 point win from Orchard Park and four 8 point wins. Hilton (9-7) came in 5th with 5.25 points, while Greece (8-8) takes 6th with 4.56 points. East United (11-5) is 7th as their top points were four 6 point games. Rush-Henrietta (5-11) came in 8th with 3.88 points.

In Class B, Victor (13-3) tops the bracket with an average score of 7.19. The Blue Devils had big points from wins against Niskayuna, Jamesville-DeWitt, and Victor. Irondequoit (13-3) takes 2nd with 6.82 and one 10-point win (McQuaid), and Canandaigua (11-5) take 3rd with 6.25 points. Three teams had 9-7 records and Spencerport takes 4th with 5.43 points and two 10-points wins (Irondequoit and HFL). Brighton takes 5th with no 10-point wins but five 8-point wins. Schroeder is at 6th with 5.25 points with five 8-point wins as well, but has a 2-point loss that made a difference. Thomas (6-10) takes 7th with 4.75, Churchville-Chili (2-14) is in the 8th position with 3.31 points, Brockport (4-10) had 2.79 points and takes 9th and Gates Chili takes 10th with 2.69 points. So, on Saturday, Gates is at Thomas and Brockport is at Churchville-Chili in the first games of the tournaments.

D BracketIn Class C, Pal-Mac (16-0) is at the top of the bracket with 7.00 points and one ten point win against Geneva coupled with seven wins that gave them eight points each. Honeoye Falls-Lima (14-2) takes 2nd with 6.44 and eight 8-point wins. Geneva (12-4) is in 3rd place with 5.31 points followed by Livonia-Avon (9-7) with 4.94 points. Wayne (7-9) took 5th seed with 4.56 points and Newark (6-9) took 6th place with 4.2 seeding points. Batavia-Notre Dame (0-15) is in 7th with 2.33 points.

In Class D, Aquinas (11-5) takes top honors, with 6.13 points and one 10-point win and eight 8-point wins. Penn Yan (10-5) takes 2nd place with 5.93 points and two 10-point wins (Lake Shore and Geneva). A much improved Mynderse (10-6) comes in at 3rd with 4.81 and Bloomfield-Honeoye (8-8) takes 4th at 4.44. Marcus Whitman (7-9 is 5th with 4.38 and Midlakes-Red Jacket is 6th with 3.5. Gananda (5-11) takes 7th with 3.35 points and Haverling takes 8th with 3.07. Bishop Kearney (4-5) had 3.00 points and only played nine games, but in an email from their Athletic Director, they announced that due to low numbers they would not play the outbracket game against the Rams. As a result, Haverling moves into the quarterfinal round.

There is lot more information on the Tournament Page. How close are the teams in each class? Take a look at the "Seeding list".

The tournaments start on Saturday, May 18th with out bracket games in Class B.

Classes C and D quarterfinal games will start on Monday, May 20th and for Classes A and B on Tuesday, May 21st.