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Last Day of the Regular Season

DAY IN REVIEW: THURSDAY - There were thirteen games played today and four were close ones. Thomas defeated Rush-Henrietta by a score of 10-9. Marcus Whitman was a 11-10 winner over Bloomfield-Honeoye. Midlakes-Red Jacket defeated Gates Chili by a score of 7-5 and Mynderse defeated Jordan Elbridge (Section III) by a score of 5-3. 

Vic at McQVICTOR-6 at MCQUAID JESUIT-9 - This was a very close game in the first half, with each team scoring one or two goals, only to have the other side do the same. After three ties the Knights took the lead and although the Blue Devils came as close as one, they could not get another tie. Scoring for McQuaid Jesuit (14-2) were Will Engle (2g-2a), Vincenzo Giangreco (2g-1a), AJ Quagrello (3g), and JP Gianforti (1a). Facing off for McQuaid Jesuit was junior JP Gianforti with 7+/3- = 70%. In the goal for McQuaid Jesuit was senior Will Gordon with 18s/6ga = 75% (48 mins). Victor Freshman attackman Jackson Mead (2g) scored his first Varsity goal in the game and he joined others on the offensive book including Brody Secker (3g), and Jack Herendeen (1g). Facing off for Victor was 8th grade Eli Ricci with 6+/3- = 67%. In the goal for Victor was senior Parker Erwin with 10s/9ga = 53% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE]  - - More images in the photo gallery.

PENN YAN-5 at FAIRPORT-8 - The Red Raiders led 3-2 after the first quarter and 5-2 at the half. Leading the scoring for Fairport (9-7) were Mitchell Monte (2g-1a), Michael Priddy (2g-1a), Nicholas Fosegan (1g-1a), Andrew Crowley (1g-1a), and Sam Pucci (0g-2a). Facing off for Fairport was sophomore Corey Roeser with 12+/4- = 75% and in the goal Luke Ryan recorded 9s/5ga = 64% (46 mins). Scoring for Penn Yan (10-5) were Braden Fingar (3g), Teagan Fingar (1g-2a), and Tukker Fisher (1g). In the goal for Penn Yan was freshman Jaxon Jensen with 10s/8ga = 56% (48 mins). Jensen reached his 100th save for the Mustangs in the game.    [ BOX SCORE

BATAVIA-NOTRE DAME-3 at BROCKPORT-15 - Brockport led 10-2 at the half as Junior attackman Blake Lamere (1g) scored his first Varsity goal. He was joined on the scoring table by Ryan Miller (5g-4a), Javier Benzan (4g-1a), and Mason Schram (3a). In the goal for Brockport was 8th grade James Newton with 11s/3ga = 79% (48 mins). Batavia-Notre Dame Sophomore Aiden Kopper scores his first Varsity goal and Senior midfielder Quintin Cummings (2g) reached his 50th career goal. Sophomore goalie Branden Flanagan (16s/15ga = 52% - 48 mins) reached his 300th career save.      [ BOX SCORE

Vic at McQSPENCERPORT-11 at LIVONIA-AVON-0 - Leading the scoring for Spencerport (9-7) were sophomore midfielder Zach Tortora (3g-1a), junior midfielder Zachary Ajavananda (3g-1a), junior attackman Jayden Mandarano (1g-2a), and 8th grade attackman Gavin Brown (2g-1a).  At the faceoff "X", Chase D`Amico won 9+/6- = 60% and Spencerport goalie Taylor Kaye made 6s/0ga = 100% (39 mins), and freshman Zach Miceli with 1s/0ga = 100% (9 mins). Senior Sean Baird surpassed 100 ground balls for his career. Livonia-Avon junior goalie Colton Rose was credited with 16s/11ga = 59% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

BISHOP KEARNEY-2 at NEWARK-17 - Nine different players scored goals for Newark including Sam Underhill (3g-3a), Tristan Harris (4g), and senior attackman Devon Bulman (1g-2a). Newark senior goalie Thomas Kirnie recorded 11s/1ga = 92% (42 mins), and freshman Corban Puff with 2s/1ga = 67% (6 mins).  There was no report from Bishop Kearney (4-5) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

THOMAS-10 at RUSH-HENRIETTA-9 in Overtime - This was a close, exciting game with three ties. When Ronin Walker (2g-2a) scored his second goal in the game with three minutes left in the third quarter, the Comets were up 9-7, but two unanswered goals by Brandon Trottier (2g-1a) and Jake Polizzi (1g) tied the game. In overtime, 8th grader Jonah Jobson (3g) scored the winning goal for Thomas with an assist from Trottier. Leading the scoring for Rush-Henrietta were Andrew Coleman (4g), Cody Coleman (1g-2a), and Jackson Koppers (2g). In the goal for Rush-Henrietta was junior Daniel Schmitz with 24s/10ga = 71% (55 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

Vic at McQAQUINAS-9 at CORNING-6 - Head Coach Terry Corcoran took his Aquinas team to his old home-town and came back to Rochester with the win. Leading the scoring for Aquinas (11-5) were senior midfielder Carter Wegman (5g), junior attackman Noah Olbrich (1g-2a), and sophomore attackman Tano Auriuso (1g-1a). In the goal for Aquinas, sophomore Jake Gibson recorded 12s/6ga = 67% (48 mins). There was no information for Corning (9-7) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE-10 at MARCUS WHITMAN-11 in overtime - In this close game Marcus Whitman led 4-1 after the first and 7-5 at the half. The Pride fought back in the second half scoring three unanswered goals in the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime. Early in the first overtime period Logan Storms (2a) send the ball to Melhamu Blueye (5g) for the game-winner for the Wildcats. Sophomore midfielder Tariku Blueye scored (3g) for the Wildcats and facing off for Marcus Whitman was sophomore Cullen Kephart with 12+/9- = 57%, and senior Reiner Gallogly with 2+/1- = 67%. Sophomore midfielder Cullen Kephart (Marcus Whitman) reached his 100th faceoff wins with his twelve wins. Leading the scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye (8-8) were Jonathan Nelson (3g-2a), Liam Roach (3a), Cody Whittaker (3g), Tyler Bruder (3g), and Cody Morse (1g-1a).    [ BOX SCORE

Vic at McQSCHROEDER-9 at HILTON-5 - Schroeder extended their winning streak to five wins and Senior attackman Nate Schilling (2g-1a) reached his 100th career goal in the game. The game was close until the last quarter when the Warriors scored four goals to take the win. Leading the scoring for Schroeder (9-7) were Garrett Conger (2g-1a), Anthony DeRosa (1g-2a), Nate Schilling (2g-1a), and Brady Miller (2g). Schroeder Senior goalie Casey Berns had 12s/5ga = 71% (48 mins). Scoring for Hilton (9-7) were Chase Wilson (1g-1a), Mitchell Wise (2g), Luke Schindler (1a), Michael Mitrano (1g), Braydon Pike (1g), and Tyler Reger (1a). Mitrano won 7+/2- = 78% and Drew O`Buck with 5+/3- = 63%.    [ BOX SCORE

GENEVA-16 at HAVERLING-2 - Geneva extended their winning streak to eight wins (12-4) as seven different players scored goals for the Panthers. Some on the offensive list included Max Heieck (5g-4a), Ryland Dunham (5g-1a), and senior midfielder Jeremy Askin (2g-3a). who won 20+/1- = 95%. Askin ends the regular season at the top of the highly competitive sectional face off wins, percentage wins and ground balls list. In the goal for Geneva was senior Paul Williams with 5s/2ga = 71% (48 mins). Haverling Sophomore goalie McLane Stermole reached his 500th career save in the game and scoring for the Rams were Drew Spears (1g-1a), and Zach Colegrove (1g).    [ BOX SCORE

Vic at McQMIDLAKES-RED JACKET-7 at GATES CHILI-5 - Leading the scoring for Midlakes-Red Jacket were freshman midfielder James Sprague (2g-2a), sophomore offensiveman Brendan Baldwin (1g-1a), and sophomore offensiveman Nate Lathrop (1g). Senior offensiveman Garrett Cooper scored his first Varsity goal for the Eagles. In the goal for Midlakes-Red Jacket was senior Kaiden Larsen with 10s/5ga = 67% (48 mins). Leading the scoring for Gates Chili were senior attackman Quentin Cato (1g-1a), senior attackman Owen Curley (1g-1a), sophomore defenseman Jayden Maryjanowski (2g-0a), and junior face off midfielder Michael Alley (1g).    [ BOX SCORE

MYNDERSE-5 at JORDAN ELBRIDGE-3 - The Blue Devils gave Head Coach Joe Caraher his 25th win since he returned to coach at Mynderse. Leading the scoring for Mynderse (10-6) were senior midfielder Dylan Tandle (3g-1a), junior attackman Griffin Hilimire (1g-1a), and junior attackman Jack Brady (0g-1a). The Book for Jorden-Elbridge (7-7): Wyatt Werth (1g-1a), Brayden Kitterle(1g), Casey Ryan (1g), Goaltending: Austin Brunelle (28s/5ga)     [ BOX SCORE

PITTSFORD-12 at HAMBURG-6 - Freshman offensiveman Grant Lewis and Freshman attackman Max Morgenstern each scored their first Varsity goal and they joined Luke Fliss (2g-2a), Charlie Ryan (2g-2a), Ian Erskine (3g), Cole Goetz (2g-1a), and Brady Goetz (2a) on the offensive book. In the goal for Pittsford was senior Liam Brett with 5s/1ga = 83% (12 mins), and 7th grade Bear Wehrhein with 9s/5ga = 64% (36 mins). There was no information available for Hamburg (8-7) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE