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Week In Review - Week 4

EDITOR'S NOTE: This weekly summary touches on some of the games played in the recent past and highlights some games of interest in the current week. For more in-depth coverage, click on the DAY OF THE WEEK for more coverage for that day, including box scores, articles, and galleries.

There fourty-two games played last week. There are seventy-six out of section games scheduled and 51 have been played. Section V teams have won 31 and lost 20 (61%). Pal-Mac (9-0) and McQuaid Jesuit (10-0 ) are the only undefeated team at this point.

 Games played last week: 42  Games played this season: 175
 Leagues games played last week: 15  Out of Section games last week: 10
 Mismatched Games (>8 pts): 13  Close Games (<4 pts): 15
 Undefeated teams: 2  Games scheduled for next week: 47


Looking Back

On Monday there were three games played and all of them were won by more than three goals. Bloomfield-Honeoye beat Batavia-Notre Dame and Pride Coach Joe Sidari won his 75th game as a Head Coach. Midlakes-Red Jacket beat Brockport and Geneva defeated Newark.

On Tuesday there were eleven games played and three were close ones. Penfield was a 7-5 winner over Fairport. Hilton defeated Pittsford by a score of 9-8. Penn Yan was a 8-7 winner over Homer. 

On Wednesday Jonah Carrier (Irondequoit) and Peton Lich (Pal-Mac) were named Players of the Week. There were no games scheduled.

Brockport at GanandaOn Thursday there were twelve games played and a couple were close ones. Newark was a 7-6 winner over Midlakes-Red Jacket. Irondequoit defeated Pittsford by a score of 7-6. Hilton and Thomas played a close game until the last quarter when the Cadets took off. CA was a 10-6 winner over Penfield and Marcus Whitman was a 10-7 winner over Gananda.

On Friday there were two games played and both were won by more than three goals. Geneva beat Essex (VT) and Pal-Mac beat McDowell (PA) in games today. 

On Saturday there were fourteen games played and five were close ones. Victor defeated JD by a score of 9-8. HFL defeated Brighton by a score of 8-7. Canandaigua was a 7-5 winner over Penn Yan. Dryden was a 6-5 winner over Marcus Whitman. Spencerport was a 8-7 winner over Pittsford. 

Looking Ahead

Wayne at HiltonThere are forty-seven games scheduled for this week. Quite a few should be exciting ones especially on Tuesday and Thursday when there are many good one from which to choose.

On Monday Hilton is at Wayne.

On Tuesday Penfield is at Greece, Geneva plays Livonia-Avon, Midlakes-Red Jacket is at Gananda, Rush-Henrietta is at Hilton Marcus Whitman is at Newark, and Webster Schroeder is at Webster Thomas.

On Wednesday Bishop Kearney hosts UPrep, and McQuaid Jesuit is at Irondequoit.

Pal-MacOn Thursday there are eleven games set including Geneva at Bloomfield-Honeoye, Thomas at Penn Yan, East United-Eastridge at Greece and Haverling at Gananda, Spencerport is at Penfield, Churchville-Chili plays Hilton and Pittsford is at Victor.

On Friday Batavia-ND is at East and Brighton is at Westhill.

Saturday has thirteen games on the schedule, including McQuaid Jesuit at FM, Greece at Brighton, Newark at Brockport, and Thomas at Canandaigua.

Check out the times and the whole weekly list on the games page.