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Lots of Mismatches Today

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - There were nine games played today and all of them were won by more than three goals. 

CC at IrondequoitAQUINAS-16 at GENEVA-7 - Aquinas went right to work winning the first quarter 5-1 and leading at the half. Leading the scoring for Aquinas (3-2) were Tano Auriuso (5g-2a), Noah Olbrich (4g-1a), Jake Guggino (2g-3a), and Carter Wegman (2g-1a). Phil Wegman recorded 2s/0ga = 100%, and Jake Gibson had 15s/5ga = 75% (36 mins), and sophomore Logan Schimmel with 3s/2ga = 60% (10 mins). Scoring for Geneva were Max Heieck (2g-3a), Dakota Bajdas (4g), and Jeremy Askin (1g-2a). Facing off for Geneva was senior Jeremy Askin with 22+/5- = 81%.    [ BOX SCORE

CHURCHVILLE-CHILI-2 at IRONDEQUOIT-17 - Ten different players scored goals for Irondequoit including Junior offensiveman Steven Clinkscales (1g-3a), Sophomore defenseman Sam Thore, Sophomore offensiveman Hank Velepec, and Junior face off midfielder Andrew Scully who each scored their first Varsity goal. Leading the scoring effort were Jonah Carrier (4g-1a), Ryan Avery (4g-0a), and Colin Giudice (1g-2a). Carrier recorded 11+/0- = 100%, and Scully had 11+/0- = 100% face off wins for the Eagles while goalies Sven Habitzreuther recorded 2s/1ga = 67% (24 mins), and Junior Caden VanDeusen recorded 4s/1ga = 80% (24 mins). Scoring for Churchville-Chili were Senior midfielder Nick Gitsis (1a), Senior attackman Colin Duncan (1g), and Sophomore attackman Jaxon Leonard (1g).    [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

PY and MyndersePENFIELD-15 at WEST SENECA WEST-2 - The Patriots scored five goals in the first quarter and added seven more unassisted goals before the half. Adam Schembri (3g-4a), Brodie Joyce (4g-3a), and Ethan Aust (6g) led the offensive effort. Facing off for Penfield was Sophomore Colin Miller with 12+/4- = 75%. In the goal for Penfield Mason Schembri had 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins), and Dylan Rondeau had 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins).  There were no stats available for West Seneca West at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

MYNDERSE-4 at PENN YAN-9 - The score was 6-1 at the half and both teams scored three goals in the second half. Sophomore midfielder Braden Fingar (2g-2a) reached his 50th career assist in the game. Others scoring for Penn Yan (3-0) were Freshman attackman Mike Gigliotti (3g), and Senior midfielder Bryant VanHousen (2g). In the goal, Freshman Jaxon Jensen recorded 9s/4ga = 69% (48 mins). Scoring for Mynderse (1-1) were Junior attackman Griffin Hilimire (2g), Senior midfielder Dylan Tandle (1a), Senior attackman Lucas Stevers (1g), Senior midfielder Chase Fitzgerald (1a), Junior attackman Jack Brady (1g), and Senior midfielder Phillip Love (1a).    [ BOX SCORE

CC at IrondequoitSPENCERPORT-3 at CANANDAIGUA-10 - Junior attackman Drew Williamee (3g-3a) reached his 50th career goal and  Sean Olvany (3g), Alex Rheude (2g) and Mike Belles (3a) added to the offensive stats for Canandaigua (4-0).  Junior face off specialist Mason DePew won 6+/5- = 55% and Canandaigua goalie Jaxson Tucker had 9s/3ga = 75% (48 mins). Junior midfielder Jamison Brown and Freshman defenseman Brody Kaye scored their first Varsity goals for Spencerport and Zach Tortora (1g) added the other goal for the Rangers (1-1). Facing off was junior Chase D`Amico with 9+/8- = 53%. Canandaigua will host Victor on Thursday while the Rangers are at Greece.   [ BOX SCORE

NEWARK-12 at HAVERLING-8 - Newark started off outscoring the Rams 5-2 in the first quarter but the rest of the game was pretty even, giving Newar Head Coach Andrew Garrett his first Varsity win. Freshman midfielder Ashton Kepler scored his first Varsity goal while teammates Sam Underhill (9g), and Devon Bulman (1g-2a) led the offense. Leading the scoring for Haverling were Drew Spears (2g-2a), Gavin Price (2g-1a), and Noah Schneider (0g-1a). Freshman midfielder Owen Burlingame scored his first Varsity goal for the Rams and in the goal sophomore McLane Stermole recorded 14s/12ga = 54% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

Midlakes-Red Jacket and Batavia-Notre DameMIDLAKES-RED JACKET-20 at BATAVIA-NOTRE DAME-2 - Nine different players scored goals for Midlakes-Red Jacket including Junior attackman Ethan Brodman, Junior defenseman JW Smith, and Junior midfielder Nate Ellis, who each scored their first Varsity goals for the Eagles. Nate Lathrop (5g-4a), James Sprague (2g-6a), and Stuart Quku (5g-2a) led the offense and in the goal for Midlakes-Red Jacket was senior Kaiden Larsen with 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins), and junior Jacob O`Brien with 2s/1ga = 67% (24 mins). Scoring for Batavia-Notre Dame was senior midfielder Quintin Cummings (2g).    [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

HILTON-9 at HFL-14 -In the game with five ties, Senior attackman Chase Perryman (3g-4a) reached his 150th career goal He was joined in the offensive effort by Quinn Kailbourne (2g-4a), and senior face off midfielder Drew Angelo (3g-2a) who won 14+/12- = 54%. Scoring for Hilton were freshman attackman Gianluca Auriuso (2g-1a), junior midfielder Braydon Pike (3g), senior attackman Chase Wilson (2g), freshman midfielder Tyler Reger (2g), and senior defenseman Brady Quill (1a). Facing off for Hilton was junior Drew O`Buck with 8+/6- = 57%. On Thursday, HFL is at Penn Yan and Hilton is at Brighton.    [ BOX SCORE