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We Lose Another: Long-Time Coach Craig Modern

Message from Webster Thomas Head Coach, Rob Ruller


Lacrosse, known as 'The Medicine Game,' holds profound meaning for many in our area. It has brought us joy, comfort, and healing powers. Friends gather to cheer on their loved ones, finding solace in the ups and downs of each battle on the field. Players compete not just for victory but for each other, leaving behind their troubles for a few hours on the field. Today in Webster, its significance is even more poignant, offering a bit more healing as our hearts weigh heavy with loss.

On this beautiful winter day, with the sun shining and birds chirping, we're reminded that the lacrosse season is swiftly approaching. Today, we mourn the loss of a great ambassador to this game, Craig Modern, who has been an integral part of our lacrosse community in Webster for over 40 years. Craig peacefully passed away this morning after his prolonged battle with cancer. Craig Modern

A player, coach, and eternal fan of lacrosse, Craig dedicated many years to giving back to the game in both the town of Webster and the Brighton community.

We used to say he was the toughest man we knew. Despite his diagnosis, Craig didn't complain about his ups and downs; he remained focused on the positive, often expressing, 'It could be worse.' While others facing smaller challenges may find comfort in complaining, Craig's resilience stood out. In the journey of lacrosse and life, we often let setbacks define us, but not Coach Modern. He would arrive early at the facility, the first to pick up around the locker room—a sacred place to him and many in this sport. Setting the tone for the day, he greeted everyone with a smile and a hearty 'Mornin Coach, did you watch the game last night?' Whether it was the Knighthawks or any local aired games, Coach loved watching Section V guys perform.

His speeches about life and the values acquired through the game were the kind you hope a former player imparts to their own son. Teaching by example, often without words but through his actions, Coach Modern was always attentive to the big picture, ready to guide with a teacher-like response. Today, as we receive thoughtful responses, I wish I could convey how much he meant to so many. The tone is unanimous—a great coach, a great mentor, a great friend. Coach, we will miss you for countless reasons, but we take comfort in knowing you'll be there to listen when the game of life doesn't go as planned. Rest in peace, my friend. It was 'Go time Titans.'"

Craig with the coaches