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Tuesday: Gates over Brockport

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - Gates Chili held off a fourth quarter surge by Brockport to win their second game of the season. The other nine games were mismatches. Winners included Pittsford over Brighton, Wayne over Marcus Whitman and Irondequoit over Fairport.

Schroeder at McQuaidIRONDEQUOIT-10 at FAIRPORT-5 - After a 4-1 half, the Eagles scored three goals in each quarter for the win. Leading the scoring for Irondequoit (7-6) were Cooper Moore (4g-1a), Aidan Greco (1g-3a), and Jonah Carrier (2g-1a)who also won 17+/0- = 100% at the  faceoff X. In the goal Nick Lepiane had 6s/5ga = 55% (48 mins).

Scoring for Fairport (5-8) were Alex Goldan (3a), Mitchell Monte (1g-1a), Jack DuBose (2g), Ryan Pedro (1g), and Sam Pucci (1g-0a). Fairport is at Penn Yan on Thursday    [ BOX SCORE

BRIGHTON-6 at PITTSFORD-12 - The Panthers started out strong taking the first quarter 5-1 and led at the half 8-4. Leading the scoring for Pittsford (12-2) were Ben Steingass (3g-2a), Ian Erskine (3g), and Jackson Green (1g-1a).

Scoring for Brighton (5-7) were James Holbrough (2g), Corey Schell (1g-1a), Ben Marangola (2a), Miles McGuire (2g), and Matthew Heininger (1g). Facing off for Brighton was sophomore Henry Werzinger with 14+/7- = 67%. Werzinger won his 100th faceoff in the game (now 111wins).    [ BOX SCORE

Schroeder at McQuaidRUSH-HENRIETTA-17 at EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-3 - The Royal Comets extended their winning streak to eight wins as eight different players scored goals, including sophomore midfielder Cole Flannery who scored his first Varsity goal in the game. Leading the scoring for Rush-Henrietta (9-2) were Kevin Lynch (2g-3a), Tyler Bernarduci (4g), Mike Valent (3g-1a), Makai Hillmon (2g-2a), and Cody Coleman (1g-2a). Mike Valent recorded 20+/0- = 100%, and Preston Jackson added 2+/1- = 67% face offs and in the goal Daniel Schmitz recorded 2s/1ga = 67% (24 mins), and Connor Newberry made 3s/2ga = 60% (24 mins).

Scoring for East United-Eastridge (7-6) were Keenan Edwards (1g), Ryan LaRose (1g), Jahyden Maiorani (1a), and Nkodia Ndongala (1g).    [ BOX SCORE

Schroeder at McQuaidSCHROEDER-5 at MCQUAID JESUIT-11 - The Knights scored three in the first and three more in the second quarters and led 6-2 at the half. Leading the scoring for McQuaid Jesuit (9-2) were Chris Woodard (3g-2a), John Harding (2g-2a), and Vincenzo Giangreco (3g). Facing off for McQuaid Jesuit was freshman Domenic Giangreco with 13+/1- = 93%, senior Alex Saracene with 3+/0- = 100%, and junior Harrison Brickwood with 1+/0- = 100%. Giangreco reached his 100th faceoff win in the game (now 108 wins). In the goal for McQuaid Jesuit Will Gordon had 6s/3ga = 67% (44 mins).

Scoring for Schroeder (5-9) were Anthony DeRosa (3g-1a), Nate Schilling (1g-2a), and Drew Pagano (1g). DeRosa scored his 50th goal in the game (now 52g). In the goal for Schroeder was Casey Berns with 19s/11ga = 63% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery. 

GANANDA-6 at MYNDERSE-14 - The Blue Devils had a 4-1 first quarter and led at the half 6-4 but a five goal third quarter solidified the win. Leading the scoring for Mynderse (7-5) were Griffin Hilimire (4g-4a), Dylan Tandle (4g-3a), and Mason Buckley (3g-1a). Hilimire scored his 50th goal in the game (now 51g).

Schroeder at McQuaidScoring for Gananda (6-7) were Jacob Michaels (2g-1a), Cohyn Reisman (3g), Brayden Dohse (1a), Drew Smith (1g), and freshman goalie Malakai Thomas (1g) who scored his first Varsity goal in the game. The Blue Panthers are at Midlakes on Saturday.  [ BOX SCORE

MARCUS WHITMAN-5 at WAYNE-18 - Wayne extended their winning streak to six wins as Nate Michel reached his 100th goal with his (4g-3a) ( now 103g) and Louis Profetta reached his 50th goal with his (1g-4a) (now 50g). Seven different players scored goals including PJ Ostrowski (3g-3a), and Louis Profetta (1g-4a). In the goal for Wayne was senior Dylan Coene who recorded 8s/5ga = 62% (48 mins).

Scoring for Marcus Whitman (7-6) were Rylan Weissinger (1g-2a), Brody Royston (1g-1a), Connor Gorton (2g), Jared Lee (1g), and Melkamu Blueye (1a). Facing off for Marcus Whitman was junior Jullien Cokely with 13+/12- = 52% and junior Melkamu Blueye with 1+/0- = 100%. In the goal for Marcus Whitman was senior Blake Dunton with 19s/18ga = 51% (48 mins) who reached his 300th career save (now 316s).     [ BOX SCORE

BALDWINSVILLE-12 at THOMAS-3 - The game was close in the first quarter, but the Bees held the Titans to two goals in the last three quarters. Seven different players scored for Baldwinsville (11-2) including Garrett Sutton (3g), Keegan Lynch (1g-8a), and Ryan Quinn, Zachary Sauro and Dylan Wirtheim who each scored two goals.

Schroeder at McQuaidScoring for Thomas (5-8) were Michael Dowden (1g-1a), Jagger Altieri (1a), Reid Doolittle (1g), Ty O`Keefe (1g), and Brett Mersdorf (1a). Thomas goalie Joshua Jobson recorded 3s/2ga = 60% (5 mins), and Zachary Isaac recorded 16s/10ga = 62% (43 mins).    [ BOX SCORE

HAVERLING-0 at AQUINAS-15 - The Rams are still hanging in there, but Aquinas used eight different players to post the shutout. Senior midfielder Mykel White, sophomore midfielder Ethan Copeland, and senior defenseman Aaron Ersthausen each scored their first Varsity goal in the game. Others scoring for Aquinas (9-3) included Tano Auriuso (3g-3a), Noah Olbrich (4g-0a), and Drew Eddy (2g-2a). In the goal for Aquinas freshman Logan Schimmel had 2s/0ga = 100% (24 mins), and freshman Jake Gibson added 4s/0ga = 100% (24 mins).

Haverling (2-9) will host Livonia-Avon on Thursday.     [ BOX SCORE

Geneva at NewarkGENEVA-6 at NEWARK-2 - Scoring for Newark (6-5) were Preston Steve (2g), Sam Underhill (1a), and Tariq Joseph (1a). In the goal for Newark Thomas Kirnie recorded 16s/6ga = 73% (48 mins).   There was no report from Geneva (7-6) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

BROCKPORT-6 at GATES CHILI-8 - Gates Chili held off a fourth quarter surge by Brockport to win their second game of the season. The Spartans took the first quarter 3-1 and led at the half 4-2. Those two goals made the difference as both teams scored four goals in the second half. Freshman attackman Gianni Salandy scored his first Varsity goal of the Spartans in this game. Also scoring for Gates Chili (2-10) were Owen Curley (2g-1a), Ayden Zugnoni (2g-1a), Jory Knauf (2g), Salandy (1g-1a), and Giovanni Buonomo (1g). In the goal for Gates Chili was junior TJ Phelan with 11s/6ga = 65% (48 mins).   There was no report from Brockport (4-8) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE