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Wednesday - Quarter finals for Everyone

DAY IN REVIEW: WEDNESDAY - The only team that broke the seeding in the quarter finals was  #5 Rush-Henrietta who beat #4 Hilton 10-8.

FAIRPORT 14  - GREECE STORM 1  - QTR - Fairport`s steady scoring and a 75% day from McLean Ralston helped move the Red Raiders to the semifinals where they will play McQuaid on Friday. Twelve players scored for Fairport including Chase Rizzo  and Mitchell Monte who both has 3g. Joey Giggie won 10 of 12 faceoffs. Steven Laframboise scored for the Storm.   [BOX SCORE]

Irondequoit at  PenfieldWAYNE 18  - BATAVIA-NOTRE DAME 2  - QTR - Thirteen players made the book for the Eagles including Alex Garrow with 2g2a and four players turning in 2g-1a. Noah Gauvin made 4s (80%) for Wayne to moves on to play HF-L on Friday. Noah Burke and Noah Delcamp each scored one goal for the Blue Devils.   [BOX SCORE]

AQUINAS 18  - HAVERLING 12  - QTR - Angelo Palumbo won all 22 faceoffs and scored 6g-4a for Aquinas. Gio Valerie and Noah Olbrich both scored 4g-1a for AQ who move on to Play the top-seeded Lakers on Saturday. Jamie O`Neil scored 4g-1a in his last game at Haverling. He ends the season with 81g-45a and a career total of 177g-127a.   [BOX SCORE]

PENN YAN 19  - GANANDA 0  - QTR - Nine players scored points for the Mustangs. Leading the pack were Teagan Fingar with 4g-1a, Carter Earl with 4g-1a and Tukker Fisher with 1g-3a. Penn Yan moves on to play Marcus Whitman on Saturday. Gananda finishes their season at 8-10.   [BOX SCORE]        - - More images in the photo gallery

Irondequoit at  PenfieldGENEVA 17  - NEWARK 5  - QTR - Curtis Denison had 5g-2a and Daniel Wright had 5g-4a for the Panthers who punched their ticket to the semifinals where they will play top-seeded Pal-Mac on Friday. Preston Steve scored 3g-1a for the Reds who end their season at 9-8.   [BOX SCORE]        - - More images in the photo gallery

HF-L 15  - BROCKPORT 0  - QTR - Trevor Reese made 5s for the rare shutout and ten players scored points. Chase Perryman had 4g-3a for lead the Cougars to the semifinals where they will play Wayne on Friday. Drew Angelo had 5 gbs and won 13 if 14 draws.   [BOX SCORE]        - - More images in the photo gallery

HILTON 8  - RUSH-HENRIETTA 10  - QTR - Despite a five goal surge by Hilton in the third quarter, consistent scoring gave the Royal Comets the win. Connor Newberry made 15s (65%) and Mike Valent won 14 of 21 faceoffs while Chase Petschke scored 3g-1a and Tyler Bernarduci had 1g-3a for R-H. They will play top-seeded Pittsford on Friday. Hilton saw 2g-3a from Aiden Cawley and 3g from Joseph Maneti and Jason Mosher had 16s (62%) for Hilton  (8-9).   [BOX SCORE]

McQUAID JESUIT 11  - EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE 6  - QTR - Paul Chiariello scored 2g-2a and Vincenzo Giangreco had 3g for the Knights (12-5) who will play Fairport on Friday night. There was no report from East United-Eastridge at post time.   [BOX SCORE]

IRONDEQUOIT 5  - BRIGHTON 4  - QTR - In another close game, a couple of extra goals scored in the first half gave the Eagles a 5-4 victory at home. Jonah Carrier won 12 of 14 face offs and Aiden Greco scored 2g for Irondequoit who moves on to play Thomas on Saturday. Liam McGuire and Jett Richardsen both scored 2g for the Bruins.  [BOX SCORE]

Irondequoit at  PenfieldVICTOR 23  - SCHROEDER 5  - QTR - A nineteen goal first half gave the Blue Devils a trip to the semifinals where they will play Canandaigua. Fourteen players made the offensive book for Victor (17-0) and faceoff specialist Sam Ricci won 21 of 23 draws and had 14 gbs. Thomas Gravino led the list with 3g-2a. Nate Schilling had 2g-1a for Schroeder.   [BOX SCORE]

CANANDAIGUA 9  - SPENCERPORT 8  - QTR - The Braves were down 8-7 with 2:38 left in game and then Elliot Morgan (2g-1a) scored the tying goal with two seconds left in regulation. Matt Belles (2g-1a) scored the winning goal with just under a minute in overtime. Luke McCrobie won 11 of 18 draws for Canandaigua (12-5) who move on to play Victor on Saturday. Austin Mandarano had 4g and Jayden Rodrigues had 1g-3a for the Rangers (10-6).   [BOX SCORE]

Irondequoit at  PenfieldTHOMAS 13  - PENFIELD 5  - QTR - The Titans had a 9-2 lead at the half. Evan Pashalidis le the scoring with 4g-1a and Jack Burns had 3g while Owen Dalberth made 13s (72%) for Thomas who will play Irondequoit on Saturday. There was no report from Penfield at post time.   [BOX SCORE]

LIVONIA-AVON 17  - WATERLOO 3  - QTR - Justin Skelly scored 4g-2a, Shane Malead added 4g and Matthew Connor added 2g-3a for the Lakers (12-5). Matt Beachel made 8s (80%) for Livonia-Avon who will play Aquinas on Saturday. There was no report from Waterloo at  post time.   [BOX SCORE]

MARCUS WHITMAN 15  - MYNDERSE 2  - QTR - Nine players made the offensive book for the Wildcats. The list included Connor Gorton, Kyle Murphy and Connor Tomion who each had 2g-2a. Reiner Callogly won 16 of 19 draws and Blake Dunton had 8s (80%). Mason Buckley had 1g-1a for the Blue Devils. Marcus Whitman will play Penn Yan on Saturday.   [BOX SCORE]