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Tournament Seeding Procedure

Seeding for the Section Five Tournaments is based on a "power rating" which is based on the final win-loss records of the teams played.

Points earned are based on the win/loss percentage of each opponent at the end of the season. A team that has won 75% of its games gives its opponent 10 points for a win or 4 points for a loss. A team under 75% but at least 50% gives 8 points for a win and 3 points for a loss.A team under 50% but at least 25% gives 6 points for a win and 2 points for a loss. Finally, a team under 25% gives 4 points for a win and 1 point for a loss.

The number of points earned by a team are then added up and divided by the number of games played so as to find the average points per game. The teams with the highest averages are entered in the tournament.

The Point Schedule

Win/ Loss %
AWin is Worth
ALoss is Worth
A Tie is Worth
75% or more
50% to 75%
25% to 50%
under 25%


Tie Breaking Procedure

At the end of the regular season it is possible to have two or more teams tied in their seeding average. When this occurs the following tie breaking procedure is used.

Steps Tie Breaker
First check: Head-to Head competition (winner advances)
If still tied: Check each team's win/loss record
If still tied: Number of wins against .750 teams
If still tied: Number of wins against .500 teams
If still tied: Number of wins against .250 teams
If still tied: Number of wins against .000 teams
If still tied: Coin toss by Lacrosse Coordinator


An example

An example for the 1999 Irondequoit team is available as a PDF file.

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