Current Players for Churchville-Chili


Clay Behlok2022D30
James Connelly2021M17
Jake Delaney2022M7
Colin Duncan2024A13
Cameron Gefell2024M33
Joseph Gibson2021D20
Dominic Hoch2024A34
Patrick Hoff2024D5
Sean Levey2023A21
Max McCay2023M24
Alex McCracken2021M9
Patrick Mitchell2021M1Canisus
Cameron Orengo2023D23
Brock Osborne2023M25
Liam Podszebka2022D2
Caleb Quinn2023D28
Nick Rippe2022M29
Brett Seaman2022A11
Bradley Shaw2023G26
Landon Smith2022M12
Peter Stevens2022D18
Camron Taylor2023M22
Chris TerHaar2022G27
Gideon Todd2021M15

An asterisk (*) indicates there is no link to the college roster. For players who were recently graduated, it may mean that they are planning to play at the school but have not yet made the team roster. Also note, that in some cases, a recent graduate who made plans to attend a specific school changes his mind and does not go to the school. Information on requesting updates or changes is available from a link on the player's individual page.

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06/15 - Thom-6 - CA-5

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