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Pal-Mac Get Undefeated Regular Season

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - There were thirteen games played mostly in rain today as the regular season starts to unwind and three were close ones. Penfield was a 9-7 winner over Brighton. Hilton defeated Aquinas by a score of 9-7. Canandaigua defeated Pittsford by a score of 7-5. Pal-Mac defeated Gananda to give the Red Raiders a perfect regular season at 16-0.

EU-E at Bat-NDHAVERLING-15 at BATAVIA-NOTRE DAME-5 - The Rams won another game today, with eight different players making the offensive book including Sophomore Warren McCormick scored his first Varsity goal. Others scoring for Haverling were Gavin Price (3g-3a), Drew Spears (2g-2a), and Noah Schneider (1g-2a). Drew Spears won 9+/6- = 60% at the faceoff "X" and Haverling goalie McLane Stermole made 9s/5ga = 64% (48 mins). The Rams will finish their regular season when the host Geneva on Thursday. Scoring for Batavia-Notre Dame were Quintin Cummings (3g), Harold Mellander (1g), Eli Michalak (1a), and Jon Smith (1g). Blue Devil goalkeeper Branden Flanagan was credited with 17s/15ga = 53% (48 mins). They will finish the regular season at Brockport on Thursday.     [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDBISHOP KEARNEY-13 at MARCUS WHITMAN-19 - Senior midfielder Melkamu Blueye (4g-2a) reached his 50th career goal and Senior midfielder Reiner Gallogly (1g) reached his 200th faceoff win to mark the Wildcat win. Sophomore midfielder Tariku Blueye registered three goals and four assists,  and  Sophomore Ayden Clark added four goals and two assists while his classmate Cullen Kephart tallied two goals and three assists for Marcus Whitman who will host the Pride on Thursday. There was no report from Bishop Kearney (4-4) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

HFL-5 at IRONDEQUOIT-18 - Irondequoit had a run of eight goals and another run of six goals behind scoring by Cooper Moore (3g-2a), Oliver Grisdale (3g-2a), Dylan Carey (3g-1a), Ryan Avery (3g-1a), and Colin Giudice (2g-1a). Faceoff specialist Jonah Carrier won 13+/5- = 72%. In the goal for Irondequoit (13-3) was junior Sven Habitzreuther with 7s/2ga = 78% (36 mins). HFL Senior attackman Chase Perryman (2g-1a) reached his 150th career assist in the game that also saw scoring from Freshman attackman Grady Goodberlet (1g), Sophomore midfielder Marco Vengoechea (1a), Junior offensiveman Mathew Brassie (1g), and senior face off midfielder Drew Angelo (1g). HFL finishes the regular season at 14-2 and both teams will now wait under Friday for the tournament seedings.   [ BOX SCORE

SPENCERPORT-2 at THOMAS-5 - In yet another low scoring exciting game, the Titans used a 2-0 second quarter to insure the win at home. Although The rangers scored the first goal, Jake Polizzi (2g) scored the tying goal and then the go-ahead goal and from their Thomas held the lead. Scoring for EU-E at Bat-NDThomas were Brandon Trottier (1g-1a), Lucas Estelle (2g), Reid Doolittle (1a), and Jagger Altieri (1a). Thomas Sophomore goalie Joshua Jobson recorded 6s/2ga = 75% (48 mins). Next up for Thomas is a trip to R-H on Thursday. Scoring for Spencerport (8-7) were Jayden Mandarano (1g-1a), and Zachary Ajavananda (1g-1a). In the goal for Spencerport was senior Taylor Kaye with 9s/5ga = 64% (48 mins). Spencerport will finish their regular season at Livonia-Avon on Thursday.    [ BOX SCORE

MCQUAID JESUIT-13 at FAIRPORT-5 - Senior attackman John Harding (2g-4a) reached his 50th career assist and was joined at the top of the book by Vincenzo Giangreco (4g-1a), AJ Quagrello (1g-2a). In the goal for McQuaid Jesuit, Will Gordon had 12s/5ga = 71% (48 mins). The Knights will host Victor on Thursday. Scoring for Fairport (8-7) were Mitchell Monte (3g-1a), Sam Pucci (2a), and Nicholas Fosegan (1g). Corey Roeser won 10+/8- = 56% and the goal for Fairport Luke Ryan with 13s/11ga = 54% (42 mins). The Red Raiders finish the regular season with Penn Yan at home on Thursday.     [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDBRIGHTON-7 at PENFIELD-9 in a Non-League game: Although the Patriots scored first and led for the entire game, it was close with the Bruins coming within one goal three times. Scoring for Penfield were Christian Brown (2g-1a), Brodie Joyce (1g-2a), Noah Ehret (3g), Adam Schembri (1g), Ethan Aust (1g), Zach Shores (1g), Manny Castro (1a), AJ Theodorakakos (1a), and Colin Antinelli (1a). Penfield finished their regular season at 10-6. Brighton Senior goalie Thomas D`Angelo reached his 500th career save with his seven stops tonight and Junior face off midfielder Henry Werzinger (11+/8- = 58%) reached his 300th faceoff won in the game.  Scoring for Brighton (8-7) were Miles McGuire (3g-2a), Tim Tourangeau (1g-1a), Sam Slaninka (2a), and Corey Schell (1g). Brighton finishes their regular season at Churchville-Chili on Wednesday.    [ BOX SCORE

GANANDA-1 at PAL-MAC-17 - Sophomore defenseman Henry Beaton and Senior defenseman Luke Herendeen both scored their first Varsity goal in the game and nine different players scores to give the Red Raiders their undefeated season, their first in p[program history. Leading the scoring for Pal-Mac were Keagan Hoesterey (5g-6a), Max Hill (1g-5a), and Jackson Dennie (4g-1a). Facing off for Pal-Mac were sophomore Patrick Castrechini with 4+/1- = 80%, and junior Luke VanGorden with 11+/4- = 73%. In the goal for Pal-Mac was senior Peyton Lich with 8s/1ga = 89% (48 mins). 7th grade midfielder Brody Daciw Scored for Gananda while in the goal sophomore Nick Falso with 20s/17ga = 54% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDMYNDERSE-11 at MIDLAKES-RED JACKET-6 -a 6-0 second quarter gave Mynderse the win today as Senior attackman Lucas Stevers (1g-2a) reached his 50th career assist in the game. Junior attackman Griffin Hilimire added 5g-1a and Senior midfielder Carson Montoney put in 2g for t6he Blue Devils who will finish their regular season at Jordan Elbridge on Thursday. Midlakes-Red Jacket Freshman long stick middie Duke Vansavage (1g-1a) and 8th grade midfielder Kaden Guillaume (1g) scored their first Varsity goal while  Ethan Brodman (1g-1a), James Sprague (1g-1a), Duke Vansavage (1g-1a), Nate Lathrop (1g), Stuart Quku (1g), and Sam Kuhn (1a) also made the book. Senior goalie Kaiden Larsen recorded 19s/11ga = 63% (48 mins). The Eagle are at Gates Chili on Thursday.    [ BOX SCORE

LIVONIA-AVON-12 at NEWARK-8 - Leading the scoring for Livonia-Avon (8-6) were 8th grade offensiveman Brayden Arber (5g-1a), junior offensiveman Max McEnerney (3g), junior offensiveman Henry Walters (2g-1a), and junior face off midfielder Joey Cinquino (2g). Laker junior faceoff specialist Joey Cinquino won 3+/1- = 75%, and freshman Rider VanZandt won 13+/6- = 68%. Colton Rose made 11s/4ga = 73% (43 mins). Livonia-Avon is at Wayne on Wednesday. Newark Sophomore Sam Underhill reached his 100th career goal with his four goals. Evan Shulla, Ashton Kepler, and Devon Bulman each scored one goal for the Reds. In the goal for Newark, Senior Thomas Kirnie was credited with 25s/12ga = 68% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDBROCKPORT-4 at EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-7 - This is the sixth win in a row for East United-Eastridge against Brockport. (6-2) going back to 2022. Scoring for East United-Eastridge (11-5) were Jahyden Maiorani (3g-1a), Nkodia Ndongala (2g), Latoine Brown (1a), and Josh Verna (1g). In the goal for East United-Eastridge was senior Ronald Dietz with 10s/4ga = 71% (48 mins). The Eagles finish their regular season with the first winning record.  Cole Davis (8+/8-) reached his 100th career faceoff win as the Blue Devils get ready for the last game of the regular season as they host Batavia-Notre Dame on Thursday. Making the offensive book for the Blue Devils were Ryan Miller (3g), Mason Schram (2a), and Tyler Houseman (1g). In the goal for Brockport was 8th grade James Newton who was credited with 25s/7ga = 78% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

HILTON-9 at AQUINAS-7 - Aquinas started off strong but faded as the Cadets (9-6) took over the lead in the second half and extended their winning streak to six wins. With his nine wins, Junior face off midfielder Drew O`Buck (9+/1- = 90%) reached his 300th career faceoff win.  Leading the offensive effort were Mitchell Wise (2g-1a), Anthony Mitrano (2g-1a), Luke Schindler (2g), Tyler Reger (1g-1a), and Gianluca Auriuso (1g). Also facing off for Hilton was senior Michael Mitrano with 5+/2- = 71% and Hiltongoalie Sam Guzzetta made 10s/7ga = 59% (48 mins) for the Cadets who will host Schroeder on Thursday. Leading the scoring for Aquinas (10-5) were sophomore attackman Tano Auriuso (3g-1a) who reached his 150th career goal, Noah Olbrich (1g-2a), and Carter Wegman (2g). Aquinas goalkeeper Jake Gibson had 12s/9ga = 57% (48 mins). Aquinas will travel to Coach Corcoran`s hometown of Corning to finish their regular season on Thursday.      [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDCANANDAIGUA-7 at PITTSFORD-5 - In another really close game a couple of extra second quarter goals for the Gray Wolves made the difference and they end the regular season at 11-5. Canandaigua saw offensive efforts from Alex Rheude (3g), Will Rheude (1g), Sean Olvany (2g), and Trey Comella (1g). Mason DePew won 13+/3- = 81%. Canandaigua goalie Tyler DeRue posted 7s/5ga = 58% (48 mins). Pittsford saw scoring from Brady Goetz (2g), Ian Erskine (1g), Luke Fliss (1a), Max Morgenstern (1a), Charlie Ryan (1a), Avery Valenti (1g), and Cole Goetz (1g). In the goal for Pittsford was 7th grade Bear Wehrhein with 8s/7ga = 53% (48 mins). Pittsford will play at Hamburg on Thursday.     [ BOX SCORE

GATES CHILI-2 at SCHROEDER-19 - Freshman offensiveman JD Stockmann (1g) scored his first Varsity goal and was joined on the offensive tally by Nate Schilling (3g-4a), Brennan Robinson (4g-1a), and Cody Preston (2g-1a). Facing off for Schroeder (8-7) were freshman John Caricati with 9+/7- = 56%, senior Anthony DeRosa with 3+/0- = 100%, and senior Brady Miller with 1+/0- = 100%. Scoring for Gates Chili were junior face off midfielder Michael Alley (1g), senior attackman Owen Curley (1g), and sophomore defenseman Jayden Maryjanowski (1a). The Spartans will finish their regular season as they host Midlakes-Red Jacket on Thursday. Schroeder will play at Hilton on Thursday.    [ BOX SCORE