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Lots of One Goal Wins Today

DAY IN REVIEW: THURSDAY - There were 12 games played today and a whole bunch of close games under wet and rainy conditions. Livonia-Avon, HFL, Penfield and Victor each won their games by one goal.

Penfield vs ThomasPENFIELD-11 at THOMAS-10 - There were six ties in this close game but two unanswered goals in the fourth quarter gave the Patriots the win. Down 9-10 at the end of the third quarter, Ethan Aust (3g-2a) scored the tying goal with nine minutes left and Ryan Bowerman (1g) scored the go-ahead goal at 6:31 to give Penfield (4-1) the win. Also leading the offensive unit were Brodie Joyce (2g-1a), and Zach Shores (2g). Mason Schembri made 10s/10ga (50%) in the nets for Penfield who will play at West Genesee on Saturday. Leading the scoring for Thomas were Junior midfielder Brett Mersdorf (3g-2a), 8th grade offensiveman Lucas Estelle (1g-2a), and Senior attackman Joseph Tiberio (1g-1a).  Joshua Jobson made 11s/11ga (50%) in the nets for Thomas who will host Hamburg on Saturday.  [ BOX SCORE

LIVONIA-AVON-7 at MYNDERSE-6 - In an extremely close game, Mynderse took a 2-1 lead in the first and the teams were tied 2-2 at the half. In the third quarter Mynderse took back the lead and picked up another in the fourth quarter. The Lakers came back in the fourth and Hunter Rumfola (3g-1a) scored the tying goal, sending the teams into overtime. In the second OT 8th grader Brayden Arber scored his first Varsity goal for the game winner. Also scoring for Livonia-Avon (1-2) was Max McEnerney (2g-1a). junior Colton Rose with 22s/6ga = 79% (53 mins). Leading the scoring for Mynderse (1-2) were Junior attackman Griffin Hilimire (3g-1a), Senior midfielder Phillip Love (1g-1a), and Senior midfielder Dylan Tandle (1g-1a).    [ BOX SCORE

Penfield vs ThomasWAYNE-18 at GANANDA-6 - It was the first win of the season for Wayne as they took an 8-4 first quarter and ended the half at 12-5. Seven different players scored goals for Wayne including PJ Ostrowski (5g-4a), Braylon Agnello (1g-4a), and Mason Michel (4g). Junior goalie Logan Phillips had 7s/6ga = 54% (48 mins) for the Eagles who will host Bloomfield-Honeoye on Saturday. Scoring for Gananda were Senior attackman Jacob Michaels (3g), Senior midfielder Brayden Dohse (2a), Junior midfielder Jaydes Baerga (1g), Sophomore attackman Jase Smith (1g), and 8th grade attackman Mason Groh who scored his first Varsity goal for the Blue Panthers. They will play at Livonia-Avon on Saturday.    [ BOX SCORE

SPENCERPORT-11 at GREECE STORM-2 - The Rangers started with seven unanswered goals behind scoring by Zach Tortora (3g-2a), Jayden Mandarano (1g-3a), Gavin Brown (3g-1a), and Zachary Ajavananda (2g-1a). Chase D`Amico won 12+/5- = 71% faceoffs and Taylor Kaye recorded 6s/2ga = 75% (43 mins) for Spencerport (2-1). Scoring for Greece Storm was James Maccallini (2g).    [ BOX SCORE

GENEVA-8 at MIDLAKES-RED JACKET-4 - The Panthers won their first of the season with efforts by Max Heieck (3g-2a), Jack Dunham (3g), and Jeremy Askin (2a). Facing off for Geneva was senior Jeremy Askin with 11+/2- = 85%, and junior Dominick Vedora with 1+/0- = 100%. In the goal for Geneva was senior Paul Williams with 9s/4ga = 69% (48 mins). Scoring for Midlakes-Red Jacket (2-1) were Freshman midfielder James Sprague (1g-1a), Junior offensiveman Theodore Altman (2g), Sophomore offensiveman Sam Kuhn (1g), Sophomore offensiveman Nate Lathrop (1a), and Sophomore offensiveman Brendan Baldwin (1a). In the goal for Midlakes-Red Jacket was Senior Kaiden Larsen with 10s/8ga = 56% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

Penfield vs ThomasRUSH-HENRIETTA-7 at SCHROEDER-11 - After a close first quarter the Warriors took a 6-3 lead into the halftime break. Among those scoring for Schroeder (3-2) were Senior attackman Nate Schilling (4g-2a), Senior midfielder Anthony DeRosa (3g-2a), and Junior attackman Brennan Robinson (2g-1a). Facing off specialist John Caricati won 9+/8- = 53%. Scoring for Rush-Henrietta were Sophomore face off midfielder Preston Jackson (4g), Junior attackman Koppers Jackson (2g), Sophomore midfielder Ronin Walker (1g-1a), and Junior goalie Daniel Schmitz (1a) who reached his 200th career save with 19s/11ga = 63% (48 mins). Sophomore face off specialist Preston Jackson won 13+/6- = 68%.     [ BOX SCORE

CHURCHVILLE-CHILI-20 at GATES CHILI-1 - Eight different players scored goals for Churchville-Chili including Senior midfielder Nick Gitsis (1g-1a), Sophomore midfielder Cooper Lass, and Senior long stick middie Spencer Conley(2g) who each scored their first Varsity goal for the Saints. Other scorers included Colin Duncan (7g-3a), Cameron Gefell (1g-4a), and Dominic Hoch (3g-1a). Scoring for Gates Chili was Junior face off midfielder Michael Alley (1g). Gates Chili will host Geneva on Friday and Churchville-Chili will play at Brockport on Saturday.    [ BOX SCORE

EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-10 at BROCKPORT-4 - The Blue Devils scored all four goals in the last quarter. Sophomore attackman Ryan Miller (2g) reached his 50th career goal while Freshman attackman Mason Scott (2a), Sophomore attackman Ryan Miller (2g), Senior attackman Thomas Bruno (2g), and Freshman midfielder Isaac Kingsley (1a) scored for Brockport.  There was no report from East United-Eastridge (4-0) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Penn Yan vs HFLHFL-6 at PENN YAN-5 - Senior face off midfielder Drew Angelo (2g) score the go-ahead goal in the last quarter for the Cougar victory. His goal marked his 50th career goal and kept HFL undefeated at 5-0. Also scoring were Chase Perryman (3a), Mathew Brassie (2g-1a), and Quinn Kailbourne (1g). Angelo won 9+/4- = 69% faceoffs, and senior Owen Smith won 1+/0- = 100%. In the goal for HFL was freshman Jason Bennett recording 7s/5ga = 58% (48 mins). 8th grade midfielder Greyson Hathway (1g) scored his first Varsity goal for the Mustangs. He was joined in scoring with Bryant VanHousen (1g-1a), Braden Fingar (1g), Collin Bacher (1g), Levi Fisher (1a), and Tukker Fisher (1g). In the goal for Penn Yan, freshman Jaxon Jensen made 7s/6ga = 54% (48 mins). Penn Yan hosts Clarence on Saturday and HFL is at Spencerport on Tuesday.    [ BOX SCORE

ORCHARD PARK-6 at PITTSFORD-11 - There was no report from Pittsford at post-time. This was the eleventh win in a row for the Panthers against Orchard Park. Pittsford is at Rush-Henrietta on Tuesday.    [ BOX SCORE

HILTON-6 at BRIGHTON-9 - Brighton Junior face off midfielder Henry Werzinger reached his 200th faceoff win with his 11+/8- = 58%. Leading the scoring for Brighton (2-2) were Tim Tourangeau (3g-2a), Aksel Stanat (3g), Miles McGuire (2g-1a), and Sam Slaninka (1g-1a). Brighton Senior goalie Thomas D`Angelo made 3s/1ga = 75% (8 mins), and Sophomore Logan Serve recorded 6s/5ga = 55% (40 mins). Leading the scoring for Hilton were Junior midfielder Braydon Pike (3g), Senior attackman Chase Wilson (2g), and Senior attackman Mitchell Wise (1a). Facing off for Hilton was senior Michael Mitrano with 4+/3- = 57%. Hilton will host Horseheads on Saturday while Brighton travels to Corning.    [ BOX SCORE

Penfield vs ThomasVICTOR-7 at CANANDAIGUA-6 - Junior midfielder Brody Secker scored the winning goal at 2:54 in overtime to give his Head Coach Dan Stone his 50th win at Victor. Scoring for Canandaigua (4-1) were Junior attackman Drew Williamee (1g-2a), Junior attackman Mike Belles (2g), Junior midfielder Ryan Bremer (1g-1a), and Senior offensiveman Sean Olvany (1g). Facing off for Canandaigua was junior Mason DePew with 7+/6- = 54% an in the goal senior Jaxson Tucker recorded 8s/7ga = 53% (49 mins).   There was no report from Victor at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE