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Irondequoit Wins in Overtime

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - Sophomore offensiveman Cooper Moore recorded 4g-2a, including the game winner in overtime as Irondequoit won their second game of the season against Hilton today. The other five games were mismatches.

GC at BrightonMARCUS WHITMAN-8 at AQUINAS-18 - Seven different players scored goals for Aquinas (2-1) including Junior attackman Noah Olbrich (2g-5a) who reached his 100th goal and Senior midfielder TJ Geyer who scored his first Varsity goal. Others scoring for Aquinas were Tano Auriuso (6g-1a), and Jake Guggino (5g-2a). Sophomore goalie Jake Gibson who made 4s/1ga = 80% (12 mins). Sophomore midfielder Cullen Kephart (1g-2a) scored his first Varsity goal and Senior midfielder Melkamu Blueye scored 4g for the Wildcats. Facing off for Marcus Whitman was Sophomore Cullen Kephart with 8+/2- = 80%.    [ BOX SCORE

PENN YAN-18 at HAVERLING-1 - Eight different players scored goals for Penn Yan including Teagan Fingar (6g-2a), Braden Fingar (2g-2a), Bryant VanHousen (2g-2a), and Freshman midfielder Levi Fisher (3a). Sophomore attackman Brody Keech scored his first Varsity goal and Senior midfielder Bryant VanHousen reached his 50th goal for the Mustangs. Greyson Hathway won 22/23 faceoffs (96%). In the goal for Penn Yan was Freshman Jaxon Jensen with 5s/1ga = 83% (48 mins). Junior attackman/midfielder Gavin Price scored for the Rams and Sophomore McLane Stermole recorded 20s/18ga = 53% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

GC at BrightonIRONDEQUOIT-12 in overtime - Irondequoit came back from Hilton's 11-8 lead with five minutes left in the game as Sophomore Cooper Moore (4g-2a) scored three of four unanswered goals including the game winner (with an assist from Dylan Carey) with 2:34 left in overtime. The exciting and close game included five ties with both teams scoring in runs of three or four. Three juniors scored their first goals for the Eagles: Dylan Carey, Ryan Avery and Justin Nitti. Leading the scoring were Moore, Carey (2g-2a), and Oliver Grisdale (2g-1a). Facing off for Irondequoit was Senior Jonah Carrier with 15+/10- = 60%. In the goal Sven Habitzreuther recorded 15s/11ga = 58% (48 mins). Scoring for Hilton were Senior attackman Chase Wilson (5g-1a), Freshman attackman Gianluca Auriuso (2g-3a), Sophomore midfielder Anthony Mitrano (3g-0a) and Senior midfield Michael Mitrano..    [ BOX SCOREGC at Brighton

THOMAS-16 - Leading the scoring for Thomas (1-1) were 8th grade offensiveman Lucas Estelle (4g-1a) who scored his first Varsity goal in the game, 8th grade offensiveman Jonah Jobson (3g-1a), and Senior attackman Nicolas Ange (3g). In the goal for Thomas was Sophomore Joshua Jobson who recorded 5s/4ga = 56% (38 mins). Leading the scoring for Wayne were Senior attackman Braylon Agnello (2g-3a), Senior midfielder Alex Garrow (1g-2a), and Junior offensiveman Tas Strickland (1g-1a).    [ BOX SCORE

GC at BrightonBRIGHTON-21 - Eleven different players scored goals for Brighton including four players who scored their first Varsity goal: Junior attackman Kiernan Nicholson, Sophomore midfielder Mitch Minor, Junior defenseman Ryder Flaum and Freshman attackman Phoenix Rieth. Aksel Stanat (5g-1a) and Gavin Parks (4g) led in scoring. Facing off for Brighton was Junior Henry Werzinger with 15+/3- = 83%, Senior Kieran Hughes with 2+/0- = 100%, and Sophomore Max Zwas with 2+/0- = 100%. In the goal for Brighton was Sophomore Logan Serve with 3s/0ga = 100% (24 mins). Junior face off midfielder Michael Alley scored with an assist from Junior midfielder Bennett Miley.  [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery. 

VICTOR-2 at DON BOSCO PREP-11 - The Ironmen won their season opener with Duke commit Brady Scioletti leading the scoring with 5g-1a. While on the road in New Jersey, the Victor report will follow later.    [ BOX SCORE