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Thursday: Penn Yan Takes Lakers

DAY IN REVIEW: THURSDAY - A four goal streak gave the Knights a 7-6 win over visiting Fairport. HF-L had a big win against Rush-Henrietta. Penfield beat Hilton and Canandaigua, in yet another low scoring game was the 3-2 winner at Thomas. The Saints had and exciting 9-8 win at Greece and Gananda won a 15-13 game against Kearney.

Fairport at McQuaidFAIRPORT-6 at MCQUAID JESUIT-7 - A four goal surge by the Knights made all the difference in their 7-6 home victory over the Red Raiders that saw three ties. The Knights took the lead on an unassisted goal by Domenic Giangreco (1g) with 8:54 on the clock. Henry Coke (2g) added an insurance goal on a feed from AJ Quangrello to give the Knights a 7-5 lead with just under four minutes left in the game. Fairport junior Sam Pucci helped Fairport with an unassited goal at 3:25, but that was the end of the scoring.

Also scoring for McQuaid Jesuit (11-3) were Rory Fitzpatrick (2g), Vincenzo Giangreco (1g-1a), AJ Quagrello (1g-1a), and Chris Woodard (1a). Facing off for McQuaid Jesuit was freshman Domenic Giangreco with 7+/6- = 54%. In the goal for McQuaid Jesuit was junior Will Gordon with 7s/6ga = 54% (48 mins).

Scoring for Fairport (6-10) were Jack DuBose (1g-2a), Mitchell Monte (1g-1a), Alex Goldan (2g), Bobby Cameron (1g), and Sam Pucci (1g). MOnte scored his 50th goal in the game.Facing off for Fairport was sophomore Mitchell Monte with 3+/2- = 60%. In the goal for Fairport was senior Frazer Boyum with 8s/7ga = 53% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

Fairport at McQuaidGATES CHILI-2 at EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-9 - A six goal run by the Eagles in the third quarter gave them the win. Scoring for East United-Eastridge (8-8) were Keenan Edwards (2g-3a), Ryan LaRose (4g), and Jahyden Maiorani (3g). Facing off for East United-Eastridge was Nkodia Ndongala with 10+/2- = 83% and in the goal for East United-Eastridge was Ronald Dietz with 7s/2ga = 78% (48 mins).

Scoring for Gates Chili (2-13) were senior midfielder Jory Knauf (1g), and freshman attackman Gianni Salandy (1g). In the goal for Gates Chili was junior Thomas Joseph Phelan with 15s/9ga = 63% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

RUSH-HENRIETTA-11 at HFL-15 - There were five ties in this close game that saw runs by both teams. The Cougars had a 2-1 lead after the first quarter and a 7-5 lead at the half. R-H picked up four goals in the third quarter which ended with the teams tied at 9-9. Rush took a two goal lead in the third quarter, but HFL came up with six goals in the final quarter for the win. In the contest between two of the best faceoff specialist Drew Angelo won 17+/12- and Mike Valent won 9+3-. Also facing off for R-H was Jackson Preston who went 3+/13-.

Leading the scoring for HFL (11-4) were Chase Perryman (3g-4a), Grady Goodberlet (3g-1a), and Patrick Donahoe (4g).

Fairport at McQuaidLeading the scoring for Rush-Henrietta (10-4) were Cody Coleman (2g-1a), Makai Hillmon (1g-2a), Jett Richardsen (2g-1a), Tyler Bernarduci (2g), and Preston Jackson (2g).  Facing off for Rush-Henrietta was senior Mike Valent with 9+/3- = 75%.    [ BOX SCORE

PENFIELD-11 at HILTON-8 - The Patriots took an early lead and never gave it back in this close game. Leading the scoring for Penfield (11-5) were Brodie Joyce (1g-4a), Ethan Hamilton (3g-1a), and Adam Schembri (2g). In the goal for Penfield was freshman Mason Schembri with 16s/8ga = 67% (48 mins).

Scoring for Hilton (8-8) were Aiden Cawley (5g), Chase Wilson (1g-1a), Colton Thorp (1g-1a), and Luke Schindler (1g). Facing off was Drew O`Buck with 7+/2- = 78% and in the goal was senior Jason Mosher with 17s/11ga = 61% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

Hilton vs Penfield

HAVERLING-4 at NEWARK-18 - Eleven different players scored goals for Newark (9-6) including Preston Steve (4g-7a), Sam Underhill (3g-1a), and Blake Steve (3g). In the goal for Newark Thomas Kirnie had 6s/3ga = 67% (24 mins), and sophomore Carter Bumpus had 4s/1ga = 80% (24 mins).

Scoring for Haverling (2-12) were freshman midfielder Zach Colegrove (1g-1a), sophomore offensiveman Gavin Price (1g-1a), freshman A/M Drew Spears (1g-0a), and junior attackman Connor Brundage (1g).    [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

Fairport at McQuaidBRIGHTON-14 at GENEVA-4 - The Bruins had a 5-1 lead at the half and then outscored the Panthers 9-3 in the second half. Leading the scoring for Brighton (9-7) were James Holbrough (5g-2a), Aksel Stanat (3g-1a), and Miles McGuire (3g) and sophomore face off midfielder Henry Werzinger scored his first Varsity goal and won 15+/4- = 79% at the faceoff X.

Scoring for Geneva (9-7) were Daniel Wright (1g-1a), Ryland Dunham (1g), Ryan Brown (1g), Jeremy Askin (1a), and Austin Moore (1g).    [ BOX SCORE

AQUINAS-10 at LANCASTER-6 - There were lots of highlights in the Aquinas win as Head Coach Terry Corcoran won his 50th game at Aquinas while Gio Valerie reached his 50th goal with his 2 goals (now 51g),Noah Olbrich reached his 50th assist with his 2 assists ( now 50g) and Jake Gibson reached his 100th save with his 25 saves (now 111svs). Leading the scoring for Aquinas (11-4) were Carter Wegman (2g-3a), Valerie (2g-2a), Olbrich (2g-2a), and Tano Auriuso (2g-1a). In the goal for Aquinas was freshman Jake Gibson with 25s/6ga = 81% (48 mins).  There was no information available for Lancaster (10-5) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Haverling  at NewarkCANANDAIGUA-3 at THOMAS-2 - Canandaigua, in yet another low scoring game was the 3-2 winner at Thomas as CA broke the series tied and now lead 11-10. Scoring for Canandaigua (12-4) were Mike Belles (1g-1a), Drew Williamee (1g-1a), Ryan Bremer (1g), and Braden Gioseffi (1a). In the goal Jack Faiola recorded 6s/2ga = 75% (48 mins).

Scoring for Thomas (6-10) were Jack Burns (1g-1a), and Joseph Tiberio (1g-1a) and in the goal for Thomas was senior Zachary Isaac with 6s/3ga = 67% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

BISHOP KEARNEY-13 at GANANDA-15 - There were three ties in the game and although Gananda led most of the game the scored was never very far apart. Leading the scoring for Gananda (9-7) were Cohyn Reisman (6g-1a), Jacob Michaels (3g-3a), Drew Smith (5g-1a), and Brayden Dohse (1g-3a).  There was no report from Bishop Kearney (2-5) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Fairport at McQuaidMIDLAKES-RED JACKET-0 at WAYNE-18 - Wayne (12-4) extended their winning streak to 10 wins as eleven different players scored goals including Nate Michel (3g-2a), Mason Michel (3g-1a), and Louis Profetta (1g-2a). Freshmen Hank Smith,  Nick Caine, Tucker Eaton and Emmett Haak each scored their first Varsity goals. There was no report from Midlakes-Red Jacket (3-13) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE-20 at WATKINS GLEN-1 - Eleven different players scored goals for Bloomfield-Honeoye (5-10) including John Blair (5g-4a), Jonathan Nelson (4g-3a), and Tyler Bruder (1g-2a). Facing off for Bloomfield-Honeoye was sophomore Cody Whittaker with 15+/6- = 71% and in the goal for Bloomfield-Honeoye was sophomore Ethan Stoddard with 5s/1ga = 83% (24 mins), and junior Taylor Jungermann with 1s/0ga = 100% (24 mins).  There was no information available for Watkins Glen at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

BATAVIA-NOTRE DAME-1 at MARCUS WHITMAN-16 - The Wildcats scored twelve unanswered goals in the first half. Leading the scoring for Marcus Whitman (9-7) were Connor Gorton (3g-4a), Logan Storms (1g-2a), Tyler Tiffany (3a), Rylan Weissinger (2g-1a), and Teague Gallogly (2g-0a). Junior midfielder Ethan MacLennan and freshman attackman Ayden Clark scored their first Varsity goals in the game.Facing off for Marcus Whitman was junior Jullien Cokely with 13+/3- = 81%. In the goal for Marcus Whitman was senior Blake Dunton with 5s/1ga = 83% (48 mins).

Scoring for Batavia-Notre Dame (1-14) were Quintin Cummings (1g), and Cooper Hamilton (1a).    [ BOX SCORE

Fairport at McQuaidLIVONIA-AVON-2 at PENN YAN-14 - Seven different players scored goals for Penn Yan in this game that saw senior Carter Earl and seventh grader Greyson Hathaway combined to win 18-20 faceoffs. Leading the scoring for Penn Yan (8-7) were Braden Fingar (3g-1a), Teagan Fingar (1g-3a), Tukker Fisher (1g-2a), Earl (3g),Bryant VanHousen (2g-1a), and Frank Ochoa (2g). In the goal for Penn Yan sophomore Will Thompson made 3s/1ga = 75% (44 mins).

Scoring for Livonia-Avon (8-8) were Max McEnerney (1g), and Jackson McEnerney (1g).    [ BOX SCORE

CHURCHVILLE-CHILI-9 at GREECE STORM-8 - There were five ties in this game which was won in the first quarter when the Saints had a 4-3 advantage. The teams then matched each other for the next three quarters. Dominic Hoch scored the game winner with 2:34 left in the game. Leading the scoring for Churchville-Chili (3-12) were Colin Duncan (2g-4a), Hoch (3g), Jaxon Leonard (3a), and Max McKay (1g-1a). Facing off for Churchville-Chili was Brock Osborne with 11+/8- = 58%. In the goal for Churchville-Chili was senior Bradley Shaw with 11s/8ga = 58% (48 mins).

Scoring for Greece Storm (6-9) were Matthew Ranalletta (1g-2a), Andrew Hill (2g), Aiden Early (2g), James Maccallini (2g-0a), and Noah Kozak (1g-0a). In the goal for Greece Storm was junior Jonathan Bucciarelli with 17s/9ga = 65% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE