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Tuesday: Coach Whipple Wins 225th Game

DAY IN REVIEW: TUESDAY - There were fourteen games played and it was the last game of the regular season for some teams. The Blue Panthers held off a fourth quarter surge by the Pride and held on for the 13-12 win. Aquinas, likewise held off a last quarter surge by the Lakers, winning 12-10 and locking up the GRALL title. Thomas won the battle at Webster and Penn Yan had a shutout against Clarence.

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaFAIRPORT-6 at PENFIELD-10 - Five goals by the Patriots in the second quarter made the difference. Leading the scoring for Penfield (10-5) were Ethan Hamilton (4g-1a), Ethan Aust (3g), and Adam Schembri (2a). Benjamin Blair faced off for Penfield and won 9+/8- = 53%. In the goal for Penfield was freshman Mason Schembri with 15s/6ga = 71% (48 mins). He reached his 100th save (now 104s). Penfield finished their regular season at Hilton on Thursday.

Scoring for Fairport (6-9) were Mitchell Monte (2g-1a), Jack DuBose (1g-1a), Alex Goldan (1g-1a), Ryan Pedro (1g), and Sam Pucci (1g-0a). The Red Raiders finish their regular season at McQuaid on Thursday.   [ BOX SCORE

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaBRIGHTON-13 at CHURCHVILLE-CHILI-7 - A six goal third quarter helped the Bruins in the win on the road. Leading the scoring for Brighton (8-7) were freshman attackman James Holbrough (5g-1a), and junior attackman Aksel Stanat (5g). Stanat posted his 50th goal in the game (now 50g). Facing off for Brighton was sophomore Henry Werzinger with 8+/5- = 62%, and freshman Gavin Hayslip with 6+/4- = 60%. In the goal for Brighton was junior Thomas D`Angelo with 10s/7ga = 59% (48 mins).

Leading the scoring for Churchville-Chili (2-12) were junior attackman Colin Duncan (2g-2a), junior midfielder Cameron Gefell (1g-1a), sophomore midfielder Matthew Mitchell (2g-0a), freshman attackman Jaxon Leonard (1g-1a), and senior face off midfielder Brock Osborne (1g-1a). Facing off for Churchville-Chili was sophomore Brayden Hoak with 1+/0- = 100% and senior Camron Taylor with 1+/0- = 100%.    [ BOX SCORE

IRONDEQUOIT-16 at EAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-3 - The Eagles finished their regular season with a win that saw eleven different players scored goals include three players who scored their first Varsity goal. Owen Donovan, Kenyen Lovette, and Will Matuska each scored one goal while Aidan Greco (1g-5a), Dan Buckley (2g-3a), and Cooper Moore (3g-1a) were among the scoring leaders. Facing off for Irondequoit was Jonah Carrier with 12+/4- = 75% who won his 400th faceoff, and senior Billy Pusey who won 7+/0- = 100%. In the goal for Irondequoit (9-7) was senior Nick Lepiane with 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins), and sophomore Sven Habitzreuther with 3s/2ga = 60% (24 mins).

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaScoring for East United-Eastridge (7-8) were Ryan LaRose (2g-1a), and Jahyden Maiorani (1g-2a). In the goal for East United-Eastridge was junior Ronald Dietz with 13s/10ga = 57% (24 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

GENEVA-13 at MYNDERSE-1 - Seven different players scored goals for Geneva (9-6) including Max Heieck (4g-1a), Ryland Dunham (2g-2a), Daniel Wright (1g-3a), and Ryan Brown (3g). Jeremy Askin won 13+/5- = 72% faceoffs and in the goal Paul Williams had 7s/1ga = 88% (48 mins). Geneva will finish their regular season hosting Brighton on Thursday.

Scoring for Mynderse were Lucas Stevers (1g), and Griffin Hilimire (1a). The Blue Devils finish their regular season at (10-6) and will wait until the end of the week to see where they will be seeded.     [ BOX SCORE

WAYNE-14 at NEWARK-3 - Wayne extended their winning streak to 9 wins as seven different players scored goals for the Eagles. Leading the scoring for Wayne (11-4) were PJ Ostrowski (4g), Alex Garrow (3g-1a), Nate Michel (1g-3a), and Mason Michel (3g-1a). In the goal for Wayne was senior Dylan Coene with 3s/0ga = 100% (24 mins). Wayne fishes their regular season when they host Midlakes-Red Jacket on Thursday.

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaScoring for Newark (8-6) were Preston Steve (2a), Blake Steve (1g), Jream Brown (1g), Sam Underhill (1g), and Devon Bulman (1a). In the goal for Newark was sophomore Carter Bumpus with 4s/0ga = 100% (12 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

MARCUS WHITMAN-3 at PAL-MAC-10 - The Red Raider led 8-1 at the half. Leading the scoring for Pal-Mac (12-3) were Mike Halsey (4g-3a), Keagan Hoesterey (3g-1a), and Devon McKoy (1g). Facing off for Pal-Mac was Luke VanGorden with 13+/4- = 76% and in the goal for Pal-Mac was Peyton Lich with 10s/3ga = 77% (48 mins). Pal-Mac ends their regular season at Fulton on Saturday.

Scoring for Marcus Whitman (8-7) were Brody Royston (1g-1a), Logan Storms (1g), Tariku Blueye (1a), and Rylan Weissinger (1g). In the goal for Marcus Whitman was senior Blake Dunton with 20s/10ga = 67% (48 mins).  The Wildcats finished their regular season hosting Batavia-ND on Thursday   [ BOX SCORE

PITTSFORD-12 at RUSH-HENRIETTA-7 - Head Coach Andrew Whipple won his 225th game for the Panthers, who led at the half 9-2. Leading the scoring were Rex Kesselring (1g-2a), Ian Erskine (3g), Charlie Ryan (2g-1a), Jackson Green (1g-1a), Ben Steingass (1g-1a), and Avery Valenti (2g-0a). Pittsford finished their regular season at 14-2 and will wait to see their Class A seeding this weekend.

Andrew WhippleScoring for Rush-Henrietta (10-3) were Jett Richardsen (1g-1a), Mike Valent (2g), Tyler Bernarduci (1g), Makai Hillmon (1g), Hayden Hobbs (1g), and Preston Jackson (1g). Facing off for Rush-Henrietta was senior Mike Valent with 17+/5- = 77%. Rush-Henrietta has their last game of the regular season at HFL on Thursday.  [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

GATES CHILI-3 at SPENCERPORT-14 - Eight different players scored goals for Spencerport (11-4), including Cameron Mesh (4g), Jayden Rodriguez (2g-2a), Trevor Lewis (2g-1a), Jayden Mandarano (2g-1a), and Zach Tortora (1g-1a). Facing off for Spencerport was Cameron Mesh with 11+/0- = 100%, Trevor Lewis with 1+/0- = 100%, and Zachary Ajavananda with 6+/0- = 100%.. The Rangers finish their regular season at Corning on Friday.

Leading the scoring for Gates Chili (2-12) were senior midfielder Jory Knauf (1g-0a), senior midfielder Giovanni Buonomo (1g-0a), and junior defenseman Jonathan Vance (1g-0a). Next up for the Spartans is at East United-Eastridge on Thursday.   [ BOX SCORE

THOMAS-13 at SCHROEDER-3 - Seven different players scored goals for Thomas (6-9) including Nicolas Ange (4g-1a), Jack Burns (2g-2a), and Jagger Altieri (2g-1a). In the goal for Thomas was senior Zachary Isaac with 13s/3ga = 81% (43 mins), and freshman Joshua Jobson with 1s/0ga = 100% (5 mins). Thoams finishes their regular season hosting Canandaigua on Thursday.

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaScoring for Schroeder were Garrett Conger (2g), Nate Schilling (1g-1a), and Colton Ugine (2a). The Warriors finish their regular season at (6-10).    [ BOX SCORE

AQUINAS-12 at LIVONIA-AVON-10 - After a 2-2 first quarter, Aquinas scored four more and led at the half 6-4. AT the end of the third quarter AQ led 9-5, but a five goal surge by the lakers took them close, but not close enough as AQ held on for the win. Scoring for Aquinas (10-4) were Jake Guggino (3g), Tano Auriuso (2g-1a), Gio Valerie (2g-1a), Noah Olbrich (2g), Drew Eddy (2g), and junior defenseman Jack Schimmel (1g) who scored his first Varsity goal for Aquinas. AQ finished their regular season at Lancaster on Thursday.

Scoring for Livonia-Avon (8-7) were Christian Rumfola (5g-2a), Max McEnerney (1g-1a), Jackson McEnerney (2g), and A.J. Peri (2g). Facing off for Livonia-Avon was sophomore Joey Cinquino with 18+/8- = 69%. The Lakers finish their regular season at Penn Yan on Thursday.   [ BOX SCORE

BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE-12 at GANANDA-13 - In a close and exciting game with three early ties. When Jase Smith scored at 9:20 in the third, the Blue Panthers took the lead and held on for the win. With the score 13-10 with 4:22 left in regulation, The Pride scored two goals in under two minutes, but ran out of time. Leading the scoring for Gananda (8-7) were Drew Smith (5g-2a), Cohyn Reisman (5g-1a), and Brayden Dohse (1g-2a). The Blue Panthers will finish the regular season hosting Bishop Kearney on Thursday.

Leading the scoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye (4-10) were Liam Roach (6g), Jonathan Nelson (2g-3a), and John Blair (1g-3a). Facing off for Bloomfield-Honeoye was sophomore Cody Whittaker with 13+/10- = 57%.    [ BOX SCORE

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaCLARENCE-0 at PENN YAN-6 - Penn Yan sophomore goalie Will Thompson had 3s/0ga = 100% (46 mins), and freshman Aiden Griffiths with 1s/0ga = 100% (2 mins) for the shutout. Scoring for Penn Yan (7-7) were Carter Earl (1g-2a), Teagan Fingar (1g-2a), Tukker Fisher (1g-1a), Frank Ochoa (1g-1a), and Caden Dixon (2g). There was no information available for Clarence (8-8) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

HAVERLING-6 at BISHOP KEARNEY-20 - The Kings led 11-5 at the half. Scoring for Haverling (2-11) were Connor Brundage (2g-1a), Gavin Price (3a), Maclain Wright (2g), Zach Colegrove (2a), and Drew Spears (1g). Haverling is at Newark on Thursday. There was no report from Bishop Kearney (2-4) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

Pittsford at Rush-HenriettaHILTON-8 at VICTOR-13 - The Blue Devils led 9-1 at the half and with the score 12-4 in the fourth, the Cadets scored four goals in a row to get the score closer. Junior attackman Jack Herendeen reached his 50th goal and Senior attackman Pax Marshall reached his 100th goal in the game. Also making the scorebook for the Blue Devils were Thomas Gravino (3g-2a), Sam Gotham (2g-2a), and Pax Marshall (3g-1a). Facing off for Victor was senior Sam Ricci with 16+/9- = 64% and in the goal for Victor was senior Brady Robinson with 3s/1ga = 75% (24 mins). Victor finishes their regular season at (14-2).

Scoring for Hilton (8-7) were Aiden Cawley (6g-1a), Luke Schindler (1g), Braydon Pike (1g), and Karl Khuns (1a). In the goal for Hilton was senior Jason Mosher with 20s/13ga = 61% (48 mins). Hilton will host Penfield on Thursday to end their regular season.     [ BOX SCORE