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Thursday: Fairport and Penfield in One Goal Wins

DAY IN REVIEW: THURSDAY - Both Fairport and Penfield won their games by one goal. Mynderse defeated the Pride 9-6 and the rest were mismatches. Hilton (8-6) defeated HFL (10-3) with a score of 15-8 and Wayne defeated Pal-Mac 13-12.

EU-E at Bat-NDFAIRPORT-8 at PENN YAN-7 - In a very tight match with six ties, Fairport's Bobby Cameron scored the winning goal on a pass from Alex Goldan with seven seconds left on the clock. Tied at 6-6 with 3:33 left in regulation, Fairport scored at 1:56, but the Mustangs came right back scored at 1:31. Scoring for Fairport (6-8) were Mitchell Monte (4g), Alex Goldan (1g-3a), Bobby Cameron (1g-1a), and Jack DuBose (2g). Facing off for Fairport was freshman Corey Roeser with 16+/3- = 84%. His face offs gave the Red Raiders a great deal of ball-time.

Scoring for Penn Yan (6-6) were Carter Earl (2g-1a), Braden Fingar (1g-1a), Frank Ochoa (2g), Teagan Fingar (2a), and Caden Dixon (1g). In the goal for Penn Yan was Will Thompson who recorded 14s/8ga = 64% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery. There is also another photo gallery for this game.

EU-E at Bat-NDEAST UNITED-EASTRIDGE-4 at CHURCHVILLE-CHILI-14 - Seven different players scored goals for Churchville-Chili including freshman Jaxon Leonard who earned his 100th varsity point in the game. Others scoring for Churchville-Chili (2-10) were Dominic Hoch (3g-1a), Colin Duncan (2g-2a), Jaxon Leonard (2g-2a), Sean Levey (2g-1a), and Cameron Gefell (2g). In the goal for Churchville-Chili was sophomore Beckham Clancy with 4s/1ga = 80% (24 mins).  There was no report from East United-Eastridge (7-7) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

HFL-8 at HILTON-15 - The Cadets went right to work with four goals in the first quarter and taking a 6-2 lead at the half. The Cougars took the third quarter 3-2, but Hilton came back with seven goals in the fourth quarter, including three in just under three minutes. Scoring for Hilton (8-6) were Aiden Cawley (5g-1a), Nicholas Fede (2g), Chase Wilson (2g), Robert Taddeo (2g), Colton Thorp (2g), Andrew Ward (1g-1a), and Braydon Pike (1g). In the goal for Hilton Jason Mosher had 11s/5ga = 69% (44 mins).

EU-E at Bat-NDLeading the scoring for HFL (10-3) were Chase Perryman (2g-2a), Quinn Kailbourne (2g), and Mathew Brassie (2g. Facing off for HFL, Drew Angelo won 17+/9- = 65% and reached his 700th Varsity win (now 701 wins).    [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDSPENCERPORT-6 at IRONDEQUOIT-13 - The Eagles scored three goals in the first and six goals in the the second quarter before taking their foot off the pedal in the second half. Leading the scoring for Irondequoit (8-6) were Cooper Moore (7g-1a), Aidan Greco (2g-1a), and Jack Donovan (1g-1a). Facing off for Irondequoit was junior Jonah Carrier with 16+/6- = 73%.

Scoring for Spencerport (9-4) were Jayden Rodriguez (2g-2a), Trevor Lewis (2g-1a),Cameron Mesh (1g), John Choate (1a), and Zach Tortora (1g-1a). Junior goalie Taylor Kaye reached his 200th save in the game.      [ BOX SCORE]   - - More images in the photo gallery.

MYNDERSE-9 at BLOOMFIELD-HONEOYE-6 - In this close game at Bloomfield, the Blue Devils outscored the Pride 5-1 in the third quarter which made the difference. Leading the scoring for Mynderse (8-5) were Dylan Tandle (4g), Mason Buckley (3a), and Anthony Luffman (1g-1a). Junior defenseman Isaac Pundt scored his first Varsity goal in the game while in the goal Logan Pettingil recorded 12s/6ga = 67% (48 mins).

Spencerport at IrondequoitScoring for Bloomfield-Honeoye (4-8) were Liam Roach (2g-2a), Caleb Beadnell (1g), John Blair (1g), Jonathan Nelson (1g), Luke Armstrong (1g), and Tyler Bruder (1a). Facing off for Bloomfield-Honeoye, Cody Whittaker won 12+/6- = 67% and in the goal Ethan Stoddard made 17s/9ga = 65% (48 mins).     [ BOX SCORE

PAL-MAC-12 at WAYNE-13 - After the Eagles posted a 9-5 half, the Red Raiders clawed back outscoring Wayne 7-4 in the second but fell short. Wayne (9-4) extended their winning streak to seven wins. Leading the scoring for Wayne were Alex Garrow (3g-2a), Nate Michel (1g-3a), and Louis Profetta (3g).  There was no report from Pal-Mac (11-3) at post-time.    [ BOX SCORE

EU-E at Bat-NDGREECE STORM-2 at RUSH-HENRIETTA-15 - Rush-Henrietta extended their winning streak to 9 wins (10-2) as eight different players scored goals including senior defenseman Branden Scott and freshman defenseman Dominic Mariano who scored their first Varsity goal in the game. Junior attackman Cody Coleman (1g-2a) reached his 50th goal as did senior A/M Makai Hillmon (4g-1a). Jett Richardsen (2g-1a), and Hayden Hobbs (1g-1a) also made the book. Mike Valent with 18+/0- = 100% and reached his 700th faceoff win (now 709 wins). Goalie Connor Newberry recorded 12s/2ga = 86% (48 mins) for the Royal Comets who will host Pittsford on Tuesday.

Scoring for Greece Storm (5-7) were Aiden Early (1a), James Maccallini (1g), and Andrew Hill (1g-0a).    [ BOX SCORE

THOMAS-8 at PENFIELD-9 - The patriots took control early in the game and led 7-3 at the half, but they let the Titans back in as they scored five second half goals but fell short. With the score 9-6 Jagger Altieri (2g) scored at 2:16 and then at 1:37 Brett Mersdorf (1g) scored an unassisted goal to take the score to 9-8. 

EU-E at Bat-NDLeading the scoring for Penfield (9-5) were Ethan Aust (1g-2a), Ethan Hamilton (3g), Sam Lublin (2g), Derek Torres (1g-1a), and Brodie Joyce (2a). In the goal for Penfield was freshman Mason Schembri with 10s/8ga = 56% (48 mins).

Leading the scoring for Thomas (5-9) were Michael Dowden (2g-2a), Nicolas Ange (1g-1a), Jack Burns (1g-1a), and Jagger Altieri (2g).    [ BOX SCORE

LIVONIA-AVON-21 at HAVERLING-4 - Nine different players scored goals for Livonia-Avon including sophomore midfielders Jacob Dupont and Jayden Cauwels who scored their first Varsity goals. Leading the scoring for Livonia-Avon (7-6) were Tanner Gray (3g-3a), Jackson McEnerney (4g-2a), Christian Rumfola (3g-2a), and Max McEnerney (4g). Facing off for Livonia-Avon was sophomore Joey Cinquino with 18+/0- = 100%, and junior Owen Weterrings with 11+/0- = 100%. Cinguino reached his 100th faceoff win (now 110 wins). In the goal for Livonia-Avon was Colin Ellsworth with 1s/0ga = 100% (12 mins), and Colton Rose with 4s/2ga = 67% (16 mins).

Scoring for Haverling (2-10) were Zach Colegrove (2g-1a), Gavin Price (1g-2a), and Connor Brundage (1g). The Rams are at Bishop Kearney on Tuesday.    [ BOX SCORE