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GVLOA Honors Team Sportsmanship

The Genesee Valley Lacrosse Officials Association (GVLOA) handed out their annual Steven R. Morgan Sportsmanship Awards to one team in each Class.

The award is giving to a team that exemplifies sportsmanship at the coaches’ level, the players level, and the fans level.  Officials vote after every game by the men at the game.

The Class A award was given to Fairport and Head Coaches Mike Torrelli. The Class B award was given to Gates Chili and Head Coach Cam Gormel (second year in a row). The Class C award was given to Honeoye Falls-Lima and Head Coach Jack Beaney and the Class D award was given to Gananda and Head Coach Joe Sidari and senior defenseman Justen Moskal.

GVLOA Sportsmanship

GVLOA Sportsmanship