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Catching Up: Sweetlax Summer Tournament

SweetlaxThe June Sweetlax Summer Invitational was their most successful event to date as they hosted 83 teams represented by 31 different Clubs from the Northeast, Midwest, South, and even Canada. With over 140 College Coaches checking in over the weekend, there was no shortage of opportunities for exposure for the players that participated.

The event brings over 1,000 hotel rooms into the local community and helps showcase what the Rochester area has to offer in the Summer. Families attending the tournament speak on how much they enjoy the Jazz Festival, the Finger Lakes Region, and the beautiful weather that the area features. The tournament hosted High School Juniors down to 7th graders, and was played across five locations throughout Pittsford. They received countless compliments on the fields that were used for the event, and Sweetlax felt extremely lucky to have access to top-notch facilities in the Pittsford School District. 

SweetlaxThe Sweetlax Summer Showcase is an individual event that runs the day before the Invitational starts. Almost 300 players from across the country, and even England, attended this year's Showcase at Nazareth College. The facilities were of the highest quality. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are randomly placed on Showcase teams within their graduation year and assigned three College Coaches from all NCAA Divisions. This year's Showcase saw just under 100 College Coaches sign in and the sidelines were full of Coaches recruiting at the event. Each player has three games to showcase their skills and earn their shot to be recruited to play at the next level. The combination of facilities, weather, and quality of play/coaching were on full display for there most successful Sweetlax Summer Showcase yet.

Videos have ben posted to the Sweetlax channel: and  

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