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Hilton wins a Thriller at Brighton

Hilton stayed close the entire game and didn't take their first lead until 4:02 left in the game as they won a 12-11 at Brighton. Their strong win was on the backs of Cole Loweke (2g-2a) and Matthew Mojsej (2g-3a). Brighton's stand-out performance was from Sam Tourangeau at the draw (20/25) and on offense (2g-2a). Scoring was led by Olin Stanat with 3g-3a for the Bruins.

Hilton at BrightonBrighton got the board first with an unassisted goal from Olin Stanat. The senior attackman started his drive from behind the cage. He came high and wide working into the defense. He backed his way to within 10 yards and turned into a low shot with 9:30 left in the first quarter. Thirteen seconds later Brighton scored their second goal when Sam Tourangeau won the draw himself and took it straight to the cage to give the Bruins a 2-0 lead. After a little more back and forth, Brighton struck again. Stanat, still working from the x, looked inside to TJ Carl on the crease. Carl, who had to do some impressive gymnastics to make the catch, grabbed the ball while falling five yards out from the crease and tipped it into the net.

Hilton got on the board less than 30 seconds later. Senior midfielder Kyle Jensen and Matthew Mojsej combined with a drive by Mojsej and a shot from the top right corner. After drawing the defenseman, he crossed to Jensen who took a high outside shot that connected into the corner. The final goal of the first half came with Joey DiMaria driving in from the left flank. After an early slide from the Bruins, he was left with only the secondary slide covering him. He drove hard to the cage and took the score to within one at the end of the first quarter (3-2 Brighton).

Hilton at BrightonHilton kept up their scoring and tied the game just over a minute into the second quarter. The Cadet's goal was the second of the night from Tourangeau. This time it was an outside shot from the top left. The teams battled back and forth for a few minutes before Brighton broke the three-goal streak from the Cadets. Stanat scored his second of the game after receiving an inside feed from Carl. Carl came around from the back left of the cage to draw the defense. However, Hilton kept up the pressure and tied up the game than a minute later. Keagan Grim scored with an outside shot from the middle to tie the game at 4-4.

Brighton slowed down the pace a little and passed a few times around the outside. As they came around behind the cage, the pace of the passes picked up and in quick succession moved the ball from the back to the top. Sophomore attackman Jeff Richardson started the movement with a half drive from the back left, he then dumped the ball to the flank, then the top and then back to Richardson as he continued the cut. He caught the ball on the crease with almost no contestation from the Hilton defense. With 5:04 left on the clock, Brighton led 5-4 but the lead only lasted a few minutes before Hilton tied the game yet again. Cole Loweke came around from behind the cage and fed the ball into senior Brendon Bostley from the top. Bostley quick shot the ball into the top shelf and set the game at 5-5.

Brighton's Carl Oberst scored next with a single drive from the top and that was followed by another drive from Loweke. Once again, he started from behind the net, but this time finished himself without the inside feed. After the pair, the game was once again tied 6-6 and the game headed into halftime.

Hilton at BrightonBrighton came out of halftime with a surge of energy. They scored three goals in under ninety seconds. The first goal began with back-to-back drives by Stanat. Hilton came into the second half with a much closer man-to-man defense. Stanat pulled his defenseman way back into the corner and beat him on the drive. The slide came from a distance (covering Carl) and beat him too. When the secondary slide came (again from Carl), it left him open on the right flank. Carl grabbed the feed and finished into the back of the net. The second goal was eight seconds later and came with another face-off fast-break by Tourangeau. He grabbed his own loose ball and took it straight to the net. The third goal of the streak was another from Carl. Without taking a step, he drove it into the upper corner to put the Bruins up 9-6 with 10:49 left on the clock.

Hilton ended the streak at 2:01 into the quarter with a fast-break goal from Grim. After a few more back and forth attempts, Hilton scored again. The play started with Hilton #1 driving from behind the cage. He was stopped by the short-stick defenseman and passed off to Mojsej who looked to drive causing a slide which left Jonathan Englert open on the crease. He finished with a turning shot to pull back within one (9-8 Brighton). With 4:43 remaining in the quarter, Hilton once again tied the game. Mojsej scored from the top center with a pass from Jensen. The quarter ended as it began with the teams tied, this time at 9-9.

Hilton at BrightonBrighton once again struck first in the final quarter. Stanat scored his third of the night with a cut along the left goal line and a feed from the top. Tourangeau drove from the middle and after beating his defenseman, passed off to the crease where Stanat was waiting. The Cadets kept up the pressure and kept the game close. Loweke drove from behind the cage with 8:21 left to give Hilton their 10th goal. With 4:02 remaining in the game, Hilton took their first lead. Mojsej grabbed a loose ball and capitalized with a short drive down the middle and a long-range shot. Brighton won the next draw but failed to capitalize and Hilton was back on offense. The Cadets increased their lead to two after a pass from the high right to the right flank. Hilton #1 scored his second goal of the night with a feed from Mojsej.

Brighton continued with their face-off domination and had another attempt at the goal. However, once again the Hilton defense stripped the ball and looked to clear. After a failed clear, Brighton had the ball back and called timeout. After the restart, Brighton ran a play and Stanant drove from the right. He then looked inside and found Liam McGuire open on the crease. Brighton won the ensuing face-off and once again called time out. With only 1:10 left on the clock, the Bruins had one more shot at the cage. However, the Cadet defense proved too strong and after a crease violation, the Cadets got the ball back. They cleared it and using a timeout to keep possession ran out the clock to give them the one goal win.

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