Finger Lakes Awards for 2024

- Finger LakesThe Head Coaches from the Finger Lakes met at the end of the season and determined their awards for 2024.

The Finger Lakes West Player of the Year was Griffin Hillimire (Mynderse).  Tarikue Blueye (Marcus Whitman) was the Attackman of the Year, Melkamu Blueye (Marcus Whitman) was named Midfielder of the Year, and Issac Pundt (Mynderse) was the Defenseman of the Year. Kaiden Larsen (Midlakes-Red Jacket) was selected as Goalie on the Year. Connor Gorton (Marcus Whitman), was selected as the nominee for the Bob Scott Award.

The Finger Lakes East Player of the Year was Keagan Hoesterey (Pal-Mac). Max Heieck (Geneva) was selected Attackman of the Year, Alex Garrow (Wayne) was selected as Midfielder of the Year and Owen Weterings was picked as Defenseman of the Year. Peyton Lich (Pal-Mac) was selected as the Goalie of the Year.

Alex Garrow (Wayne), was selected as the nominee for the Bob Scott Award.

The Finger Lakes Coaches of the Year were Joe Hill (Pal-Mac - East) and Joe Caraher (Mynders - West). The Assistant Coaches of the Year were Ryan Knope (Wayne - East) and  Martin Williz (Bloomfield-Honeoye - West). The Persons of the Year were Derek Lich (East) and Jake Korneau (West).

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League Awards for Finger Lakes West

1st Team Attack
 Blair, JohnBloomfield-Honeoye1st Team Attack 11
 Brady, JackMynderse1st Team Attack 11
 Lathrop, NateMidlakes-Red Jacket1st Team Attack 10
 Michaels, JacobGananda1st Team Attack 12
1st Team Defense
 Prendergast, MylesMarcus Whitman1st Team Defense 11
 Smith, JWMidlakes-Red Jacket1st Team Defense 11
 Thomas, MichaelBloomfield-Honeoye1st Team Defense 11
1st Team FO Midfield
 Love, PhillipMynderse1st Team FO Midfield 12
1st Team Goalie
 Pettingil, LoganMynderse1st Team Goalie 12
1st Team LSM Midfield
 Mahoney, MatthewMynderse1st Team LSM Midfield 12
1st Team Midfield
 Nelson, JonathanBloomfield-Honeoye1st Team Midfield 12
 Sprague, JamesMidlakes-Red Jacket1st Team Midfield 09
 Tandle, DylanMynderse1st Team Midfield 12
1st Team SSDM Midfield
 Lewis, DomBloomfield-Honeoye1st Team SSDM Midfield 11
2nd Team Attack
 Quku, StuartMidlakes-Red Jacket2nd Team Attack 10
 Roach, LiamBloomfield-Honeoye2nd Team Attack 12
 Stevers, LucasMynderse2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Kestler, HarryMarcus Whitman2nd Team Defense 12
 Ticconi, KarterMynderse2nd Team Defense 12
 Tripp, ConnerMidlakes-Red Jacket2nd Team Defense 11
2nd Team FO Midfield
 Galka, AlexGananda2nd Team FO Midfield 11
2nd Team Goalie
 Stoddard, EthanBloomfield-Honeoye2nd Team Goalie 11
2nd Team LSM Midfield
 Sherman, HenryBloomfield-Honeoye2nd Team LSM Midfield 10
2nd Team Midfield
 Baldwin, BrendanMidlakes-Red Jacket2nd Team Midfield 10
 Bruder, TylerBloomfield-Honeoye2nd Team Midfield 11
 Whittaker, CodyBloomfield-Honeoye2nd Team Midfield 11
2nd Team SSDM Midfield
 Caviness, BraedenGananda2nd Team SSDM Midfield 11
3rd Team Attack
 Beadnell, CalebBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Attack 10
 Clark, AydenMarcus Whitman3rd Team Attack 10
 Smith, JaseGananda3rd Team Attack 11
3rd Team Defense
 Ayers, JasonBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Defense 10
 Flemming, EionMynderse3rd Team Defense 11
 Higgins, OwenBloomfield-Honeoye3rd Team Defense 10
3rd Team FO Midfield
 Montoney, CarsonMynderse3rd Team FO Midfield 12
3rd Team Goalie
 Falso, NickGananda3rd Team Goalie 10
3rd Team LSM Midfield
 Vansavage, DukeMidlakes-Red Jacket3rd Team LSM Midfield 9
3rd Team Midfield
 Dohse, BraydenGananda3rd Team Midfield 12
 Fitzgerald, ChaseMynderse3rd Team Midfield 12
 Storms, LoganMarcus Whitman3rd Team Midfield 11



Final League Standings/Awards
 TEAMLeague1st 2nd3rd/HM TOT
1. Mynderse5-452310
2. Marcus Whitman5-61124
3. Bloomfield-Honeoye4-745312
4. Midlakes-Red Jacket1-83418
5. Gananda0-91236
  TOTAL AWARDS14141240