Monroe County Awards for 2023

- MC PatchThe Monroe County Division 1 Player of the Year was Mike Valent (Rush-Henrietta). Cameron Mesh (Spencerport) was the Division 2 Player of the Year and Jack Faiola (Canandaigua) was Division 3 Player of the Year. Nominees for the Bob Scott Award were Keenan Edwards (East United-Eastridge), Drew Pagano (Schroeder) and Jason Mosher (Hilton).

The Monroe County Coaches of the Year were Bill Buttaro (Spencerport - MC2), Dan Stone (Victor - MC1), and London Booker (East United-Eastridge) and Eric Goodberlet (HFL) from MC3.

Monroe County Coach of the Year was Bill Buttaro (Spencerport). Keenan Edwards (East United-Eastridge) moves forward as the Monroe County nominee for the Bob Scott Award.

Assistant Coaches of the Year were Mark Foeder (Victor) and Matt Gold (Pittsford) from MC1, Marco DeBole (Brighton) from MC2, and Jim Tilotson (East United-Eastridge) and John Herriman (Canandaigua from MC3.

Links to the Monroe County Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 lists. 

League Awards for Monroe County - D3

1st Team Attack
 Moore, CooperIrondequoit1st Team Attack 09
 Perryman, ChaseHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Attack 11
 Williamee, DrewCanandaigua1st Team Attack 10
1st Team Defense
 Cook, BenHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Defense 11
 Gullace, DomCanandaigua1st Team Defense 11
1st Team FO Specialist
 Angelo, DrewHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team FO Specialist 11
 Carrier, JonahIrondequoit1st Team FO Specialist 11
1st Team Goalie
 Faiola, JackCanandaigua1st Team Goalie 12
1st Team LSM
 Smith, OwenHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team LSM 11
1st Team Midfield
 Donahoe, PatrickHoneoye Falls-Lima1st Team Midfield 11
 Greco, AidanIrondequoit1st Team Midfield 12
 Rheude, AlexCanandaigua1st Team Midfield 11
1st Team SS-DM
 Edwards, KeenanEast United-Eastridge1st Team SS-DM 12
2nd Team Attack
 Brassie, MathewHoneoye Falls-Lima2nd Team Attack 10
 Olvany, SeanCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 11
 Sheridan, NateCanandaigua2nd Team Attack 12
2nd Team Defense
 Murphy, AndrewCanandaigua2nd Team Defense 11
 Sherman, AlexIrondequoit2nd Team Defense 10
2nd Team FO Specialist
 Ndongala, NkodiaEast United-Eastridge2nd Team FO Specialist 11
2nd Team Goalie
 Bucciarelli, JonathanGreece Storm2nd Team Goalie 11
 Lepiane, NickIrondequoit2nd Team Goalie 12
2nd Team LSM
 Nugent, BradyGreece Storm2nd Team LSM 11
2nd Team Midfield
 Bigham, AndreIrondequoit2nd Team Midfield 12
 Gioseffi, BradenCanandaigua2nd Team Midfield 11
 Ranalletta, MatthewGreece Storm2nd Team Midfield 12
2nd Team SS-DM
 Nolan, JordanIrondequoit2nd Team SS-DM 11
Honorable Mention A/M
 Buckley, DanIrondequoitHonorable Mention A/M 12
Honorable Mention Attack
 Grisdale, OliverIrondequoitHonorable Mention Attack 11
 LaRose, RyanEast United-EastridgeHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Maiorani, JahydenEast United-EastridgeHonorable Mention Attack 08
 Trybuskiewicz, BraydnHoneoye Falls-LimaHonorable Mention Attack 12
Honorable Mention Defense
 Bonazza, ZachEast United-EastridgeHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Miller, CamIrondequoitHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Patrei, JakeGreece StormHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Peinkofer, GrantHoneoye Falls-LimaHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Rheude, WillCanandaiguaHonorable Mention Defense 10
Honorable Mention FO Specialist
 DePew, MasonCanandaiguaHonorable Mention FO Specialist 10
Honorable Mention Goalie
 Dietz, RonaldEast United-EastridgeHonorable Mention Goalie 11
Honorable Mention LSM
 Urlacher, DanielCanandaiguaHonorable Mention LSM 11
Honorable Mention Midfield
 Donovan, JackIrondequoitHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Hill, AndrewGreece StormHonorable Mention Midfield 11
 Kailbourne, QuinnHoneoye Falls-LimaHonorable Mention Midfield 10
Honorable Mention SS-DM
 Steinhoff, AlexHoneoye Falls-LimaHonorable Mention SS-DM 10
 Tanoory, JackCanandaiguaHonorable Mention SS-DM 11
Player of the Year
 Faiola, JackCanandaiguaPlayer of the Year 12



Final League Standings/Awards
 TEAMLeague1st 2nd3rd/HM TOT
1. Irondequoit3-134411
2. Canandaigua2-154413
3. HFL2-151410
4. Greece Storm2-20325
5. East United-Eastridge0-31146
  TOTAL AWARDS14131845