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15 Rule Changes for 2022

The National Federation of State High School Associations in association with USA Lacrosse has announced fifteen rules changes for the 2022 scholastic season. 

NFHS LogoThere are significant changes to the faceoff procedures, which eliminate the "motorcycle grip" and require that players start with two feet on the ground (no kneeling). Faceoff specialists must play the ball first before playing the man, and wing players cannot check faceoff combatants until they are no longer crouching.

There are new rules for the "mercy rule" which now, in the second half, once there is a twelve-goal differential, the clock goes to running time, and continues as running time for the rest of the game, even if the differential is less than twelve goals.
Protective cups or pelvic protection is now required (not recommended) for all players.

For the complete rule changes see the Federation release.

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