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Coach York Sends Message to the CA Family

CanandaiguaEarlier this week, Canandaigua Head Coach Deven York sent the following message to the Canandaigua Lacrosse family. The well stated sentiment will ring true for the lacrosse community at large, so we have received his permission to publish it here.

Dear Lacrosse Family,

My captain reminded me of a quote we used last year from Vince Lombardi... "Individual Commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a civilization work."  Even though we will not be together for the next month, I trust that each one of us is doing their part to stay healthy and be ready to pick up where we left off. 

All school and extra-curricular activities are closed until April 13th at this time. We are suspending our youth and scholastic season until the district determines we can safely come back. We are not cancelling. We will modify our schedule to make up dates. The good news is that we have started youth this year earlier than ever, we will have plenty of time. ... The harder we all work to adhere to social distancing, experts say we can minimize the spread of this virus and get back to our routine faster.  Be safe and be smart! 

Below was my message to my Varsity players, I believe it is for everyone. Please share with your kids.

What can we do?? 

  1. Take care of your Academics. Learning will be online which provides a host of challenges. Rise above those challenges and take your academics seriously, get your work done. This will require discipline and time management, something I know we have!

  2. Take care of your family. You will be required to make sacrifices. Obey your parents and trust their judgement. If they say "NO" there is not a discussion.  Do your part around the house and share the load with duties.

  3. Practice social distancing.  What we have learned from infected areas is that they did not take it seriously enough until it was too late. I am guilty of this as well.  We have 1 case reported in our county…we are ahead of this. Let's keep ahead of this and be smart.

  4. Stay in shape.  We worked hard this last week to build our battery. Keep your lungs in shape. You should be getting a run in every day! Body weight exercises will help maintain the strength gains we have also made.

  5. Keep your stick sharp! You are going to have some time on your hands! You can come out of this with the best stick skills you ever had!

  6. Keep your lax IQ high. Great time to watch film, study the greats of the game and have a story when you are practicing on your own.

  7. Be careful on social media. There is no BLN now. People are watching everything we do and how we react. I want to be able to say we did everything we could to get back together. A video of a lacrosse player not practicing "Social Distancing" is a bad look for the whole program.

  8. I miss you terribly. Those last lacrosse practices were the only time my mind didn't wander to "What Ifs", it let us focus on what we love to do…JUST PLAY… and boy it felt good. I believe we will be back after break and I am not going to think anything otherwise.  Call me any time. 

Horns Up Forever!
Coach York

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