Thirty-Five Teams in 2018NYS Section V

- There are currently thirty-five teams that play in the Section. They are divided among four classes that compete for Sectional championships and later, the New York State tournaments.

Generally, schools with 1,050 or more students are in Class A (7 teams). Schools with 750 to 1,049 are in Class B (11 teams), schools with 425 to 749 are in Class C (7 teams) and schools with less than 425 are in Class d (10 teams).

Note: In 2018 the two Greece teams (Thunder and Lightning) combined all four schools in the district into the 'Greece Storm'. Avon and Livonia joined forces for a combined team and the Rochester City Schools combined their schools into the 'East United'. Pittsford received permission to move up from Class B to Class A.

All Teams

Alphabetic     By Class     By League  
AquinasClass: D
Coach: Pat OlbrichStudents: 353
Current Record: 5-13League: GRALL


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Batavia-Attica-Notre DameClass: B
Coach: Trevor RittersbackStudents: 831
Current Record: 0-14League: INDY


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
BathClass: D
Coach: Ken DiDomineckStudents: 325
Current Record: 6-11League: GRALL


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Bloomfield-HoneoyeClass: D
Coach: Brandon TrombleyStudents: 250
Current Record: 8-9League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
BrightonClass: B
Coach: Donald BenedictStudents: 855
Current Record: 14-4League: MC3


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
BrockportClass: B
Coach: Josh LaskowskiStudents: 808
Current Record: 5-12League: MC3


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
CanandaiguaClass: B
Coach: Deven YorkStudents: 875
Current Record: 14-5League: MC2


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Churchville-ChiliClass: B
Coach: Cubby ChalmersStudents: 922
Current Record: 7-10League: MC2


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
East UnitedClass: A
Coach: Jim Tillotson & Sean BanksStudents: 2258
Current Record: 4-13League: INDY


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
EastridgeClass: C
Coach: Matt KleehammerStudents: 746
Current Record: 3-14League: MC3


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
FairportClass: A
Coach: Mike TorrelliStudents: 1408
Current Record: 18-3League: MC1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
GanandaClass: D
Coach: Joe SidariStudents: 240
Current Record: 6-11League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Gates ChiliClass: B
Coach: Cam GormelStudents: 1006
Current Record: 3-14League: MC2


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
GenevaClass: C
Coach: Jeff DunhamStudents: 495
Current Record: 14-5League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Greece StormClass: A
Coach: Andy HiltonStudents: 2518
Current Record: 11-6League: MC1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
HiltonClass: A
Coach: Craig LepianeStudents: 1076
Current Record: 14-5League: MC1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Honeoye Falls-LimaClass: C
Coach: Jack BeaneyStudents: 562
Current Record: 6-12League: MC3


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
IrondequoitClass: B
Coach: Terry CoholanStudents: 864
Current Record: 9-9League: MC3


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Livonia-AvonClass: C
Coach: Don ManardStudents: 468
Current Record: 10-8League: GRALL


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Marcus WhitmanClass: D
Coach: Greg O'ConnorStudents: 255
Current Record: 10-8League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
McQuaid JesuitClass: B
Coach: Terry CorcoranStudents: 894
Current Record: 11-6League: GRALL


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
MidlakesClass: D
Coach: Ben ClementStudents: 406
Current Record: 11-7League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
MynderseClass: D
Coach: Scott ScieraStudents: 285
Current Record: 9-8League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
NewarkClass: C
Coach: Matt GrootStudents: 464
Current Record: 3-14League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Pal-MacClass: D
Coach: Joe HillStudents: 408
Current Record: 15-4League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
PenfieldClass: A
Coach: John SchembriStudents: 1072
Current Record: 9-9League: MC1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Penn YanClass: D
Coach: Brian HobartStudents: 334
Current Record: 14-7League: INDY


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
PittsfordClass: A
Coach: Andrew WhippleStudents: 1463
Current Record: 12-6League: MC1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
Rush-HenriettaClass: A
Coach: Tom MacMillanStudents: 1202
Current Record: 9-8League: MC1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
SchroederClass: B
Coach: Jason MordaciStudents: 1009
Current Record: 8-10League: MC2


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
SpencerportClass: B
Coach: Tim BrittonStudents: 858
Current Record: 8-10League: MC3


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
ThomasClass: B
Coach: Rob RullerStudents: 997
Current Record: 9-10League: MC2


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
VictorClass: B
Coach: Jim AndreStudents: 1018
Current Record: 17-5League: MC2


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
WaterlooClass: D
Coach: Matt MorrinStudents: 352
Current Record: 4-13League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 
WayneClass: C
Coach: Eric CarlsenStudents: 546
Current Record: 13-5League: FL1


 Team   Sched  Scores   Stats 



Teams no longer playing

Avon - Avon combined with Livonia in 2018

Batavia-Attica - In 2014 and 2015 Batavia was merged with Attica.

Bishop Kearney - After an eleven year absence, Bishop Kearney returned to Section Five and played from 2010 to 2013 before dropping the program again due to lack of players.

East Rochester - East Rochester sponsored a team from 2009-2012.

Greece Arc_Oly - The Thunder combined with the Lightning in 2018

Greece Ath_Ody - The Thunder combined with the Lightning in 2018

Livonia - Livonia combined with Avon in 2018