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SportsFive Adds a New Community Forum

Community Board

With the closing of the web site by Active Sports Network last year, the lacrosse community lost another lax-oriented forum board.

The Section Five sub-board on Laxpower was a somewhat small, but active place where a number of knowledgeable fans were able to share their ideas, their observations and their hopes for the teams in the Section.

Unlike a few other boards representing other areas of the country, the comments of the Section Five board were civil, even when there were disagreements and it was a fun place to spend a few idle moments.

After lots of discussion, The SportsFive team has decided to open a board for local discussion. If the discussion is useful and positive, it could, one day, become yet another way for the Section Five lacrosse community to support each other.

The new area is available at

The first topics were posted today and ask for your thoughts on the future tournament champions. Who do you think will be the Champions in A,B,C and D?

You can always look through the comments and topics as they are added but in order to post your comments, or start a new topic, you will need to register. As always, we will only use your email address for legitimate purposes.

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