Gates Chili - 2018
  Away   Home L Date Time Fld
  Gates Chili HFL MC3 Tu-3/27 6:00 HFL
  Brockport Gates Chili MC3 Tu-4/10 5:00 GC
  Gates Chili Greece Storm MC3 Th-4/12 5:00 Ody
  HFL Gates Chili MC3 Th-4/19 5:00 GC
  Marcus Whitman Gates Chili NL Sa-4/21 11:00 GC
  Spencerport Gates Chili MC3 Tu-4/24 5:00 GC
  Gates Chili Brockport MC3 Th-4/26 6:30 SBk
  Greece Storm Gates Chili MC3 Tu-5/01 5:00 GC
  Rush-Henrietta Gates Chili MCX Th-5/03 5:00 GC
  Gates Chili Spencerport MC3 Sa-5/05 3:00 Cos
  Gates Chili Eastridge MC3 Tu-5/08 7:30 Eastr
  Gates Chili Batavia NL Th-5/10 5:00 BAND
  Bloomfield-Honeoye Gates Chili NL Sa-5/12 11:00 GC
  Gates Chili Midlakes NL Tu-5/15 5:00 Mid
  Newark Gates Chili NL Th-5/17 5:00 GC
  Eastridge Gates Chili MC3 Fr-5/18 5:00 GC
  Gates Chili Canandaigua OB Mo-5/21 5:30 CA
17 Games Scheduled    


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