Livonia-Avon - 16
Bath - 15
1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
5 1 5 4 1 16
4 6 3 2   15

The book for Livonia-Avon: Ryan Lambert (3g-2a), Reverdy Clarke (6g), Ryan Haugh (3g), Matthew Connor (4g-2a), Joel Smith (2a), Goaltending: Isaac Sweet 13s/15ga (49 mins).

The book for Bath: Trent Birch (1g), Jamie O`Neil (6g), Caleb Drake (1g), Jordon Deats (4g-5a), Hunter Cupp (1g-1a), Nate Yehl (1g-1a), Jason Burg (1g), Goaltending: Nolan Harold 0s/0ga (1 mins), Dylan Hoad 9s/16ga (48 mins).


Livonia-Avon Wins in Overtime Over Bath

- Livonia-Avon won their second game of the season with a 16-15 overtime win over Bath.  Sophomore Ryan Lambert scored the game winning goal with 1:24 into the first overtime period.  It was Lambert's third goal of the game (3g-2a) that won the game for the Lakers.  Reverdy Clarke (6g) and Matthew Connor (4g-2a) led in scoring for Livonia-Avon.

The game was close for the first quarter before Bath began to pull away in the second quarter.  Bath increased their lead to four (10-6) by halftime before the Lakers fought back to a tie at 13-13 in the fourth and take the lead.  Bath forced the game into overtime with less than one minute left in regulation.

The opening goal was scored by Jordon Deats 1:42 into the game.  Deats led in scoring for the Rams with 4g-5a.  Livonia-Avon responded with three back to back goals to take their first lead of the game.  Connor, Clarke and Lambert each added one goal within a span of 1:02.  The Rams kept the game close and scored three of the next four.  The game tied for the second time at 4-4 with 1:50 remaining in the opening quarter.  The teams continued to trade goals at 5-5 and 6-6.

Trent Birch scored the sixth Ram's goal and started a five goal span by Bath.  Deats scored two and Jamie O'Neil scored the other two.  Bath held a 10-6 lead going into halftime.  Livonia-Avon regrouped during the break and fought back over the third quarter, ending the quarter at 13-11.  Clarke scored back to back goals to open the fourth quarter and tie the game at 13-13.  This was the first time since 6-6 that the game was tied.

Bath's Hunter Cupp put the Rams back on top, but only for two minutes.  Lambert's second goal of the night tied the game at 14-14.  With 1:17 remaining in the game Livonia-Avon took their first lead in 31 minutes with Clarke's sixth goal.  The Ram's didn't give up and tied the game for the final time with 0:33 remaining in regulation with O'Neil's fourth goal of the night.

Lambert scored the game winner to give the Lakers their second win of the season after their 11-9 win over Brockport in the season opener.  In the cage for Livonia-Avon, Isaac Sweet recorded 13 saves.