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Results for Marcus Whitman vs Pal-MacTeam List
DateHomeH Score AwayA ScoreWinner
06/11/2021Marcus Whitman9Pal-Mac11Pal-Mac
05/20/2021Marcus Whitman7Pal-Mac6Marcus Whitman
05/25/2019Pal-Mac22Marcus Whitman8Pal-Mac
04/30/2019Marcus Whitman4Pal-Mac20Pal-Mac
05/01/2018Pal-Mac19Marcus Whitman9Pal-Mac
05/02/2017Marcus Whitman3Pal-Mac19Pal-Mac
04/23/2016Marcus Whitman1Pal-Mac24Pal-Mac
04/25/2015Pal-Mac18Marcus Whitman3Pal-Mac
04/29/2014Marcus Whitman6Pal-Mac17Pal-Mac
04/30/2013Pal-Mac18Marcus Whitman9Pal-Mac
04/24/2012Pal-Mac16Marcus Whitman7Pal-Mac
05/13/2011Marcus Whitman6Pal-Mac17Pal-Mac
04/05/2011Pal-Mac11Marcus Whitman5Pal-Mac
05/06/2010Marcus Whitman5Pal-Mac10Pal-Mac
04/08/2010Pal-Mac8Marcus Whitman0Pal-Mac
05/21/2009Marcus Whitman4Pal-Mac13Pal-Mac
04/29/2009Pal-Mac14Marcus Whitman2Pal-Mac

1 win for Marcus Whitman vs 16 wins for Pal-Mac

   on 06-19-2021
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