Finger Lakes Awards for 2021

- Finger LakesThe All-Star list is out recognizing the Finger Lakes League players for the 2021 season. 

The Finger Lakes coaches selected Penn Yan attackman Ayden Mowry as the Finger Lakes Player of the Year.

Other Players of the Year were attackman Ayden Mowry (Penn Yan), midfielder Mekhi Mahan (Penn Yan), defenseman Tyler Griffin (Penn Yan) and goalie Jack Acker (Wayne).

Ayden Mowry was also named a USA Lacrosse All-American.

The Finger Lakes Coach of the Year was Greg O`Conner (Marcus Whitman). The Finger Lakes Assistant Coach of the Year was Chris Redington (Penn Yan) and Man of the Year was Chet Harmon (Newark).

The full list of Finger Lakes award winners is available here.

League Awards for Finger Lakes

1st Team Attack
 Brown, RyanGeneva1st Team Attack 10
 Gerhardt, DevonPenn Yan1st Team Attack 12
 Herod, RyanMarcus Whitman1st Team Attack 12
1st Team Defense
 Kinslow, RobertPal-Mac1st Team Defense 10
 Kuver, MasonPenn Yan1st Team Defense 12
 Lovejoy, ZackMarcus Whitman1st Team Defense 12
1st Team FO
 Nolan, QuinnPal-Mac1st Team FO 11
1st Team Goalie
 Poretta, GinoMynderse1st Team Goalie 12
1st Team LSM
 Lahue, JordanMarcus Whitman1st Team LSM 12
1st Team Midfield
 Eighmey, AidenGeneva1st Team Midfield 12
 Hamel, AndyWayne1st Team Midfield 12
 Royston, AidanMarcus Whitman1st Team Midfield 12
2nd Team Attack
 Croft, BrysonNewark2nd Team Attack 12
 Michel, NateWayne2nd Team Attack 10
 Tomion, ConnorMarcus Whitman2nd Team Attack 11
2nd Team Defense
 Hoesterey, KylePal-Mac2nd Team Defense 11
 Lloyd, KylerPenn Yan2nd Team Defense 12
 Pundt, IsaacMynderse2nd Team Defense 12
2nd Team FO
 Askin, NateGeneva2nd Team FO 12
2nd Team Goalie
 Craine, RobertMarcus Whitman2nd Team Goalie 12
2nd Team LSM
 Choffin, LukeGeneva2nd Team LSM 11
2nd Team Midfield
 Askin, NateGeneva2nd Team Midfield 12
 Babcock, LoganPal-Mac2nd Team Midfield 11
 Earl, CarterPenn Yan2nd Team Midfield 10
3rd Team Attack
 Lich, RileyPal-Mac3rd Team Attack 11
 Miller, MaxGeneva3rd Team Attack 11
 Smith, DrewGananda3rd Team Attack 10
3rd Team Defense
 Day, JakobPal-Mac3rd Team Defense 11
 Rodney-Spencer, AaronNewark3rd Team Defense 12
 Soles, CarsonMarcus Whitman3rd Team Defense 11
3rd Team FO
 Harmon, DevonNewark3rd Team FO 12
3rd Team Goalie
 Emerson, GriffinPenn Yan3rd Team Goalie 11
3rd Team LSM
 Marquart, BradleyMidlakes-Red Jacket3rd Team LSM 12
3rd Team Midfield
 Bolt, AlexWayne3rd Team Midfield 12
 Brodmann, MaxPenn Yan3rd Team Midfield 12
 Chasey, BrockGananda3rd Team Midfield 11
Honorable Mention Attack
 Costantino, NathanWaterlooHonorable Mention Attack 10
 Golden, AJGanandaHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Halsey, MikePal-MacHonorable Mention Attack 10
 Knaak, DamianPal-MacHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Means, NoahWayneHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Peacock, ChaseMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention Attack 12
 Reisman, CohynGanandaHonorable Mention Attack 10
 Steve, PrestonNewarkHonorable Mention Attack 10
 Verdehem, ScottWaterlooHonorable Mention Attack 11
 Weissinger, RylanMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Attack 10
 Willix, MaxBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Attack 12
Honorable Mention Defense
 Bueso, CarlosNewarkHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Coleman, ZacheryWaterlooHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Hansen, BrighamPenn YanHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Moskal, JustenGanandaHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Pundt, IsaacMynderseHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Reynolds, AlekWayneHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Roth, JohnMynderseHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Torruella, LuisGenevaHonorable Mention Defense 12
 Trickler, JacobGenevaHonorable Mention Defense 11
 Verstreate, LucasGanandaHonorable Mention Defense 10
 Walter, ConnerMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Defense 12
Honorable Mention FO
 Wizeman, SamPal-MacHonorable Mention FO 12
Honorable Mention Goalie
 Britton, GavinGanandaHonorable Mention Goalie 12
 Cady, Caleb GeorgeNewarkHonorable Mention Goalie 11
 Kayser, GarrettGenevaHonorable Mention Goalie 11
 Nichols, WillPal-MacHonorable Mention Goalie 11
 Saxby, OwenBloomfield-HoneoyeHonorable Mention Goalie 12
Honorable Mention LSM
 Lawson, CaelWayneHonorable Mention LSM 10
 LoTempio, StevenGanandaHonorable Mention LSM 10
 Mahoney, MatthewMynderseHonorable Mention LSM 09
 McIntyre, JakePal-MacHonorable Mention LSM 12
Honorable Mention Midfield
 Chiccino, JoeyGanandaHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Cooper, PrestonMidlakes-Red JacketHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Druker, AnthonyPenn YanHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 D`Arduini, MattPal-MacHonorable Mention Midfield 11
 Espaillat, IsaiahGanandaHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 Garrow, AlexWayneHonorable Mention Midfield 09
 Gorton, ConnorMarcus WhitmanHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 Hoesterey, KeaganPal-MacHonorable Mention Midfield 09
 McKoy, DevonPal-MacHonorable Mention Midfield 10
 McNeil, BrandonNewarkHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Ostrowski, PJWayneHonorable Mention Midfield 09
 Ryan, ColinMynderseHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Shepherd, JaydenNewarkHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Waters, KalebGenevaHonorable Mention Midfield 12
 Wright, DanielGenevaHonorable Mention Midfield 10



Final League Standings/Awards
 TEAMLeague1st 2nd3rd/HM TOT
1. Penn Yan10-052411
2. Marcus Whitman9-142410
3. Geneva8-223611
4. Pal-Mac6-3221014
5. Wayne6-42169
6. Newark5-50178
7. Gananda4-6001010
8. Bloomfield-Honeoye3-70022
9. Mynderse3-91146
10. Midlakes-Red Jacket2-90033
11. Waterloo0-100033
  TOTAL AWARDS16125987



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